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Phillies need to 'grossly outbid' Giants to get Bryce Harper

15 February 2019
Phillies need to 'grossly outbid' Giants to get Bryce Harper

Unlike with Manny Machado, we haven't even heard reports of teams offering him long-term deals, which could be because the asking price from superagent Scott Boras is exorbitant.

While Machado has not signed with anyone yet, he is a popular candidate for the Padres, as well as the Chicago White Sox and the Philadelphia Phillies. They have an open locker situated between Yonder Alonso and Jon Jay at their spring training facility.

The Houston Astros haven't met with Harper this offseason, but there was a time when the team almost acquired the superstar.

Blaming sabermetrics and analytics is a stance that can be highly debated amongst the baseball community, but one thing we know for sure is that teams have indeed become smarter with the contracts they hand out.

Harper, meanwhile, is still theoretically being courted by (or is it courting?) the Nationals, Phillies, White Sox, Giants, Padres, and then possibly the Yankees, Dodgers and Cubs, I guess (I mean, obviously those last three come with big question marks (the Cubs are pretty much out)). The Yankees have improved their team, picking up pitcher James Paxton from the Mariners, ditching Sonny Gray and fortifying an already strong bullpen. And they took a wise flyer on the usually-injured Troy Tulowitzki, strangely released by the Jays, to play shortstop for the minimum salary. Harper reportedly wants protection in the lineup and Realmuto could certainly offer that with his bat as he belted 21 home runs last season. Alonso is Machado's brother-in-law and Jay is a long-time friend of the 26-year-old shortstop. "I think everybody in here would be pretty damn excited to have him".