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Trump speaking at National Prayer Breakfast

11 February 2019
Trump speaking at National Prayer Breakfast

Trump's appointment of Justices Brett Kavanaugh and Neil Gorsuch to the Supreme Court has rallied many conservative Christians around the possibility of overturning Roe v. Wade, the 1973 high court decision guaranteeing USA abortion rights.

The standout moment, however, came when Pelosi appeared to literally "clap back" at Trump from behind the podium - and it's made for an incredibly powerful image.

"Every life is sacred, and every soul is a precious gift from heaven", Trump continued.

In his first appearance at the event in 2017, Trump promised to get rid of the Johnson Amendment, a cause popular among those Christians who resent the law's restriction of political speech by pastors.

Trump then introduced Elan Carr, a former prosecutor in the Los Angeles district attorney's office, as the State Department's new special envoy to monitor and combat anti-Semitism. Carr left on February 5 to attend two conferences on anti-Semitism in for Belgium and Slovakia. His characterisations of the procedure and recent state legislative efforts to loosen restrictions on it were misleading, but they highlighted discomfort around the topic, including among some of the president's Democratic political adversaries.

Rhode Island, Vermont, Maine, New Mexico, and Maryland all have pro-abortion proposals on the table.

His speech came after he devoted some of his State of the Union address to the issue of late-term abortion, a key issue for many conservative Christians - especially after bills in NY and Virginia aiming to ease late-term abortion restrictions. As the Lord says in Jeremiah, 'Before I formed you in the womb, I knew you. "To ensure that people of faith can always contribute to our society, my administration has taken historic action to protect religious liberty".

The California congresswoman - who also wore white for the occasion - joined Vice President Mike Pence in sitting behind President Trump during Tuesday's State of the Union. In May that year, Trump issued an executive order instructing the federal government not to enforce the amendment, although it did not amount to a repeal.

Lankford, the breakfast co-chairs, were largely responsible for choosing the breakfast guest speakers, which included Gary Haugen, founder of the International Justice Mission, an organization that works to end slavery and human trafficking. Prayer makes incredible things possible, even an end to political gridlock, Trump said.

On a separate note, Pelosi also told reporters she believes Democrats and the president can find "common ground" on lowering prescription drug prices, something Trump addressed during the State of the Union.

Every commander in chief since President Dwight Eisenhower has attended the breakfast, which began in 1953.