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Washington Measles Outbreak Spreads

06 February 2019
Washington Measles Outbreak Spreads

Even now, 20 years after the blatant lies about the MMR vaccine have been disproven, many parents still would rather put their own children and the children in their communities at risk of premature death than take them to the doctor's office.

Measles is highly contagious.

When it comes to unvaccinated people, one with measles can infect from 12 to 18 others.

If you were born before 1960, there is a possibility you have had the measles infection.

"Luckily we have a vaccine that works very well, the measles, mumps, rubella vaccine, it's a childhood given vaccine. Lack of vaccination equals increased opportunity for disease outbreak". Washington and NY, which has seen about 200 people infected with measles in recent months, are the only states with current outbreaks, the agency says. High fever, rash all over the body, stuffy nose and reddened eyes are typical measles symptoms, though these usually disappear without treatment within two or three weeks.

This adds to the national measles outbreak seen across the county. Recently, and closer to Chambers County, three cases of measles were reported in Atlanta, with two cases were confirmed January 13 and the most recent on January 26.

Five measles cases were reported in Harris, Montgomery and Galveston country earlier this week. According to a report by the Centers for Disease Control, an estimated 100,000 young children had not had a vaccination against any of the 14 diseases for which shots are recommended.

A person with measles will themselves be most infectious to others in the period four days before and after the rash appears.

There had been studies that show that parents consider HCPs as the most important source of information when deciding whether their child should be given a vaccine.

"These outbreaks are associated with travelers who brought measles back from Israel and Ukraine, where large measles outbreaks are occurring", the CDC says. However, there are still means to regain the momentum to continue and strongly support the routine immunization of children to protect them from acquiring vaccine-preventable diseases. Two does are about 97 percent effective.

Washington and OR are among 17 states that allow some type of non-medical exemption for vaccines for "personal, moral OR other beliefs", according to the National Conference of State Legislatures. They're also confirming that one of the known cases involves a person who had one dose of the MMR vaccine, but not the second. Serious complications include brain swelling that can cause blindness or deafness and pneumonia.