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You Can Finally Merge Two Different Epic Accounts in Fortnite

10 February 2019
You Can Finally Merge Two Different Epic Accounts in Fortnite

While Fortnite players who played across multiple systems previously needed to have a separate account in order to do so, Epic is now allowing players to merge accounts, allowing them to use the same one across multiple platforms.

"Battle Royale will allow you to merge all cosmetic items", Epic writes. If you used a third-party login (liked Facebook) on both of your accounts, it will be automatically unlinked from the secondary account.

The basic rundown is that players have to choose two accounts: a primary account and a secondary account.

It's been a long time coming, but players finally have the option to merge various Epic Accounts into one single account.

Most importantly, one of the accounts must have been used to play Fortnite on Xbox One or Nintendo Switch and the other on PS4. You also can not merge banned or suspended accounts.

Naturally, you'll need access to all your email addresses associated with the accounts you wish to merge. A holding period to make sure you're not trying anything phishy like stealing somebody else's account, I guess. One primary account must be selected and one secondary account must be selected.

Your account must not now be banned or disabled. Then log into your account from another platform to merge it with your primary account. The moving process will take about two weeks, after which your second account will be disabled. Save The World is slightly more limited: you can only merge Llamas, Defenders, Heroes, Schematics, Survivors, XP, Evolution, and Perk Materials.

As for the actual Fortnite account merging, it's an incredibly easy task.

To merge your accounts, simply go to Epic's Account Merge page and follow the instructions.

Sign in to the primary account. Then you'll choose a Secondary Account to merge and disable.

Sign in to the secondary account. Two weeks later your Fortnite Cosmetic Items and V-Bucks will be transferred to your Primary Account. Fortnite cosmetics and Vbucks will be moved for example, but other items like Unreal marketplace items and Save The World progress will not.