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Dolphins wrap up free-agent visit with Teddy Bridgewater

15 March 2019
Dolphins wrap up free-agent visit with Teddy Bridgewater

Bridgewater's agreement comes on the 13-year anniversary of Brees signing his original deal in New Orleans. In the immediate aftermath of the news, his contract details remained mum. We could very well be seeing the beginning of the Teddy Era in Miami, less than a day after it seemed that path was closed.

All trades and free agent deals became official on Wednesday afternoon as the new league year officially began.

According to a report from ESPN, the Miami Dolphins are making a "late push" to land the former Louisville star.

If Payton stays with the Saints, the plan is for Bridgewater to eventually take over as the team's starting quarterback. Brees' choice also came down to the Saints and Dolphins - the irony of which was not lost on Bridgewater as he tweeted about his decision.

Taylor is expected to sign with the Los Angeles Chargers to be Phillip Rivers' backup, according to the NFL Network.

After coming back from a gruesome knee injury that almost derailed his career, the former first-round pick finally has a chance to break the bank. If Brees never plays for the Saints again after the 2019 season, he will leave a salary cap hit of $21.3 million in dead money.

Obviously, there's more of an opportunity for Bridgewater to start in Miami than in New Orleans.