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Pixelbook begone? Google reportedly reduces in-house computer production

15 March 2019
Pixelbook begone? Google reportedly reduces in-house computer production

The stress on these being temporary roles suggests that Google could need them for other hardware work in the near future, though of course this could be working on Google's Android devices, Wear OS, Google Home or new areas.

"According to one source, the Create hardware team had a bunch of stuff in the works' and that the cutting the number of hardware engineers and programme managers on the team will likely pare down the portfolio' of products", the report said on Wednesday.

For now, Google is asking affected employees to seek temporary roles, meaning that the company could revert the alleged downsizing down the line.

This division was primarily focused on the Google Pixel Slate and the Pixelbook laptop.

Google's hardware divisions have never really made an impact anywhere near that of their revenue for ad cash.

A Google spokesperson declined Business Insider's request for comment.

Google's in-house laptop/tablet gambit may not be panning out as well as the company had hoped.

According to Business Insider, Google is now in the process of implementing a number of "roadmap cutbacks". The hardware market for laptops is fiercely competitive, and all of Google's (overpriced) efforts in this space have failed to capture the market.

So it probably shouldn't come as a surprise that Google's dedication would waver in some of its Chrome OS hardware projects.

Right now, the Google Pixel phone project doesn't seem to be impacted by these changes, but the people with knowledge of the restructuring told the cited source that several projects have been canceled in the laptop and tablet division. The Pixel Slate was a weird Chrome OS tablet with a detachable keyboard, made as a competitor to the Microsoft Surface and Apple iPad Pro. To be clear, the employees aren't being laid off; they are just being moved to different departments within Google or Alphabet, its parent company.

Although the Pixel Slate and Pixelbook boast a premium design and pack decent hardware, their value proposition is low and software optimizations were questionable and often show the company's lack of commitment towards improving Chrome OS.