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Trump Says Theresa May Didn't Follow His Advice to Escape Brexit MAYHEM

17 March 2019
Trump Says Theresa May Didn't Follow His Advice to Escape Brexit MAYHEM

Trump's intervention on Brexit is very welcome, according to pro-Brexit analyst Niles Gardiner, who worked for former British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher after she left office.

"I gave the prime minister my ideas on how to negotiate it", he said at the White House during an appearance with Irish Prime Minister Leo Varadkar.

"I also knew at the time that I lived in a country where, if I tried to be myself at the time, I would have ended up breaking laws", he said.

He also said another vote on Brexit would be unfair, and reiterated that he would like to see a USA trade deal with the United Kingdom after it leaves the EU. We want to make sure there is trade between Britain and Ireland.

In contrast, President Trump was in combative form in the Oval Office where the meeting with Mr Varadkar came shortly after the Senate voted to end his declaration of a national emergency on the US-Mexico border.

In a tweet, Mr Varadkar said: "Vice President Mike Pence invited me and Matt to his home at the Naval Observatory this morning. I predicted it was going to happen", he said.

Speaking with reporters alongside Taoiseach Leo Varadkar on Thursday, Trump said that he was in Scotland at the opening of his new golf club the day before the referendum, and that he'd stated his belief that Britain would vote to leave the European Union.

The Irish PM said the most pressing issue facing his country was how to settle questions about the future of the border between Ireland, an European Union member, and Northern Ireland, which won't be.

"We shouldn't have a hard border or anything to obstruct the peace process".

"Last year you and Karen said that my partner, Matthew, would be welcome to join us, and we're both really honored to accept the invitation this year", Varadkar said. I can tell you it's a very complex thing that's going on now.

After the meeting, the prime minster said he appreciated the opportunity to lay out Ireland's position on Brexit.

First lady Melania Trump definitely turned heads March 14 when she stepped out in a colorful green and blue dress at the White House for a St. Patrick's Day celebration.

Earlier Mr Trump said he and Mr Varadkar are becoming "fast friends" and he said the Taoiseach is a "very popular man doing a wonderful job".

Mr Trump was due to visit the Republic of Ireland previous year, but it was cancelled for "scheduling reasons".