Friday, 22 March 2019
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Valve launches Steam Link Anywhere into beta

17 March 2019
Valve launches Steam Link Anywhere into beta

The initiative, called Steam Link Anywhere, is now in beta and offers to stream Steam games from anywhere outside of a home network connection. Steam Link Anywhere, now in beta, moves streaming of Steam games outside of the home. The only requirements are that you have a good upload connection from your gaming computer and a good download connection from the device you want to play on.

Before Valve killed it off at the end of previous year, the Steam Link was the best way to stream your game library from your PC to your living room. To jump in on the mobile action Steam have announced their Steam Link Anywhere and have a supporting Android app ready. Why play a game on the smaller screen of your phone, if you have a much bigger TV or computer monitor nearby?

You can check out more details about Steam Link Anywhere here. Keep in mind you'll need strong enough internet signal for both the home PC and whichever device you're streaming to for the whole setup to work. Or not nothing, per se, but the promise of Steam Link Anywhere is that your Steam library continues on as normal. Your Steam Client also needs to be on the latest beta build, which will be dated March 13 or newer. That opens up the possibilities for streaming PC-quality games to just about any device from anywhere a good connection can be found.

As part of their warm-up for the Game Developers Conference, Valve have rolled out two new features on Steam today, one for players and one for developers.

Part of this is better development tools, but more importantly, Valve are letting developers route network traffic through Steam's own infrastructure now.