Thursday, 18 April 2019
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Delta cuts seat recline on some planes to protect 'personal space'

15 April 2019
Delta cuts seat recline on some planes to protect 'personal space'

Delta is to reduce the amount of space that passengers in coach and business can recline their seats, it was reported.

The airline will reduce coach seats' recline from four inches to two inches, and in first class the seats will be reduced from 5.5 inches of recline to 3.5 inches, according to the website.

"There's always been a debate among frequent travelers if flyers should have a right to recline or not", Scott Mayerowitz, executive editorial director at The Points Guy, said by email.

A company rep says the idea is to make flights more comfortable for the people behind each seat, and to make it easier for passengers to view the video screens embedded in the seat backs. It also means that there's more space for folks in the middle and window seats to wriggle out of their spots to get to the aisle and, say, head to the restroom.

Frequent fliers are already appreciative. "Anybody who ever tried to work on a plane only to have their laptop screen slammed by the seat in front of them will rejoice at the change". "I have to turn them sideways, and it's worse when the seat drops back".

"One is just trying to relax and give themselves a bit of extra room while the person behind them is suddenly struggling with the feeling of the world closing in on them".

"I just flew last week on Iberia Express between Madrid and Seville and noticed their seats didn't have a recline button, and I thought it would be great if USA carriers started doing the same", he said.

Delta typically flies the A320 on short- to medium-haul routes averaging one to two hours, which are frequented by business travelers, according to Huddleston.

Altering the seats can be done overnight and will take two months for all of Delta's 62 A320s. Our knees thank you, and hopefully other airlines will follow.