Thursday, 18 April 2019
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Samsung set to launch first 5G smartphone

16 April 2019
Samsung set to launch first 5G smartphone

Since many other countries, including the United Kingdom, don't have functioning 5G networks yet, it's no surprise the Galaxy S10 5G is only launching in one region, but as the 5G connectivity grows we'll likely see the handset available in other places. When the Samsung Galaxy S10 5G is launched in other countries we'll let you know, so check back regularly for updates.

For businesses sectors, the superfast wireless technology will offer improved support for artificial intelligence, media content, robotic factory lines, remote medical services and telepresence conference calls that enables hologram communications seen in movies like "Captain America" and "Kingsman: The Secret Service".

If we combine both pieces of information, then we get the picture, but not the whole puzzle.

The only thing that remains to learn is how much Verizon will charge customers for the 5G-powered flagship and whether or not there will be any promotions that will make the device more appealing.

Mobile carriers are competitively developing and introducing photorealistic live streaming services and virtual reality experiences to prove that 5G network is a change that is worth the cost of purchasing a new phone and plan. On the downside, there's only one U.S. carrier that offers 5G services at the moment, and even Verizon only has the service available in two cities, Chicago and Minneapolis.

The Samsung Galaxy S10 (Review) utilises Qualcomm's 3D ultrasonic in-display fingerprint technology, which relies on ultrasonic waves reflecting from the finger to create a 3D map of the fingerprint pattern. "I hope faster speeds will help me manage my time better".

Unfortunately, those speeds are most of the time achieved in lab conditions, so if you're located I Chicago or Minneapolis, you'll probably get download speeds of around 450Mbps.

Samsung launched the Galaxy S10 devices over a month ago, and the devices were said to have sold in record-breaking quantities over their first few weeks on the market, with analysts expecting the phones to outsell the Galaxy S9 models by around 40%.