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Main » Verstappen threatens Vettel: I'll screw up Ferrari's qualifying from now on

Verstappen threatens Vettel: I'll screw up Ferrari's qualifying from now on

14 April 2019
Verstappen threatens Vettel: I'll screw up Ferrari's qualifying from now on

"Unfortunately, that concertina also hampered Pierre, resulting in both cars missing the final run. Seb is extremely quick but my job, I have to do it in the vehicle".

"Ah mate, f*****g hell".

"I'll probably try to change a bit, my driving style", he said.

After being urged to speed up by his race engineer Gianpiero Lambiase, Aston Martin Red Bull Racing driver Verstappen yelled: "They are such w******, honestly". However, along with Red Bull they slipped up when they failed to cross the line before the chequered flag fell and blew their one planned Q3 run.

"I was playing nice, staying behind Charles [Leclerc] and suddenly, out of the hairpin, they just start to overtake you", Verstappen said in his press conference.

In a subsequent interview with Ziggo Sport, Verstappen claimed that his rivals had broken a code of conduct whereby they hold station during out-laps and don't overtake.

But team boss Mattia Binotto on Friday reiterated that Vettel remained the team's priority, saying: "If there is any 50-50 situation where we need to take a decision, the advantage would have been given to Sebastian simply because Sebastian has got most of the experience with the team in F1".

"On the final run in Q3 I followed the Ferrari in front of me as we were all in a queue".

"But whatever", he warned.

While Chinese GP will be exciting, I cant wait to see the next qualifying where pettiest man on the grid, Max Verstappen will be out for revenge. With a slow out lap, a number of cars further back were running out of time in the session to start their laps, and Verstappen was overtaken by Sebastian Vettel and Daniel Ricciardo before failing to cross the line quickly enough.

"I always want more, but I'm quite happy with the programme today".

"But on the track, they're free to fight, on the track I think if there is one driver who is certainly faster, he will get the advantage".

"A bit of jockeying for position at the start of the lap [cost us]", Horner told Sky Sports. Max was in a good position and then Sebastian passed him around the outside so he's hung back not to get his dirty air, a Renault passed him and he's hung back again and unfortunately, the clock ticking down the way it was, he didn't make it to the line in time.

Leclerc felt there had been no risk in making the move at Turn One on Lap Six, while Vettel said he was "not surprised" by his teammate's action.

He said: 'We all left for the same spot and, if you are at the end of the train as I was, it was quite hard.