Saturday, 16 February 2019
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Upgrade for free to Windows 10 before the 29 July deadline


According to Gizmodo , one of the new features that the upcoming Windows 10 Anniversary Update that is anticipated to arrive by August 2 is the capability to log into your laptop using your... Microsoft does plan to bring browser extensions to Windows 10 Mobile devices at some point in the future, but for the moment, the focus is entirely on PCs, so phone users still have to wait a little bit longer until this happens . Read More »

Gas prices continue to fall in Sacramento area, nation


According to American Automobile Association Inc. or AAA there was one percent reduction in average unleaded gasoline price at $2.20, compared to the previous week. The average price in Georgia should fall under $2 in the coming days. According to the AAA research, crude oil supplies in the USA are about 13 percent higher than previous year. Read More »

Update your Apple devices now to fix a terrifying security bug


It's worth noting that Cisco Talos executed these hacks as a proof of concept on OS X and that not all vulnerabilities necessarily become exploits, according to security firm Sophos . The bug's concept is almost identical to the Android Stagefright bug that was also discovered by Cisco a year ago. Apple has an urgent message for iPhone and iPad owners: Make sure you download the newest iOS update for your device . Read More »

The wait is over for 'Pokemon Go' fans in Japan

Pokemon Go is now available in Japan. This is the first partnership developer Niantic has made with its augmented reality game and the success, or lack thereof, will give us an indication of what we can expect in the future. The Japanese government on Thursday became the latest to issue a safety warning . It's the number one grossing application in every single market where this game has been launched up to this point. Read More »

Pennsylvania to get federal funding to fight the Zika virus


Health authorities in Utah are investigating a unique case of Zika found in a person who had been c... More than 1,300 Zika infections have been reported in the US, none involving bites from local mosquitoes; 14 of these were sexually transmitted , and one lab worker was stuck with a contaminated needle. Read More »

CPI (M) corners govt for not initiating action against Bhagwant Mann


Having said that. he shouldn't have made the video viral. According to ANI , Mann's video, which was live-streamed on Facebook, showed the approach to the premises, the security pickets and internal security positions. It's a matter of security of the Parliament,"Mahajan said". In his video he exposed several security layers through which a person needs to go through before finally entering the most secured government complex in the country. Read More »

Columbus Circle standoff ends with man suspected of hoax bomb in custody

Negotiations lasted about six hours. Chief of Department James O'Neill said a cylindrical object was tossed into the open window of a New York Police Department vehicle late Wednesday night. The suspect was identified as Hector Meneses; a witness told the Daily News , "We were sleeping by the water fountain when we heard a cop saying 'come out with your hands up.' Next thing I know a cop tells us to leave". Read More »

Square Enix announces its first Apple Watch RPG


Square Enix is not a company that you will associate with games for smartwatches but as they say, there's a first time for everything. The Apple Watch has a number of everyday life uses but so far, gaming hasn't really been considered by big publishers. Read More »

What's the Best Action Movie Franchise?

That hasn't changed for Jason Bourne , but Greengrass doesn't see that as a limiting factor to Damon's performance or the movie in general. Greengrass believes that Damon is able to convey more than enough simply with his presence and body language. Read More »

SolarCity Raises $345 Million To Finance New Projects

The visionary leader behind Tesla Motors Inc . Musk also gave an overview of Tesla's mission "to help expedite the move from a mine-and-burn hydrocarbon economy towards a solar electric economy". On June 21, Musk proposed that Tesla buy SolarCity . Musk is the largest shareholder of both companies, and first suggested a combination in June. Read More »

Musk says he's ready to launch new Tesla 'master plan'

Tesla Motors' Master Plan is expected to be launched this week, and now it looks the unveil is very near. Visit the company online at and follow the company on Facebook & Twitter . Musk has said in tweets and public statements that an element of his strategy will involve linking Tesla's electric vehicles to solar power products and services offered by SolarCity Corp , a solar energy company he is chairman of. Read More »

Christmas in July? Amazon's 'Prime Day' is back

Some customers took to Twitter early Tuesday to complain about problems adding the "Lightning Deals " to their carts, but that problem was resolved by midmorning, Amazon spokeswoman Ana Rigby said. Amazon's second annual Prime Day is well underway. Again, if you are an all-Amazon person, today is for you. You can access the Prime Day deals through a month-long free trial as well. Read More »

It's Over! Lady Gaga and Taylor Kinney Split, Call Off Engagement

Taylor last shared a picture of Gaga on his Instagram page seven weeks ago, while he hasn't featured on her profile in recent weeks either. GaGa and Taylor began dating a few months after shooting the music video in Nebraska, in which the singer ironically wore her mother's wedding dress. Read More »

UK PM to visit Berlin, Paris in first foreign trip

Brexit proponent and former London Mayor Boris Johnson, her surprise choice as new foreign minister, met with his European and United States counterparts in Brussels on Monday. Leading "Leave" campaigner Boris Johnson made his first trip to Brussels as the newly appointed British Foreign Minister on Monday for meetings with European Union leaders. Read More »

An in-house Google phone rumored to be coming later this year


By developing its own phone, the report says, " Google will be able to control the software and secure the future of services such as the Google search engine and Google Play app store that run on it". Google have just created a division create their own hardware and work with partners. The firm will, however, continue to support Nexus smartphones despite its decision to expand in the area. Read More »

Pujols' 2 HRs power Angels past White Sox 8-1 for sweep


Morneau, 35, signed a one-year Major League deal with the Sox earlier this summer. Angels LHP Tyler Skaggs threw seven scoreless innings for Triple-A Salt Lake on Thursday, walking none, allowing one hit and striking out 14. "We're at a point where our guys felt he was ready to contribute", White Sox manager Robin Ventura said. However, Ventura isn't anxious that it will become a long-term problem. Read More »

Pokemon Go is Live in the United Kingdom


Police forces, however, are anxious about the game luring people into potentially unsafe situations and are cautioning players to use their common sense. According to reports , Pokemon Go users have been found spoofing Global Positioning System location data, sticking their mobile device to toy trains, dogs, ceiling fans or even drones to trick the app to thing the user is moving. Read More »

Pokémon GO Update 0.29.2 Arrives on Android Devices


Do beware of fake or compromised installers though. iOS users have the option of switching to a United States account and downloading the app that way. Cybercrime officers are concerned that gamers who go through unofficial or third party channels to access the game risk their phones or devices being infected with malware or viruses. Read More »

Pokemon Go clone tops app charts in China

The popularity of Pokemon Go has come in as hot as a blazing Charizard. SimilarWeb, another analytics firm, thinks Pokemon Go's U.S. Android daily active user base had almost matched Tinder's as of last Friday. Police are warning people that while they are out and about playing the game, they also need to be aware of their surroundings. "The confrontations that could arise from those encounters could be very unsafe", said Capt. Read More »

Toddler reportedly hurt by shopping center security robot


The robots weigh around 300 pounds, and stand around five feet tall. "The robot hit my son's head and he fell down facing down on the floor and the robot did not stop and it kept moving forward ", Tiffany recalled. The robot uses an array of cameras and sensors to monitor and report suspicious activity while hopefully deterring crime with its watchful presence. Harwin also got a scrape on his leg from the incident. Read More »

Pokemon Go mania drives players into wild outdoors

Watch your step: New users and those logging back into the game will find warnings about watching where they're going; if Meowth or Squirtle is across the street, cross like you would in any other situation, for crying out loud. The media being, well, the media, one hoax website was able to get countless news outlets to parrot all manner of fake stories about Pokemon Go , from claims that brothers were killing brothers to reports that major traffic accidents were being caused by players ... Read More »

Google to train 2 million mobile developers in India


Google will be partnering up with a large number of educational entities over the next 3 years, such as the National Skill Development Corporation of India, Koenig and Udacity to make cheap or free classes available to the people of India, meant to represent a full-course Android curriculum. Read More »

Philando Castile's fiancée: Dallas shooting is bigger than us


The footage - instead of being recorded, saved and uploaded - was transmitted live onto the Internet as events that followed the shooting unfolded. The video now has more than five million views. But the advent of live-streaming apps like Periscope, Meerkat and YouNow has made it harder to identify the veracity of the source. Up until recently, online video content was not live. Read More »

Junket tourism


For each of us, travel concept has different meanings. Someone is trying to go to the distant lands to enjoy nature, monuments, capture it all in memory. Everything is for you. Do you have problems with the visa? And here they will help! However, you don’t have to spend a lot of money, you can just go to Royal Vegas online casino games . Read More »