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Apple's Tim Cook: AirPods are 'a runaway success'

Apple AirPods which come at a price of US$ 159 (Rs. 10,835) are apparently "a runaway success". The comments were made while Cook took a tour through the New York Stock Exchange office. Macrumors has reported that AirPods users are facing battery drain issues with charging case, as many users claiming its battery dropping almost 50 percent overnight. Read More »

Dash Cam Video Shows Tesla Predicting Crash Moments Before It Happens


Frank van Hoesel was driving home from a family vacation in Belgium when his Tesla Model X issued a warning before the vehicle ahead of him had hit its brakes. The date on the video is Tuesday, December 27. It warns the driver of an impending collision and reacts with time to spare, as another auto darts ahead and crashes.The wreck is pretty grizzly, with the first vehicle flipping and rolling several times, but Hans Noordsij , the Twitter user who posted the video, said no one was ... Read More »

You Can't Remove the Battery From the Nintendo Switch

Any company making hardware it plans to offer in the United States needs to submit its plans for FCC approval. Dale is a well-known tech insider and is not new to the leaking game. It's certainly looking that way, based on the return of key third-party publishers and huge buzz following its commercial debut last October. The documents also show that the Switch can function in temperatures of 5 to 35 degrees Celsius. Read More »

Free January Games Announced For PlayStation Plus and Xbox Live Gold


PS4 players are in for a treat, as this month's lineup features some great games. Originally released in 1993, this remastered game is a classic and not be missed. He teased that his team at FromSoftware is working on "ambitious titles" as well as ideas for brand new games at the same time. If you still have not downloaded the free games for December, you might want to do it fast as there are only a few days left before it is removed. Read More »

A gaming optimization mode might be coming soon to Windows 10


The only hard proof of this so far has been the discovery of a special dll file called "gamemode" in the latest build of Windows 10 (version 14997), which supposedly would prioritize game performance. On a PC, you've got Windows' own processes, dozens of background programs and more eating up precious resources. Whatever Microsoft decides, the Creators Update is already looking like a pretty awesome Windows 10 upgrade, and a tweak to the update feature would just be icing on the cake. Read More »

Mario Kart 64 Coming To Wii U Virtual Console In US


Nintendo has been producing high-quality games for its consoles for almost three decades. Good news! One of the most loved and best known Nintendo 64's game, the "Mario Kart 64" will be arriving in North America today, December 29 on Wii U Virtual Consoles. Read More »

India Tests Nuclear Capable Mobile Launched Agni-V ICBM


It will enhance our strategic and deterrence capabilities". Prior to this the missile had been tested thrice. India's strategic capabilities today took a leap forward as it successfully test-fired Agni-V, the country's most lethal nuclear-capable inter-continental ballistic missile with a range of over 5,000 kms that covers entire China . Read More »

Stock Up On Pokemon Go Gear With These Holiday Deals


This facility will be available till January 3, 2017. Go visit PokeStops and grab the free single-use incubators before the time runs out. A report from The Mary Sue summed up what players had generally felt upon receiving the major December update but not getting a Christmas event when they had expected. Read More »

Honda, Alphabet's Waymo in talks over self-driving technology


Krafcik writes that Waymo and Fiat Chrysler joined forces in May when they starting working on adding autonomous technology to 100 Pacifica Hybrids. If all goes well, Honda may provide Waymo with vehicles that are modified to run the self-driving system, and those cars would join the existing Waymo fleet now being tested in four USA cities. Read More »

Prince William and Kate Middleton enjoy royal Christmas away from Sandringham


St Mark's Church is dear to the couple because it is where both Prince George and Princess Charlotte attended their first Christmas communion service near the Middleton family home. All eyes were on Prince George as he left the service with a candy cane in his mouth. Prince George wore a double-breasted long coat with the traditional British short pants, adorable knee socks, and loafers. Read More »

Patriots - Jets II Keys, Who Has the Razor's Edge?

Momentum is not the only thing that is different to last season, one of the two biggest changes involves the better performance of the defensive unit. It's unclear if he will join the team for tomorrow's game against the New England Patriots. He was previously a member of the Cincinnati Bengals practice squad. Read More »

Berlin market attack: Tunisia arrests suspect Amri's nephew


He spoke to The Associated Press by phone from the family's home in Braunschweig, a city 230 kilometers (143 miles) west of Berlin. In the aftermath, German police thought they had their man - they were questioning a 23-year- old Pakistani national who they later released without charge. Read More »

Super Mario Run breaks 40 million iOS downloads in 4 days


Super Mario Run's Friendly Run mode is an asynchronous multiplayer feature similar to the game's existing Toad Rally mode but with a few twists. Nintendo wants you to play Mario on the iPhone, and then buy more full-featured Mario games on their own hardware. Recently reports have suggested that even while Super Mario Run is based on a an extremely popular franchise, the company's decision to charge $9.99 for full access may be limiting its revenues. Read More »

Google's 'Gag' Rule for Workers Challenged in Class Suit

Google.defines confidential information as "without limitation, any information in any form that relates to Google or Google's business that is not generally known". "In addition to leaks Google asks staffers to file "suspicious activity reports", about "strange things you observe or unusual things that happen to you - like someone asking you really detailed questions about your project or job", it adds. Read More »

Steam Winter Sale 2016: History Repeating Itself

Steam Winter Sale 2016 has finally started. We still do not know the exact time yet but it is estimated to be around 1 pm E.T. If you awoke this morning planning on buying some of the latest winter sale deals on Steam , then don't plan on doing it anytime soon. Read More »

Cyberhawk welcomes new drones safety focus

There will also be tougher penalties for illegal flying near no-fly zones and new signs for no-fly zones at sensitive sites such as airports and prisons. There are already lots of restrictions in place for people flying drones in the UK. It is being proposed that any drone weighing over 250g will have to be registered and the owner might be required to take a driving test. Read More »

Tesla Motors Inc (TSLA) to Raise Prices for British Customers from 2017


The HTC Vive, the iPhone 7, and now the whole Tesla range - all products that have increased in price in the United Kingdom thanks to "currency fluctuations", aka the pound losing value relative to the dollar following the Brexit vote. Production of that scale is crucial to the success of the company's forthcoming Model 3, a $35,000 vehicle with 215 miles of range that Tesla CEO Elon Musk is positioning as an electric auto for the masses. Read More »

Berlin attack: Anis Amri known to police, says official

Officials in Germany have warned that Amri could be "violent and armed". Tunisia issued him a new passport but it only arrived on Wednesday, two days after the attack. Ringed by concrete bollards, the Berlin market reopened on Thursday, with candles, flowers and flags laid amid the small festive huts in tribute to those killed. Read More »

General Motors slashes 1300 jobs in Detroit

The automaker has been in recovery since its 2009 bankruptcy and subsequent federal bailout, and the shift eliminations at the three plants are the first permanent job cuts at GM plants since 2010 , CNN Money reported. Normally, automakers like to have a 60-day supply on lots. Last month, pickups, vans, SUVs and crossover utility models made up nearly 62% of all vehicles sold in the US, a record level. Read More »

Nokia just sued Apple for patent infringement


A representative for Apple wasn't immediately reachable to comment. The lawsuit comes a week after Apple was ordered to pay Conversant subsidiary Core Wireless Licensing $7.3m for infringing on two mobile communications patents. The other suit, which relates to video coding, covers a wider range of Apple goods. Most recently, Samsung managed to persuade the courts to rule again on exactly what damages it owes Apple, though arguably the damage - convincing many that Samsung is a ... Read More »

'Tis the Season for New Instagram Story Stickers


Simply take a photo and video and then click the new stickers button which is right next to the text and drawing buttons. Interestingly, your followers can tap on the location stickers to explore that specific place in more detail, although your story won't appear on the location feed/page itself. Read More »

Minecraft Launches on Apple TV

Minecraft fans got an early present under the tree today. It was announced during Apple's event in October this year that Minecraft will soon be making its way to the Apple TV. One more thing - though Apple TV Edition doesn't now support Minecraft Realms or Xbox Live, we'll update the game with those features in the near future. Read More »

Tesla to charge lazy drivers who hog their power stations

People would never leave their gas-powered cars parked, unattended and connected to the pump at a gas station, let alone over night. Maybe Tesla can come up with a way to incentivise those users who free up the Supercharger after their batteries are nearly full. Read More »

Beware Of Super Mario Run Clones On Google Play Store


The game is now free to try, but a payment of $9.99 is needed to unlock the higher levels. Super Mario Run has beaten Pokemon Go for its first day downloads on the App Store . The second way that people are being scammed on Google Play is that there are apps out there that will promise to download and install Super Mario Run for you on your Android device. Read More »