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The Zenimax vs. Oculus lawsuit heats up in the courtroom

The company said it also has proof of "intentional destruction of evidence to cover up their wrongdoing". ZeniMax claims the video game company Oculus stole virtual reality technology. They argued that the "trade secrets" Zenimax claimed to have lost were in fact "the fruits of Mr. Carmack's participation and involvement with Palmer Luckey and Oculus", and therefore did not belong to Zenimax. Read More »

Fan Trailer Puts Super Mario Odyssey in Grand Theft Auto

You know if you think about it, Super Mario outrunning the po-po on a moped really isn't that far-fetched, as all of those years of practice in games like " Mario Kart" would seemingly come in handy if he ever chose to knock over a liquor store and make a run for it. Read More »

IOS and Android App Downloads Reached 90 Billion in 2016


Researchers have found that downloads around the world have increased by 15% from 2015 to 2016. Globally, the typical smartphone user uses 30 apps every month. The price of Super Mario Run, which was already an expensive option, is rising from £7.99 to £9.99. India grew from more than 3.5 billion downloads in 2015 to more than 6 billion past year. Read More »

Chinese exports plunged 7.7% a year ago


In late April, the State Council of China announced a number of measures to support foreign trade, including the extension of export credit insurance and increase in tax refunds to exporters. Even if there is no immediate concrete action from Washington, analysts have said worries about deteriorating US-China trade ties as well as political friction will likely reduce the confidence of exporters and investors worldwide. Read More »

Steve Harvey Meets With Trump, Talks About Housing Issues

While it is true that Steve Harvey was homeless in the '80s, what does Steve Harvey , a man with an estimated net worth of $100 million, who lives in a mega-mansion with a million-dollar golf room , know about the current state of America's inner cities? "Everyone having fun? Steve just came up to say hello". Read More »

WhatsApp neglected known bug putting your messages at risk for months


FLAWS in the way that WhatsApp deals with encryption keys leaves users wide open to man-in-the-middle attacks, enabling third-parties to tap their communications. While it may be placing user interface ahead of security and can be criticized as potentially exploitable, identifying it as a backdoor is misleading. Read More »

Microsoft dodges Swiss court with changes to Windows 10 privacy settings


She added that the Microsoft support team will be on "high alert" in the company's Feedback Hub regarding Insider comments about the many changes that were rolled out. Alongside the portal, Microsoft is simplifying the privacy settings in Windows 10, reducing the number of diagnostic data collection levels from three to two. Read More »

CRPF jawan posts pay parity video

Parrikar said he will not be able to comment much about the BSF issue as it comes under the home ministry. "They decide the menu after discussing with each other, they get the sample of ration which is approved and then they purchase according to the requirement", said the officer. Read More »

Facebook announces Journalism Project, looks to strengthen links with media

The company recently introduced more ways for users to report fake news, as well as banning fake news sites from its ad network in an effort to significantly dampen the financial incentive of creating fake news. Her hiring was widely considered a response to the criticism that Facebook and CEO Mark Zuckerberg have faced for not taking responsibility for the rash of fake news that proliferated on the site during the presidential election. Read More »

Instagram Videos Will Soon Have Skippable Ads In Stories


Instagram itself consists of about 70 percent businesses, who take up about one-third of the Stories feature ever since its release. "Businesses from the beginning have been a really important part of the Instagram community, and we're seeing that inside of Stories as well", says Instagram's director of market operations Jim Squires. Read More »

96% of Galaxy Note 7 Returned to Samsung


As of January 8, all four major USA carriers have now released the software update, all remaining Note 7 smartphones in the wild will soon be better off as a paperweight. And that is taking into consideration that Apple will have its 10th jubilee version of the iPhone. It reveals that European S7 owners will be handed the Android N update on January 17 - next Tuesday. Read More »

Porsche reveals 331kW 911 Carrera GTS


The turbocharger in question is all-new even if the 3-liter flat six engine it's mated to is the same as that in the current generation 911 Carrera, but the resulting power increase will leave the Carrera and the current generation GTS standing. Read More »

Trump, Jack Ma discuss Alibaba creating jobs in US

After the meeting, Trump said to reporters that he and Alibaba's CEO "are going to do some great things ". One million USA jobs represent 1 percent of all U.S. The U.S. Trade Representative criticized one of the company's shopping sites last month for having an "unacceptably high" level of fake goods. The company has expanded its New York City US headquarters and it has been making a push for worldwide participation in its signature Singles' Day sale. Read More »

Apple and Zeiss tipped to launch AR specs later this year

Citing an unnamed Zeiss employee, Scoble tipped a "light pair of augmented reality/mixed reality glasses that may be announced this year". Apple has often being on the cutting edge of design over the years, and it is not surprising to see them take a stronger stance in incorporating new technologies into their products down the road. Read More »

Snapchat's parent company to set up London HQ

In just over a year, Snap has grown its London office to 75 employees, and now has 15 vacancies advertised. Going forward, the company explained, it will bill it's advertising revenue from the United Kingdom and a few other countries through a United Kingdom entity. Read More »

Pentagon unveils Perdix micro-drone swarm

The Pentagon announced the demonstration on 9 January, the day after it featured on the CBS news programme 60 Minutes , which was granted exclusive access to the test. "I've heard people say that autonomy is the biggest thing in military technology since nuclear weapons". Unlike most drones in operation, these are relatively low-cost. Read More »

LG Tips QHD 18:9 Display for Upcoming G6 Smartphone


And through the use of LG's inTOUCH technology, a thinner smartphone design can be achieved thanks to the absence of touch cover glass. The display has been created to provide users with immersive viewing experience and enable users with the capability of multi-tasking or using dual-screen feature, thanks to its large size. Read More »

Emoji? Bunny? The next generation Monopoly token? You decide

Some of the original pieces, including Scottie the dog, the top hat, the auto, thimble, and battleship, are going up against newcomers like a penguin, a Jet-ski, sunglasses, a cell phone, and many more. Hasbro will also introduce the Monopoly Token Madness Edition, which includes the current eight tokens , plus eight golden coloured tokens included in the vote. Read More »

Infiniti QX50 Concept makes debut at Detroit

The cabin has a handmade feel and is the result of two Japanese approaches to craftsmanship: " mitate " - the practice of curating and bringing together the best materials - and " shitate ", the desire to tailor the combination of materials, bringing out the best. Read More »

Retro-Bit announces Super Retro Boy


It still had the cross directions button (D-Pad), and the Select and Start buttons, although positioned horizontally, instead of the previous diagonal layout. And, by the way, the Super Retro Boy also won the " Best in Gaming Gear" award at CES 2017. In fact, the company has unveiled a new gaming device dubbed as Super Retro Boy that looks to be an upgraded version of the Game Boy. Read More »

Ford Reviving Ranger Mid-Size Pickup for 2019

As expected, both vehicles will be assembled at Ford's plant in Wayne, Michigan. "We've heard our customers loud and clear ", said Joe Hinrichs, Ford's president of The Americas. "We're introducing even more new vehicles and technologies to make life better for millions of people in the near term, plus we're presenting a vision and partnering with cities to move more people even more efficiently in the future", he said. Read More »

Facebook to Enable Mid-Roll Ads in User Posted Videos


According to Kafka, the mid-roll ads will appear after users have watched at least 20 seconds of publishers' videos, and the social network and the publishers will share revenue from the ads, which will be sold by Facebook. A Facebook spokesperson declined to comment. In other words, Facebook is telling publishers that in order to make money, they need to make clips that go on for a while and keep users' attention. Read More »

Wizards of Waverly Place: We Might Be Seeing A Reunion Here

The two discuss what their characters will be like in the future, saying "Justin's got like 15 children, and Alex is single"(Sounds about right!). What do you think of the idea of Wizards of Waverly Place revival? Gomez took to Instagram to share a number of videos with fans via her story in which she could be seen hanging out with long-time friend and former on-screen brother David Henrie , where they reminisced about their Disney days. Read More »

Apple boss's salary and bonuses fall


Apple experienced its first revenue fall since 2001 , and the immediate effect was a payment drop for its chief executives, the company reported on Friday. Last year in August, Tim has revealed his total till now income to be $135m within his working in Apple as chief executive for five years. In 2016, Apple's $215.6 billion in revenue was below the board's revenue target of $223.6 billion. Read More »

Andromeda Resolutions - 1080p on PS4, 900p on Xbox One

Essentially, if there are players out there that want to get the best possible visuals and frame rate out of their Mass Effect: Andromeda experience, PC is going to be the way to go yet again. Those who are buying the game for PC should expect the minimum and recommended specs to drop sometime next month. The video was first released on Vidme and was known as the Trump Effect. Read More »

Ford F-150 unveiled ahead of Detroit auto show


New tail lamps have been added, and the King Range, Platinum, and Limited models get a horizontal trim line. Now, the Ford F-150 is getting in on the action with a 3.0-liter V-6 turbodiesel of its own. There's Pre-Collision Assist with Pedestrian Detection also on the options list, as is a 4G LTE modem and WiFi hotspot for up to ten wirelessly-connected devices. Read More »