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Apple is developing high-end AirPods, two other enhanced audio accessories


According to this new report from Bloomberg , Apple is planning to release a new high-end version of its popular AirPods earbuds. Apple is even considering adding biometric sensors – like a heart rate monitor – to future models. Two years later, Apple bought headphone maker and streaming-music company Beats for $3 billion, its largest acquisition. They're likely to be more expensive than Apple's lineup of Beats-branded headphones. Read More »

Sales tax ruling overturns decision in North Dakota case


It's unclear how long it could take for such sales tax collections to begin, or how much money the treasury could collect. Disagreement also emerged about whether Louisiana has several key provisions on the books to match the requirements involved in the Supreme Court ruling for online sales tax collection. Read More »

NRF applauds online sales tax decision


The South Dakota law challenged in the case provided that a business having $100,000 in annual gross sales in South Dakota, or conducting 200 business transactions in South Dakota, needed to collect South Dakota's sales tax on those sales or transactions. Read More »

Apple Admits MacBook Keyboard Fail, Offering Repairs and Refunds

Apple on Friday finally admitted the issue that has been occurring with some MacBook and MacBook Pro keyboards. I was able to get it fixed for free because I had purchased AppleCare; the repairs could have otherwise cost me more than $700, based on the receipts given to me by Apple with the fix. Read More »

What the Supreme Court’s online-sales-tax decision means for Md., Va.


The high court has said for more than 50 years in various rulings that states can not collect taxes from sellers without a "physical presence" in those states . "Today, the Supreme Court applied bacon grease to the slippery slope of states taxing and regulating outside their borders", Andrew Moylan, Executive Vice President of the National Taxpayers Union Foundation and head of the organization's Interstate Commerce Initiative, said of the ruling. Read More »

Instagram announces IGTV, a hub for long-format videos

It's free and you can start recording videos by yourself right away, just download it from Google Play and register an account. People wanting to watch a one hour video on their TV, for instance, won't enjoy wasted screen real estate and black bars. Read More »

Fortnite Cross-Play Block is Because of "Money", Claims Former Sony Boss


Sony has had so many great titles released on the PlayStation 4 since its release in 2013, now the company is bringing users awesome sales via PlayStation Hits . The prices will be the same in Canadian dollars. Worse yet, if you started playing " Fortnite " on the PlayStation 4 , you couldn't bring your purchased items with you to those other consoles. Read More »

Verizon ending location-sharing after leaks


Customer privacy and security remain a top priority for our customers and our company", Verizon spokesman Rich Young said in a statement . Days later, a Carnegie Mellon University security researcher discovered a security flaw in LocationSmart's website that could have allowed any reasonably sophisticated hacker to secretly track nearly any phone in the USA or Canada. Read More »

Microsoft buys student video discussion platform Flipgrid


Microsoft has acquired social learning startup Flipgrid , the company revealed on Monday. It's certainly a play that makes sense in Microsoft's portfolio, as the company looks to take back the education market now being dominated by Google , thanks to its wildly popular Chromebook category. Read More »

China's Oppo enters Europe and U.S. phone market with £999 flagship


This approach has allowed Oppo to yield a screen to body ratio of 92.25 percent which should make the otherwise big phone easy to hold in one hand. We went from candybar phones to clamshells, to sliders, back to the candybar (with every smartphone following that framework), and then in the pursuit to have bezel-less displays , phones are revising the slider format to hide elements like the front-facing camera . Read More »

Sen. Collins: Separating Children and Parents 'Contrary to Our Values'


Melania Trump released a statement on June 17 expressing her heartbreak over the desperate crisis created by little children being separated from their parents at the southern border under orders from the Trump administration . "That's the Democrats" law, ' Trump told reporters on Friday. "I hate the children being taken away", Trump said Friday morning. The Democrats forced that law upon our nation'. Read More »

IOS 12 will block police hacking tools - Apple


The " USB Restricted Mode " function, originally tipped to arrive in Apple's battery-slurping iOS 11.4 update, will see Apple disable an iPhone's Lightning port if it hasn't been unlocked for a seven-day period, limiting its use to exclusively charging. Read More »

Telltale is working on a Stranger Things game


It is more high-profile than the titles that precede it there, thanks entirely to the Telltale connection. The alleged joint partnership between Telltale and Netflix raises some eyebrows considering Telltale has an existing partnership with HBO - yet another prime rival of Netflix . Read More »

Robbie Williams helps kick off World Cup


After weeks anxiously waiting for the tournament to kick-off in Russian Federation, football fans have got their wish, with Robbie Williams and Vladimir Putin leading the way at Luzhniki Stadium in Moscow . Meanwhile back on the pitch, the opening match saw home nation Russian Federation take on Saudi Arabia . Hollywood actor Will Smith and American singer and songwriter Nicky Jam also performed their official song " Live It Up " along with 500 dancers and gymnasts at the event. Read More »

Net Neutrality Repealed; Local Business Owner Explains What Will Happen Next


The controversial repeal of Obama-era net neutrality protections is officially set to take effect on Monday, despite ongoing efforts from members of Congress, state officials, tech companies and advocacy groups to save the rules. Across the country, state officials have moved to keep net neutrality rules in place on their turf. He says that net neutrality, passed in 2015, "depressed investment in building and expanding broadband networks and deterred innovation". Read More »

Heroic raccoon scales Minnesota office building


When a racoon in the USA city of St Paul , Minnesota started scaling up a UBS Tower building - it was perched on the ledge of the 23rd floor at one point - it instantly became an Internet sensation as a source of amusement and anxiety for workers and social media users alike. Read More »

Cyberpunk 2077 Story Details Revealed

While the UI will remain minimalistic while exploring, it expands to give players more details like health bars and enemy levels when in combat, which involve both melee and ranged weaponry depending on player choice. In a world where you have no future, what matters is that you control who you are. As explained by the developer, players will "experience all of it entirely through V's eyes", which is a reference to the title being in first-person. Read More »

Assassin's Creed Odyssey has a Playable Female Protagonist


So it wasn't just dancing. The above world premiere trailer, embedded above, leads on to the gameplay walkthrough video , if you are interested. After various leaks had essentially spelled out a portion of the game, Ubisoft finally took to the stage of their E3 2018 briefing and revealed that Assassin's Creed Odyssey is indeed a real thing. Read More »

Microsoft Investing in ‘State of Decay’ Studio Undead Labs


Speaking with major Korean gaming outlet, GameMeca , Hinton claims engineers are aiming to announce the console "next year". Playground Games . Microsoft has acquired United Kingdom -based Playground Games , a development partner since 2010 that has helped grow the " Forza " franchise to new heights. Read More »

Nintendo reveals 'Super Mario Party,' 'Fire Emblem,' 'Fortnite' for the Switch


With a December release date, that gives Nintendo plenty of time before the game hits shelves and more than enough time to knock it out of the park. You can play it exclusively on Switch in 2019. Alongside the new gameplay content, Super Mario Party is going to integrate some weird multi-Switch gameplay that will allow users to play together across multiple Switch consoles and merge their screens together. Read More »

IHOP changes name to IHOB, internet has a lot of fun


Many on social media have ventured guesses that it will be " Breakfast " or "Bacon" among other words - but the "b" stands for burgers. The restaurant chain announced a name change in June, to International House of Burgers . "The IHOP Culinary team took the creation of these Steakburgers as seriously as we take innovation around our pancakes, which means they're soon to become world famous, too". Read More »

Net Neutrality Has Been Rolled Back - But It's Not Dead Yet


The rollback took effect officially on Monday. Black says he's nervous the repeal of net neutrality could curb the flow of internet traffic to his website and hurt business. Under net neutrality, internet service providers were classified as utilities instead of information services, and subjected to broad federal regulation. Read More »

Microsoft acquires a whole bunch of game studios


Developed by 343 Industries and created with our new Slipspace Engine. Halo Infinite will continue Master Chief's journey past Halo 5 and should round out the Reclaimer Trilogy. We might see more from EA, Ubisoft, and Activision in addition to whatever Microsoft has cooking behind the scenes. Also of note was Microsoft's pledge to make games ready to play far quicker with Fast Start , which actually seems to align with the console's initial plans for nearly immediate play. Read More »