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Bill Clinton to leave board of foundation health project

Vice President Joe Biden opened the week in North Carolina. Hillary Clinton's campaign has been plagued by questions surrounding her decision to use a private email server to conduct official business as secretary of state. Clinton's doctor made a statement after the Sunday episode saying that Clinton has pneumonia and had simply overheated at the event and was recovering. Read More »

Key measure of household debt rises in Q2


That means Canadians had C$1.68 ($1.27) of debt for every dollar of disposable income. Household sector net worth was up 1.9% to $9,837 billion, or $271,300 per capita. The Bank of Canada has identified household debt as a key risk to the economy. British Columbia's government imposed a new 15 percent tax on foreign buyers last month and the federal finance minister said he's looking at whether more action is needed following a December move to tighten mortgage down-payment and lending ... Read More »

US Set to Provide Israel with Largest Military Aid Package Ever

The US and Israel has signed an unprecedented new military aid deal that will give the Israeli military $38 billion from fiscal year 2019 to 2028. The US and Israel will sing a record multibillion-dollar deal to provide military assistance over a decade - the largest such agreement ever with any country. Read More »

Russia urges Syrian rebels to separate from 'terrorists'


The truce that began at sundown on Monday, agreed after marathon US-Russia talks in Geneva last week, is part of the latest bid to end a five-year conflict that has killed more than 300,000 people. "We have spent much of today pressing the Russians and, through the Russians, pressing the regime". "I commend Secretary of State Kerry for getting us the agreement which if it's implemented will. Read More »

US, Israel sign massive military aid deal; $38B, 10 years


Obama's relationship with Netanyahu has been tense for years, and ties between the countries worsened significantly when the US and world powers struck the nuclear deal with Iran. "This MOU constitutes the single largest pledge of bilateral military assistance in USA history" said Us state department release.‎. Relations have been sour between the two leaders since March 2015, when Mr Netanyahu appeared before US Congress to lobby against the Iran deal advocated by Mr Obama. Read More »

US statement confirms terms of new $38 billion Israel aid package


Israel's preference for spending some of the USA funds internally had been a major sticking point in the deal. Acting head of Israel's National Security Council Jacob Nagel will sign on behalf of the Jewish State, while the USA will be represented by Undersecretary of State for Political Affairs Tom Shannon. Read More »

Ties are at a turning point, China tells Philippine delegation

President Rodrigo Duterte may soon reveal his next "thick" list of drug personalities since it has just passed "final validation". The Philippines moved to shore up relations with the United States on Tuesday with guarantees that a treaty between them would be honored and that security ties were " rock solid ", despite President Rodrigo Duterte's railings against Washington. Read More »

Israel to get $38 billion in US military aid over 10 years


Acting Israeli National Security Advisor Jacob Nagel reportedly arrived in Washington earlier in the day to ink the accord with his American counterpart, Susan Rice. "Under our old agreement Israel was allowed to develop cutting-edge military technology and was required to share this technology with the United States", Graham stated. Read More »

Bill Clinton Says Hillary Got the Flu

That is doubly so, he said, because Trump exploits people's fears with demagoguery. "Well, if it is then it's a mystery to me and all of her doctors", Bill Clinton said when Rose asked him if Hillary Clinton was simply dehydrated or if the situation was more serious. Read More »

Democrat is 'fit to serve,' Trump offers one page on TV


Lisa Bardack, chair of internal medicine at CareMount Medical in Mount Kisco, New York. Video footage taken by a bystander showed Clinton becoming dizzy as she attempted to get into a waiting vehicle. "He saw America as a shining city on a hill; Donald Trump calls it a divided crime scene", he said on Tuesday at an election rally in Philadelphia while canvassing for Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton, 68. Read More »

Ties with USA strong despite Duterte comments

On Monday Mr. Duterte called for the small number of US special forces to withdraw from a southern Philippines base where they're acting as military advisers to Filipino troops battling the Islamist insurgency. Ties between the Philippines and China have been strained since the Philippines applied for a ruling on the South China Sea from the Permanent Court of Arbitration. Read More »

Trump child care plan breaks with conservative orthodoxy

So yeah, Trump is totally full of it if he thinks ending unemployment fraud is going to be the basis for an effective maternity leave plan . Yet lack of adequate paid family leave and affordable child care are part of the reason women and mothers experience wage gaps, which, in turn, lower their consumer spending and hurts the economy. Read More »

Trump Foundation under probe by New York's A-G

Mr Schneiderman has been at loggerheads with the bombastic billionaire for years over the Trump University real estate programme, which he has called "straight-up fraud". Trump Foundation. Trump's spokeswoman Hope Hicks confirmed that Trump and Bondi spoke before his charity donated to a group supporting her candidacy, but said they didn't discuss any potential lawsuit. Read More »

Cauvery row: Curfew lifted, normalcy returned to Bengaluru on Wednesday

Karnataka, where farmers are facing water shortage due to a deficient monsoon, stores the river's water at the reservoir on the Krishna Raja Sagara Dam in Srirangapatna near Mandya. Section 144 of the Criminal Procedure Code, which prohibits the gatherings of ten or more people, has been imposed in Bangalore city. He said the state government had made a decision to impose law and order with an iron hand to maintain peace and tranquility. Read More »

White House slams report of secret Iran deal exemptions


Some of the loopholes in the agreement were created to allow Iran to exceed previously agreed upon amounts of low-enriched uranium in its nuclear facilities, according to an Institute for Science and International Security report, first obtained by Reuters . Read More »

Trump says Clinton could shoot someone, not be prosecuted

I think it's probably unlikely, ' Trump told Larry King on Russia Today , the Russian-backed news service. "Last night, Twitter tore him a new tweethole with criticisms NY magazine summed up by saying, 'Matt Lauer's interviews of Clinton and Trump were a complete disgrace to journalism'". Read More »

Trump Goes to Mexico


Jose Cardenas , in a column headlined, "Why the devil did Trump come?" called the Republican candidate "hateful, mean, and in no way welcome". Mr Trump is yet to respond to President Pena Nieto's tweet. "Maybe Pena saw the opportunity to distract the attention of the Mexican people", he said. Pena Nieto did say that Mexicans felt "aggrieved" and had disagreements with Trump, but most felt that it was not enough. Read More »

Karnataka victim of injustice, sought to meet PM on Cauvery: CM

The embattled chief minister said he has sought Modi's intervention on the issue that has sparked largescale violence in capital Bengaluru where mobs targeted Tamil-speaking people, torched vehicles and attacked businesses. Both the State Governments should take effective measures to check the violence immediately, he said. Public order should not be disturbed. "I assure the people who have come from outside the state that they and their properties will be protected. Read More »

Former Israeli leader Shimon Peres suffers stroke, rushed to hospital

The Nobel Peace Prize victor is sedated and on a respirator, Kreiss said. He said doctors were meeting to decide how to proceed. Peres is Israel's most renowned living political leader and senior statesman. He also became a fixture at worldwide conferences like the World Economic Forum in Davos. A month earlier, social media was flooded with rumors that Peres had died, leading him to take to Facebook to declare that rumors of his demise were greatly exaggerated. Read More »

Ohio elections chief, Dems react to court ruling


The five-day period had allowed people to register to vote and cast ballots at the same time. In those cases, some or all of the court's conservative justices voted to block the lower court decisions and reinstate the cutbacks, but they fell short of the necessary five votes to prevail. Read More »

UP Chief Secretary Deepak Singhal removed


The Akhilesh Yadav Government might have tried to project itself as a government with zero tolerance on corruption by sacking two ministers, opposition has called the action as an "eye wash" and demanded that Chief Minister should tender resignation on moral ground. Read More »

Arizona in middle of pack of happiest states in America


After recent research proved that money can lead to happiness , personal finance website WalletHub made a decision to take a closer look at what makes people happy. Utah has the lowest rate of heart attacks, 2.7 percent, which is 2.7 times lower than in West Virginia, where the rate is highest, 7.4 percent. Those specifications were "Emotional and Physical Well-Being", "Work Environment" and "Community and Environment". Read More »

Several South African miners trapped, media reports say


Then it went down to eight people. In most cases illegal diggers die underground or get killed by rival group who compete for the meagre pieces of precious metal, which is then sold on the black market. The South African Police Service says they are still a number of people that are trapped below the surface. The two men show surfaced say they have been underground for two weeks, but were afraid to come out yesterday. Read More »

Turkey says IS driven from Turkish-Syrian border

Both the United States and Turkey are in favor of regime change in the war-torn country. "The Turkish forces and allies have taken over al-Rae town north of Aleppo , turning the town into a military zone after claiming to have expelled ISIS militants from the area", rebel spokesman al-Zein told ARA News. Read More »

Dr. Phil EXCLUSIVE: JonBenet Ramsey's brother breaks his silence


Part two of Dr. Phil's interview with Burke will air on September 13, and the final installment will air on September 19 . "I ask about when he had hit her on the head before, there had been a serious incident with that", Dr. Will you be watching Burke Ramsey on Dr. Phil today? "The next thing I remember is a police officer coming to my room and shining a flashlight". Read More »

Maria Sharapova to find out decision on appeal in October


She could not take part in the Summer Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro. The 29-year-old five-time grand slam champion tested positive for meldonium at January's Australian Open. She acknowledged taking meldonium before each match in Melbourne, claiming she was not aware that the drug, also known as mildronate, had been banned by the World Anti-Doping Agency as of January 1. Read More »

UK Education Reforms Spark Debate on Class and the Classroom

Mr Fallon, whose Kent constituency got the first "new" grammar school for five decades a year ago, said: "The aim is very clear; it's to have more choice for parents in every part of the country". These are: taking a proportion of pupils from lower income households, or establishing a new, high quality, non-selective free school and a primary feeder school in an area with a high density of lower income households, or sponsor a now underperforming non-selective academy. Read More »