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N. Korea's Kim Asked China's Xi to Help Lift Sanctions


Some experts have said a one-year program would be hard, with Stanford University's Siegfried Hecker, a leading expert on the North's nuclear program, proposing a 10-year roadmap instead. "There is no precedent for a country that has openly tested nuclear weapons and developed a nuclear arsenal and infrastructure as substantial as the one in North Korea to give up its nuclear weapons", Daryl Kimball, executive director of the Arms Control Association, wrote in a commentary published Monday. Read More »

Woman who ‘showed no form of life’ found alive in mortuary refrigerator


The woman was found breathing by mortuary technicians several hours after being certified dead by paramedics at the scene of the pile-up outside Carletonville, southwest of Johannesburg . But a source from the morgue said when his colleagues loaded bodies into the fridges one staff member returned to check on them. " The issue is that we need answers, that's all we want and we don't have any clarity now ". Read More »

Ex co-worker no fan of Democrat darling Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez


Ocasio-Cortez joined "The View" panel where Meghan McCain asked about her self-described Democratic socialist views. She lived in the Bronx's Parkchester apartments before moving to Yorktown Heights at age 5 to attend a better public school than what was available in the Bronx at that time, according to her campaign website . Read More »

Sen. Collins says Roe v. Wade is off-limits for Trump's SCOTUS pick


Collins, a moderate Republican, claimed Roe v. Wade is "settled law" and emphasized her desire for the new Supreme Court justice to adhere to stare decisis , a legal doctrine that binds courts to precedent. "And I ask probing questions to try to determine whether they are going to be an activist judge with an agenda, which I don't want on either the left or the right", the senator added. Read More »

French murderer escapes from prison by helicopter

The commandos also used smoke bombs to shield their movements from surveillance cameras, Belloubet said. The 45-year-old robber was serving 25 years for his part in a 2010 hold-up of a cash-transport van in the Paris region which led to the death of a 26-year-old policewoman. Read More »

People to protest against Trump in all 50 U.S


Families, young people, children and the elderly - both recent arrivals and long-time citizens - all stood under a burning sun as part of a protest that a NY police officer said numbered "a couple of thousand". Jimenez said her organization is asking "Congress to stop Trump's deportation force and ensuring that as the administration asks for more money to target community with ICE and border patrol agents, we say no and abolish and defund them". Read More »

Children, 3 Adults Stabbed at Children's Birthday Party


Kinner has an extensive criminal history spanning multiple states, including a prison sentence in Kentucky, Bones said, without elaboration. "People were scattered across the apartment complex, both within the apartments themselves, lying in the street, and in the walkways", Bones said. Read More »

North Korea Could Dismantle Nuclear Program within a Year

Over a dozen unnamed officials told NBC reporters Courtney Kube, Ken Dilanian and Carol E. Lee that intel analysts' findings show the regime's increased efforts to produce enriched uranium for nuclear weapons - all while trying to milk as many concessions out of the Trump administration as it can. Read More »

Trump wants U.S. to withdraw from WTO


If realized, Trump withdrawing his country from WTO could be the star that broke the camel's back in the potential trade war the USA has engaged in with nations around the world in recent months. In the past, Trump has been a vocal critic of the global trade body, calling it "unfair to the US" and a "disaster for the country". Trump has said his tariffs are created to protect domestic industries that have been hammered by an unfair global trading system. Read More »

Canada announces details of tariffs on USA goods


Canadian steel is used in American tanks, and Canadian aluminum is used in American planes. "All of us at this point fully anticipate there will be moments of drama in the future", Freeland said. The government says it is still working on getting the lift their "protectionist and illegal" tariffs. Bilateral trade is worth around C$2 billion a day. Read More »

'possible' North Korea nuclear deal may not 'work out'


Japanese defense ministry officials were not available for immediate comment. John Bolton said top us diplomat Mike Pompeo will be discussing that plan with North Korea in the near future. "Analysts at the CIA and other intelligence agencies don't see it that way, according to more than a dozen American officials who are familiar with their assessments and spoke on the condition of anonymity", it reported . Read More »

Thousands protest Trump's immigration policies in NYC


Immigration and Customs Enforcement, as more liberals join the progressive call to dismantle the agency. Gillibrand's comments echo those of New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio, who also called for an end to the federal agency this week; saying the department was "broken" and "unreasonable". Read More »

Trump calls controlling Senate 'vital' after Kennedy's retirement


Trump is also expected to tour an existing Foxconn facility there and make remarks before returning to Washington. Homeland Security officials have suggested employees lock doors and windows and remove badges when in public as the department faces heavy criticism over the separation of children from their parents at the border. Read More »

Pompeo corrects Trump, says North Korea is a nuclear threat


When news first broke earlier this year that Harris would be nominated for the post in Seoul, South Korean media described him as a hawk on North Korea, taking cue from his remarks during a 2014 Senate confirmation hearing for his admiral post that the North was America's " most volatile and risky threat". Read More »

Canada hits U.S. with retaliatory tariffs on metals, whiskey, maple syrup


Canada hit back at the United States on Friday with retaliatory tariffs on $12.6 billion in American goods, including summer barbecue essentials such as orange juice, ketchup and bourbon. In addition, the Government of Canada will make available up to $2 billion to defend and protect the interests of Canadian workers and businesses in the steel, aluminum and manufacturing industries. Read More »

US, Russia agree to Putin-Trump summit


As the US and Russian Federation finalize plans for a summit , Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said Wednesday that President Donald Trump views Moscow's return to the global fold as inevitable and that "trade-offs" could allow it to rejoin the Group of Seven club of industrialized democracies without giving Crimea back to Ukraine. Read More »

Vigil, Services Honor Capital Gazette Shooting Victims


Officials said the suspect is an adult male in his 30's with a "long gun", and gave no further details. Authorities have charged Jarrod W. Ramos with five counts of first-degree murder in the killings inside Maryland's Capital Gazette office on Thursday. Read More »

Women Among Candidates Trump Considering For SCOTUS Seat

After President Trump made his first speech to Congress in February 2017, he was filmed exchanging pleasantries with U.S. Supreme Court Justice Anthony Kennedy. When asked about recently proposed changes to federal Title X family planning funds that help pay for reproductive healthcare for low-income women, more than half said they are against the changes. Read More »

575 arrested in women's protest against immigration policy at Senate building


It is unclear what, exactly, precipitated the arrests. She said she had been arrested at demonstrations three or four times since she became politically active after Trump's election. The Democratic senator Jeff Merkley of OR, who was one of the first to draw attention to children being held in detention camps along the border after being separated from their parents, appeared before the crowd. Read More »

Mattis, Chinese Central Military Committee Official Meet in Beijing


Trump's move raised concerns among US allies in the region about the continuing security assistance the United States would provide. Still, Trump needs Xi's help to keep North Korea engaged with disarmament talks. Xi made his remarks while meeting Mattis on Wednesday in Beijing , the first such visit by a us defense chief in more than four years. Mr Mattis yesterday met separately with his Chinese counterpart, General Wei Fenghe. Read More »

House rejects immigration bill despite Trump push


Karen Bass (D-Calif.) said . The U.S. House of Representatives on Wednesday failed to pass a legislative fix for the nation's broken immigration system, despite outrage over a now-discontinued border arrest policy that separated immigrant children from their families. Read More »

Putin meets Trump's national security adviser John Bolton

Presidential adviser Yuri Ushakov made the announcement after a meeting in Moscow between Putin and U.S. National Security Adviser John Bolton . U.S. In Moscow , Bolton told a news conference that the idea that a summit would prove some kind of "nexus between the Trump campaign and the Kremlin" would be "complete nonsense". Read More »

Shooting at 'Capital Gazette' Newsroom Leaves Multiple Fatalities


Speaking outside the court, Adams said this was "evidence that suggested a coordinated attack ". It says Jarrod Ramos entered the newspaper's office around 2:30 p.m. "There is nothing more terrifying than hearing multiple people get shot while you're under your desk and then hear the gunman reload", Davis said. Officials said the suspect, who is believed to have used a shotgun or long-gun, is not cooperating with investigators. Read More »

United States says Russia's return to fold 'inevitable' as summit looms


The Kremlin's top foreign policy aide said Putin and Bolton agreed that the two presidents would meet at a place and time to be announced on Thursday. "Russia has never sought confrontation". Bolton is in Moscow ahead of an expected meeting between Putin and Trump in mid-July. A senior USA official said on Tuesday that Finland's capital Helsinki was being considered as a location. Read More »

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez thanks LGBT community after landmark win


Crowley's status as the fourth-ranking Democrat in the House did not save him once she escalated the Democrats' risky combination of immigration and economic cronyism. "In deep blue districts like New York's 14th and the MA 7th, voters are asking for more than a reliable vote - they are asking for committed, activist leadership". Read More »

Twitter user: Foolishness killed those that died in Otedola bridge tanker accident


Fuel explosions are common in Nigeria, Africa's biggest oil producer. He urged the people of the state to always give access to emergency responders during such incidents, to prevent avoidable loss of lives and property. "This is the worst we have experienced on this road". The FRSC also said in its update that the victims were burnt beyond recognition. The accident was the result of a brake failure, said the Federal Road Safety Commission spokesperson Bisi Kazeem. Read More »

Americans have been split on Trump's travel ban for a while


Critics of Trump's ban had urged the justices to affirm the decisions in lower courts that generally concluded that the changes made to the travel policy did not erase the ban's legal problems. The travel ban was one of Trump's signature hardline immigration policies that have been a central part of his presidency and "America First" approach. Read More »

'It's bad': Capital Gazette reporter tweets account of newspaper shooting


The event sparked a large police presence in the area, including the Westfield Annapolis Mall. The suspect, who has been described by police as a white male, remains unidentified, and there is also now no information on motive. Police said they were on the scene in about a minute from the initial call about the shooting. The newspaper is located in a four-story office building in Annapolis , the capital of the USA state of Maryland. Read More »

Bali's volcano is spewing ash again, causing mayhem for Australian airlines


A number of flights between Australia and Bali have also been cancelled after the Mount Agung volcano began spewing water vapour and ash two kilometres into the air. Tens of thousands of locals fled to evacuation centres after last year's eruption. "We hoped that we could leave this morning, but the airport is closed", she said. Read More »