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UK Labour Party Leader Seeks to Rally Members


The Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn will set out plans today to create a "migrant impact fund" for areas like Kent that are having to cope with large numbers of migrants. Asked whether he accepted the party's current policy, Mr Corbyn - a longstanding CND campaigner - said: "Of course I know what the party policy is and of course I understand the decision that was taken". Read More »

Jerusalem attack: 2 killed, 4 wounded

The gunman opened fire near a police station next to the Ammunition Hill light rail station in Jerusalem.Two Israelis were killed and five others wounded in a shooting attack on Sunday in East Jerusalem, Israeli Radio reported, adding that the gunman is a Palestinian and was killed at the end of the attack. Read More »

Yemeni officials indicate over 140 killed in airstrike

It added: "The coalition confirms that its troops have clear instructions not to target populated area and to avoid civilians". Nonetheless, the global community has attempted unsuccessfully to condemn the Saudi-led coalition with the United Nations even including the forces on its annual "child killers" list until Saudi Arabia threatened UN Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon that they would pull all funding from the United Nations programs and get regional allies to respond in kind. Read More »

Russia says it would support 48-hour truce in Syria's Aleppo

Syrian activists say airstrikes have hit the last remaining bakery serving a town north of the besieged city of Aleppo, putting it out of service. The State Department says Kerry issued the ultimatum in a Wednesday, Sept. Like other Russian officials before him, he has blamed the rebels for the collapse of the truce, adding that an increasing number of Syrian opposition units have integrated with al-Qaida's affiliate in Syria. Read More »

Trump's campaign reeling after crude comments on women aired


Trump's last sentence amounts to a quasi-apology, saying, he apologizes "if anyone was offended", not that he regrets the remarks. Trump replied, "Well, it's not a question of trying". "I did try and fuck her. It's very easy, but you know, you're in the entertainment business, you're doing 'The Apprentice , ' you have one of the top shows on television, and you say things differently for a reason, and now it's a much different world". Read More »

If a clown threatens you, call the police

Police have received reports of "creepy clown" sightings, threats through the use of social media and vandalism. Residents are encouraged to remain vigilant and report any suspicious activity to their closest police department. Canfield School District has banned clown costumes from the Halloween festivities planned for October 31. Law enforcement officials are investigating alleged crimes, but are also urging the public to stay calm and not engage in clown mischief. Read More »

Watch a 'Heckler' Interrupt Stephen Colbert With a Donald Trump Joke


Weaker than Bee's parody, Colbert's video shows the host mildly reacting and adding a few light comments like "who's Nancy?" and "what does "move" mean?" It's like a magnet. A few sighs later, he wraps saying, "Here's what I really found disgusting". "I regret that that's probably the only bite I'm going to get at that apple", Colbert said. Read More »

Germany: Poll suggests Merkel's popularity recovering

Her talks with leaders of all three countries are to focus on migration issues and the battle against terrorism. Recently, the European Commission stressed to EurActiv.com that the ETFA funds were channelled through NGOs, rather than the central government. Read More »

Oklahoma Supreme Court invalidates law restricting abortion

The U.S. Supreme Court has declined the Obama administration's request to reconsider a controversial immigration program that would have let millions of undocumented immigrants stay in the country legally. The Supreme Court Monday declined to take up the appeal of an Army sergeant sentenced to death for an attack against his fellow soldiers at a U.S. military outpost in Kuwait in 2003. Read More »

Professional clowns angered by nationwide creepy clown hysteria

Const. Dianne Woodworth said students at Halifax West High School advised staff of the photo posted to Instagram Tuesday morning. "We just don't want people to be frightened of real professional clowns rather than pranksters". Several residents are reporting on Facebook creepy clown sightings in Oklahoma City. The Salina Police Department has received reports of "creepy clown" sightings, threats through the use of social media and vandalism. Read More »

Bomb squad investigating package at Charlotte PD


About two minutes of the video has been released, including the shooting itself. A city spokesman says the structure was evacuated and searched as a precaution following days of protests over the fatal police shooting of a black man. An attorney speaking for the family has insisted to the press Scott did not own a gun. CMPD's policy on body cameras clearly states, "It is the responsibility of the officer to ensure the BWC (body worn camera) is activated, operating, and positioned to record the ... Read More »

Picture of Abbas crying at Peres' funeral slammed by Palestinians

Peres, who shared a Nobel Peace Prize for efforts to end the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, died Wednesday at age 93. After Peres's death, he called him "a genius with a big heart". Turning to Peres' critics, he said, "I don't believe he was naive". Among some Israelis, as well as Palestinians and other Arabs, Mr. Peres was divisive figure. Read More »

UN Security Council nominates Portugal's Guterres as UN chief

Portuguese officials have welcomed the choice as an honour for the country and a triumph for Portuguese diplomacy. In the informal secret ballots that the Council had been holding since July, Guterres topped all the polls and on Wednesday received 13 encourage votes and two no opinion votes. Read More »

Rockford Police Respond to Recent Trend of "Clown Sightings"


Achoo says if the hype from creepy clown sightings doesn't come to an end, so could his career. Clown culture has always been around even before the internet age. School officials made the decision on Monday, after photos and reports began circulating on social media about "creepy clowns", "armed clowns", and clown threats in parts of New Jersey and on Long Island . Read More »

Hong Kong activist deported from Thailand 'at China's request'

Wong was put on a flight to Hong Kong from Bangkok's Suvarnabhumi Airport. "Nobody thought Wong would not be allowed to enter the country at all", she said. "It is also clear that it is close to the Chinese Communist Party", he said. Earlier, a government spokesman said the Thai authorities made a decision to deny Mr Wong entry into the country for fear of hurting its "relations with other nations". Read More »

Polish lawmakers overwhelmingly reject total ban on abortion

The vote follows a nationwide strike against the proposed ban on Monday which saw thousands of protesters take to the streets across Poland . The conservative government said it will not go forward with a recently proposed abortion ban and has learned a lesson in "humility" from Polish women's mass protests against such a ban. Read More »

Backpage.com CEO waives extradition

Cindy McCain co-chairs the Arizona Human Trafficking Council and works nationally and internationally on efforts to stop sex trafficking . Backpage .com is a popular platform believed to mainly be used by escorts and other sex workers and has always been the subject of scrutiny. Read More »

Lawmaker seeks accounting of NJ Transit offenses

The event recorder and camera from the controlling cab of the accident train remain inaccessible to investigators. He says investigators will look at the data on the recorder to determine the train's speed. After their on-scene investigation is complete, the remains of the train will be moved to a maintenance facility for further study, Southworth said. Read More »

Colombian President tries to revive FARC peace deal after referendum

Former senator Piedad Cordoba also advocated for a National Constituent Assembly Monday, saying the plebiscite was necessary to show the sectors opposed to the peace deal, and to reflect on the errors. Although the group's commitment to demobilizing remains intact, the group isn't willing to accept unilateral impositions by the government that go against its aim of building a political movement, the leader said. Read More »

Clown hoaxes force police to check pranks for real threats

And two suburban school districts on Long Island recently beefed up security after alerting police of clown reports . One local clown reached out to Tucson News Now after being approached by clown types on Facebook . "But moreover, if a member of the public was concerned about their own safety because of your behavior, they would be within their rights to defend themselves", says McPhail. Read More »

Syrian rebels aim to reach IS-held Dabiq in 48 hours


Although Dabiq , a village in relatively flat countryside northeast of Aleppo , holds little strategic value, it is seen by Islamic State as the place where a final battle will take place between Muslims and infidels, heralding Doomsday. Observatory head Rami Abdurrahman said the jihadists had heavily mined the area after being forced to withdraw. The facility, known as M10, had already been hit by heavy bombardment on Wednesday along with the second-largest hospital in the area in what ... Read More »

Pakistan reiterates independent probe into HR abuses in Occupied Kashmir


Speaking in UN General Assembly today, Pakistan Ambassador to UN Maleeha Lodhi said the world body is obliged to play a role to end the human rights abuses and facilitate peaceful settlement of Kashmir. "We are living in fraught times, [and] you are invited to spend some time on this day praying for peace which transcends religious, cultural, and national boundaries", he said, in presenting the call for a day of prayer. Read More »

Afghan troops visiting U.S. for military training go missing: Pentagon


A total of 44 Afghan troops have gone missing in the U.S. since January 2015, Pentagon spokesman Adam Stump told Reuters . Defense officials told Reuters that while other foreign troops visiting the USA for military training have sometimes gone missing, the pace of Afghan troops running away is " out of the ordinary ". Read More »

Investigators want to question engineer in Hoboken crash

If operating correctly, the data recorder has information on train speeds, brake and horn usage and more. In Florida, anger and shock boiled in Cecilia Marques, a former co-worker at a company that specialized in travel to Brazil. Bella Dinh-Zarr said the board, the lead agency in the investigation, has been "in touch" with Gallagher, but "unfortunately, as you may know, he was injured, so we're scheduling the interview with him". Read More »

Angela Merkel: no United Kingdom special deal on free movement


Merkel also stressed that there would be "no pre-negotiations" before the UK Government triggers Article 50 next year, beginning a two-year process to leave the EU. Mrs May insists she will pursue the best possible trade deal for Britain along with new immigration controls. "There are people who say 'Let's organize Europe in a way to allow remaining a member of free trade", Mr. Read More »

UN releases images of damage in Syria's Aleppo

The government is accused by opponents and global observers of using violence to forcibly depopulate areas seen as disloyal to Syrian President Bashar Assad. "Remember that the areas that are being bombed have been bombed nearly continuously for quite some time ". Russia, last year, had deployed its newest air defense systems, the long-range S-400 and the short-range Pantsir-S1, to Syria as part of a security boost following the downing of a Russian jet by Turkey near the border with ... Read More »