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Aleppo "humanitarian pause" comes into effect

State media earlier said the army had opened exit corridors in two designated areas in the Bustan al Qasr quarter and near the Castello road in northern Aleppo city. The minister will ask the UN Security Council to break the impasse that has prevented the worldwide community from intervening Syria , where more than 400,000 people have been killed since 2011. Read More »

Analyst Research Roundup: McDonald's Corp. (NYSE:MCD), Valero Energy Corporation (NYSE:VLO)


McDonald's could be a "Dog of the Dow" next year because of its current share-price weakness and a dividend yield of 3.3%. Thomas J. Herzfeld Advisors Inc. McDonald's Corporation closed down -1.32 points or -1.14% at $114.09 with 53,12,532 shares getting traded on Friday. Analysts forecast per-share profit growing 6% to $1.49, which would mark a sequential deceleration from the previous quarter but the fifth straight quarter of year-to-year earnings gains. Read More »

BRICS summit condemns terrorism in all its forms

It is a mindset that we strongly condemn and we as BRICS need to stand and act together. They acknowledged that worldwide terrorism, especially the Islamic State, constitute an unprecedented threat to global peace and security. That incident prompted Modi to push for a stronger statement on terrorism that could help isolate Pakistan. He said the establishment of New Development Bank by the BRICS countries and the Contingency Reserve Arrangement were "signature achievements". Read More »

Video of alleged Kim Kardashian robbers surfaces


The ball was in her Kourt, but the eldest Kardashian sister struggled to put it in play. At first, when asked about her family being in the news with the very traumatic robbery of her sister, she appeared hesitant. Let us know what you think in the comment section below. She briefly apologised by saying "they just came in" before clamming up altogether, simply staring blankly at the camera. Read More »

For me, India comes first: Karan Johar

Mumbai Police commissioner, Dattatray Padsalgikar, however, maintains that the film will release on October 28 as scheduled. MNS continued their protests as the party rejected Johar's statement that he will not "engage with talent" from Pakistan in future. Read More »

Nintendo Switch, hybrid game console, to be released in March 2017


As rumored, Nintendo's new console will be a combination of portable and home console. In an official press release , Nintendo describes all the different ways you can use the Joy-Con controllers. Previously known as the "NX", the new console has always been anticipated as Nintendo's concerted attempt to catch up with Sony and Microsoft's dominance in the gaming market. Read More »

Somber Thais flock to palace to honor dead king

The king's remains were taken in a convoy on Friday through Bangkok's ancient quarter to the Grand Palace, winding past thousands of Thais dressed in black , many of them holding aloft portraits of a monarch who was revered as a father figure. Read More »

Odisha Announces Rs. 5 Lakh To Family Of Dead In Fire Tragedy

Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Wednesday sanctioned an ex gratia of Rs 2 lakh each for the families of those killed in the Odisha hospital fire. I will ask the officials to make more stringent provisions. "It is a serious matter", he said. "I am not here for a blame game. The state government should ensure that the culprits responsible for the incident should not go scot- free". Read More »

Why Donald Trump is betting on Nevada

Starting at 9 p.m., NPR's politics team, with help from reporters and editors who cover national security, immigration, business, foreign policy and more, will be live annotating the debate. That same night, he claimed that "illegal immigrants are voting all over the country" and has urged his supporters to monitor polling stations for fraud on election day, raising concerns that they could intimate voters, particularly minorities, questioning their right to cast a ballot. Read More »

No evidence German bomb suspect had firm target


Three Syrian refugees in Germany overpowered a bomb suspect who gave elite commandos the slip and sparked a two-day manhunt, police have revealed, BBC says. Officials have not commented on the suspected target of the attack, but German media have reported it is thought to have been one of Berlin's two airports, or a transport hub in Saxony. Read More »

U.S. grilled for remarks on Ankara's presence in Mosul

The operation had been planned since July with US and other coalition forces and Western and Iraqi officials, mindful of the civil war that followed Saddam's fall, say plans for administering the mainly Sunni city and accommodating those who flee the fighting are in place. Read More »

UNESCO adopts Jerusalem resolution despite Israeli objections


Israel frequently restricts access to Al Aqsa for Muslim workers and the site is often the scene of clashes between Palestinians and settlers protected by the IDF. It is the latest episode in a series of rows at Unesco , which is responsible for protecting important heritage sites and is one of few worldwide organisations that recognises Palestine as a member state. Read More »

British DM: IS will 'fight hard' for Mosul despite recent losses

Being one of the key oil centers of Iraq, the city of Mosul went entirely under the control of the IS terrorists in June 2014. "Defeating IS in Iraq helps build momentum in defeating IS strategically and eroding their ideology". "It's an ISIS tactic", he told Williams, "suicide vehicle bombs and tunnels is how they fight". Baghdad denies it granted permission and has ordered the Turks to withdraw - a call Ankara has ignored. Read More »

Apple CEO Tim Cook was one of Hillary Clinton's vice presidential candidates

Tim Cook and John Podesta attend a fundraiser in California. Women: Tammy Baldwin, Kirsten Gillibrand, Amy Klobuchar, Claire McKaskill, Jeanne Shaheen, Debbie Stabenow and Elizabeth Warren. It is clear from the list, however, that is an early-stage draft. The email suggests the Clinton campaign was closely considering the ethnicity and gender of their vice presidential pick. Read More »

Parliament "likely" to have vote on final Brexit deal


After hearing closing submissions from lawyers at the High Court in London, Lord Thomas announced: "We shall take time to consider the matter and give our judgment as quickly as possible". The judge said: "I am sorry, I am slightly baffled". Lawyers representing those who want parliament and not May to invoke Article 50 said this was all far too late anyway. Read More »

French court OKs Calais migrant camp closure, amid NGO fears


He said: "Seven years". Most of the children purportedly want to come to the United Kingdom, but France's Auberge des Migrants Chief François Guennoc says this could change. Under heavy pressure from France and mounting concern of aid groups, Britain agreed to take in some of the unaccompanied children in Calais who have family in the United Kingdom, but it remains unclear what will happen to the hundreds of others. Read More »

'I could see myself' meeting with Putin before I'm president

While 49 percent of Trump supporters see Russian Federation as a friend to the US, only 24 percent say they view Russian Federation favorably, according to the Politico/Morning Consult poll . "And Mr. Trump's continued flattery of Mr. Putin and the degree to which he appears to model many of his policies and approaches to politics of Mr. Putin is unprecedented in American politics". Read More »

Judge involved in "El Chapo" case fatally shot

A shocking video footage of the unidentified gunman shows him running behind Bermudez before shooting him from the back of his head at point blank range. Mexican President Enrique Peña Nieto announced Monday that the attorney general has been charged with investigating the assassination. Before the start of a public hearing, Luis Maria Aguilar Morales, Supreme Court president, urged the authorities to ensure the safety of judges. Read More »

Russian Federation halts Aleppo airstrikes 2 days before expected

Monday's air strikes killed 14 civilians in Aleppo's rebel-held district of Marjeh, including at least 12 members of the same family, according to the UK-based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights. Syrian rebels, including al Qaida militants, as well as the wounded and the sick will be allowed to leave for the neighbouring rebel-held province of Idlib. Read More »

Iran: US citizens sentenced to 10 years in jail


Siamak Namazi, who was born in Iran and educated in the United States, worked as a business consultant in Iran for several years, and was well-known in Washington circles. The family lived outside NY for a period after the Islamic Revolution that toppled the USA -backed shah in 1979, though later returned to Iran, she said. Read More »

UKIP Lawmaker Hospitalized After 'Altercation' at Meeting

According to sources, Woolfe had a brief row with fellow UKIP MEP, Mike Hookem, the Party's defence spokesman and a former soldier. Gill said Woolfe's condition "was at one stage touch and go" but that the politician was now recovering. UKIP has launched an inquiry after one of its MEPs was taken to hospital following an altercation with a colleague in the European Parliament. They will hear from Woolfe, Hookem and "whoever they deem appropriate", like other MEPs or staff who were at the ... Read More »

Amnesty International says Australia's Nauru detention centre 'amounts to torture'


The Australian government is expected to respond to the report once it has been formally released on Monday night. A 19-year-old Syrian refugee who had been held on the island for three years told Amnesty, "I felt like I was a slave". The Australian government is responsible for the deliberate and systematic torture of refugees on Nauru and should be held accountable under worldwide law, according to a major new report informed by unprecedented access to the secretive island. Read More »

Dozens die in Brazil prison riot


Agricola de Monte Cristo prison - in a state near the country's borders with Venezuela and Guyana - was reportedly at double capacity with 1,400 inmates at the time of Sunday's riot. In a separate incident in September, some 200 inmates rioted and escaped from the overpopulated Jardinopolis prison in Sao Paulo state. Castro says at least three of the bodies were beheaded and efforts to identify them have been slow. Read More »

Putin to Kremlin journalists: US is watching you


Earlier this week Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov shrugged off the United States allegations, telling CNN the hacking claims were "flattering" but baseless, with not a "single fact" to prove it. We leave for the reader to decide why the Central Intelligence Agency is publicizing its plans to conduct a "covert" operation. " Russia is convinced that India's participation will strengthen the global export control regimes and in this regard welcomed India's application for membership ... Read More »

All necessary support is being given to Odisha, says JP Nadda


The cause of the fire could not be immediately ascertained, but sources said it appeared to have started because of an electrical short-circuit. Modi said he spoke to Union Health Minister J.P. Seven fire tenders were rushed to the spot. More than 100 patients and their attendants were injured due to fire. The probe team comprises the Khurda Collector, Director of Medical Education and Training and the District Fire Officer, she added. Read More »

Philippines president says children killed in drug war are 'collateral damage'


A Supreme Court justice has warned that conceding any part of the Philippine claims is an impeachable offense for the president. In July, an worldwide arbitration tribunal ruled that China's massive claims to the sea on historical grounds were not valid under a 1982 United Nations treaty, handing a landmark victory to the Philippines, which had filed a complaint against Beijing under Duterte's predecessor. Read More »

US, Britain call for immediate ceasefire in Yemen


It also said the Air Operation Center in Yemen directed a "close air support mission" to target the site without getting approval from the Coalition's command. More than 10,000 people have died since the kingdom launched a campaign of blood and destruction against its impoverished neighbor to crush the Yemeni Houthi movement and their allies and bring back to power the resigned Yemeni president Abedrabbo Mansour Hadi, a close Riyadh ally. Read More »

Could Trump and Clinton both lose Utah?

On August 14, it was announced that the Independence Party of Minnesota selected McMullin their presidential nominee. This is what she looks like at seemingly high tide, with a lead among non-Mormons of more than 20 points, and she still can't crack 30 percent in the state. Read More »