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Oregon standoff acquittal sparks fears of new land disputes

Shawna Cox of Kanab, another of the first seven suspects to face trial, told the USA Today Network after she was found not guilty of the charges that US marshals further inflamed tensions when they used a stun gun against one of Ammon's attorneys, Marcus Mumford of Salt Lake City, as Mumford argued with the judge that his client should be freed immediately following the verdict Thursday. Read More »

Philippines' Duterte on foreign troops: 'I want them out'

US Assistant Secretary for East Asian Affairs Danny Russel visited Manila last weekend to meet with Filipino officials, including the foreign and defense ministers, in an attempt to gain clarity on Duterte's Beijing comments, after they caused "consternation" in the United States. Read More »

More than 12.6 million votes cast


She suggested a combination of using provisional ballots - which aren't officially tallied until after a voters' registration is verified - and implementing electronic registration at polling places to immediately process registrations on Election Day or ahead of time . Read More »

Putin rejects claims of Russian interference in US election

The Russian president denied any involvement and/or attempts to influence the elections, adding that the allegations made by the U.S. authorities were a ploy to distract voters from focusing attention on United States politicians failings in tackling domestic issues. Read More »

Alternate 'The Walking Dead' Death Scene Leaks After Last Night's Premiere

I hope by now you're aware of the Season 7 premiere of the show. In another conference call, executive producer Greg Nicotero, who also directed the Season 7 premiere, expanded on the moment. "For those who caught it, I think it's highly, highly effective", said Cudlitz. However, we didn't realize we'd end up with an episode that would be gut-wrenching from literally its first moment till its last . Read More »

Mosul Today: UN says IS using thousands as human shields

How the advancing forces deal with the local population is key to rebuilding trust. The forces have launched a campaign last week to retake the ISIS stronghold of Mosul, which, if successful, could " mark the beginning of the end " for the terrorist group. Read More »

Arrivals by boat face lifetime visa ban in Australia


He urged for those held in detention centers to also be allowed into Australia, stressing that " we need to open up safe pathways to protection, rather than just closing unsafe ways ". The date was chosen because on that day, then-Prime Minister Kevin Rudd proclaimed: "As of today, asylum-seekers who come here by boat without a visa will never be settled in Australia". Read More »

Trump gives $33000 in October, falling short of $100M boast


Trump later zeroed out all of his loans, converting them into contributions that can not be repaid. Even so, Donald Trump was not satisfied with their findings and anxious that more of his supporters votes would go in Hillary's pile. Florida's 29 electoral vote represent a critical building block for moving that total toward the 270 needed to win the presidency. "I know that we've got to keep our foot on the gas.Donald Trump says he can still win, and you know , he's right.Anything ... Read More »

Spokesman: Iraq's PMU to enter Syria to aid Assad after Mosul

Daesh militants made swift advances in much of northern and western Iraq over the summer of 2014, after capturing large swaths of northern Syria. Their battle for Mosul, still home to 1.5 million residents, could be one of the toughest battles in a decade of turmoil since the 2003 overthrow of then-President Saddam Hussein, a Sunni Muslim, brought Iraq's majority Shi'ites to power. Read More »

New earthquakes hit battered central Italy


The quake with a preliminary magnitude of 6.6 was the strongest to strike the country in almost 36 years. Thousands of aftershocks have been recorded in the weeks since then, including two exceptionally powerful tremors last Wednesday. There were no immediate word on casualties or the extent of the damage. Residents ran onto the streets in a panic as the quake struck at 7:40 a.m. Read More »

Philippine, Japanese leaders sign military, economic deals

Duterte, who made significant overtures towards conventional enemy China before and during a much hyped visit to Beijing, said he wants to pursue an independent foreign policy . On Tuesday, Duterte likewise urged foreign businesses in the Philippines who are anxious about his deadly war on drugs to "pack up and leave" the country, but Malacañang declined to make any comment to expound on the President's statements. Read More »

Trump raises possibility of Texas vote-rigging

Compared to the 2012 electoral map, Trump needs to hold the competitive states of North Carolina, Arizona, Georgia, Utah and Nebraska's Omaha-based district, but also win Iowa and OH - two states where polls have shown him with a narrow lead - as well as Florida, Nevada, New Hampshire and Maine's second district. Read More »

Extremists plotting attacks on West from Raqqa


The Associated Press shares the words of a young girl following the incident, who said as she wept, "I don't want to go to school anymore". Unlike in Iraq, where the coalition is supporting Iraqi government forces, the US and its coalition partners in Syria are relying on a hodge-podge of local Arab and Kurdish opposition groups to do the fighting. Read More »

Russian army asks Putin to allow Aleppo strikes


The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights said the rebel bombardment had killed at least 21 civilians since Friday. Mr al-Moallem said government forces could agree to another cessation of fighting around Aleppo , but only if it receives guarantees from rebel forces that civilians would be allowed to leave the city. Read More »

Memo describes Bill Clinton's business ventures, fundraising

Clinton campaign aides were anxious, however, that the foundation's activities could present a problem for the former secretary of state as she ran for president. The former president has since severed his ties with Teneo, which said in a statement that it "worked to encourage clients, where appropriate, to support the Clinton Foundation because of the good work that it does around the world". Read More »

USA hacking 'hysteria' aimed at distracting voters: Putin

Putin has returned the compliments , telling reporters in December that Trump is "a very lively man, talented without doubt" and the "absolute leader in the presidential race". The president wasted no time laying out Russia's position in the world affairs - touching on everything from the U.S. election to Syria, and European economics. Read More »

Bill Clinton Wilmington stop part of large NC bus tour


Bill Clinton said America wasn't so great for some people 50 years ago and was that what Americans want? Chelsea Clinton said she thinks this election is the most important in her lifetime. But on Saturday, it was all about getting out the OH vote - the former president didn't mention the email inquiry. The former president also will campaign on behalf of his wife in Cleveland on Saturday and appears headed for Cincinnati , as well. Read More »

First Lady says support for 'my girl' Clinton is personal


Another troublesome sign for Trump: The Republicans' congressional campaign committee has released a new TV ad that praises a GOP House member who has said Trump has "disqualified himself" to be president. Obama's recent appearances on Clinton's behalf have commanded attention and enthusiasm in ways Clinton herself often struggles to do. The relationship between Obama and Clinton has evolved since the bruising 2008 presidential primary. Read More »

Information Minister Pervaiz Rashid Resigns


The prime minister's spokesman Musadiq Malik confirmed that initial evidence was against Rashid in the leak of sensitive information of a high profile national security meeting. Almeida's name was put on the Exit Control List but the ban was later lifted after the backlash against the government. Prime Minister Office and Punjab Chief Minister also rejected the report headlined "Act against militants or face worldwide isolation, civilians tell military" published in Dawn on Oct 6. Read More »

Four killed in firing at religious gathering in Karachi's Nazimabad


Those killed or injured in the attack were shifted to Abbasi Shaheed Hospital. SSP West, Nasir Aftab told the media that the residents of the house had not sought security for having the private Majlis . Violent crime has dropped significantly in Karachi since the launch of a paramilitary operation in the city three years ago, but targeted attacks still occur frequently. Read More »

Icelandic voters to choose between Pirates and establishment


The upcoming vote on Saturday (29 October) is unusual in more ways than one. While the Independence Party remains the biggest party, support for the Pirates has been steady at around 20 per cent over the past months, well above the 5 per cent it won in the 2013 election but below a 40 per cent peak. Read More »

Spain's conservative Rajoy voted back to power, ending crisis


On Wednesday, Rajoy lost the first round of parliamentary voting to secure his status after a almost year-long deadlock. Unlike when he came came to power in 2011 with an absolute majority, however, Rajoy's party will only have 137 seats out of 350 in parliament and will face huge opposition, forcing him to negotiate every law. Read More »

Jurors to hear closing arguments in Bridgegate case after delay


Two former allies of Republican Gov. Chris Christie are on trial on charges they closed access lanes for four days in September 2013 to punish a Democratic mayor who didn't endorse Christie. Bridget Kelly and Bill Baroni, along with a third alleged co-conspirator who has pleaded guilty, "shared an intense commitment to the political success of Gov. Read More »

Rebels launch Aleppo counter-offensive with auto bombs and exploding tanks


The Britain-based monitor also reported rebels had fired dozens of rockets at the Nairab military airport and Aleppo worldwide airport, both east of Aleppo city and under government control. The UN Under-Secretary-General for Humanitarian Affairs said on Wednesday that at least 400 people had been killed by Russian and Syrian government aerial bombardment of eastern Aleppo in less than a month. Read More »

Govt can't bring judiciary to a "grinding halt": SC

Singhvi said the suggestion by the government that it would not clear appointments of high court judges till the judiciary agreed to the MoP suggested by it was "unprecedented and unheard of". "But if you go on like this, we will form a five-judge Bench and say you are scuttling appointments", Chief Justice Thsakur told the Attorney General as the later said that the "idea is not to scuttle the appointments". Read More »

Chinese official: anti-graft drive not politically motivated

Unrestricted power or any unsupervised Party members are not allowed to exist within the Communist Party of China (CPC), said a statement released after a key CPC meeting on Thursday. The new title would appear to grant Xi even more political power within the top leadership. Indeed, the party's lengthy communique after the plenum said "boasting" about leaders should be banned and all publicity about them based on fact. Read More »

Pennsylvania House returns to voting session


Reinstating the requirement for a local share of casino taxes comes a month after it was struck down by the state's highest court because it treated the state's 10 largest casinos differently. Tom Wolf's desk. Opponents warned that it won't make communities or police safer, or foster trust between the two. In a possible response to the emergence of the Black Lives Matter movement and an increased push for transparency in police departments, Arizona, Oregon and Virginia have all considered ... Read More »

US Intelligence Detects Signs of ISIS Plotting Against the West


But Arab forces, and not Kurdish ones, are expected to be the ones to take the city itself, USA officials say. The White House said the two discussed "the appropriate level and form of Turkey's participation" in the offensive to drive Isis from the northern Iraqi city of Mosul - against the government's wishes. Read More »