Friday, 15 February 2019
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Freeway Closed as Attempted Murder Suspect Shoots at Police


A California freeway was shut down for two hours Monday night as police pursued a man wanted for attempted murder, reports CBS Los Angeles . The suspect was taken into custody more than 90 minutes after the chase began. The woman was shot in the upper torso Sunday and was hospitalized in critical condition. "The pit maneuver is what ended this pursuit", Aguilar said to NBC, adding that officers knew about Flores' "very violent history" and the Sunday morning shooting incident during the ... Read More »

Statement by the Prime Minister of Canada on changes to the Ministry

Meanwhile, the immigration portfolio goes to first-time MP Ahmed Hussen , an immigration and human rights lawyer who arrived in Canada in 1993 from Somalia. Freeland was replaced by Francois-Philippe Champagne, a member of the House of Commons who had served as parliamentary secretary to the finance minister. Read More »

Militants attack checkpoint in Egypt's Sinai, killing 8

The first attack took place at El-Matafe checkpoint in Al-Arish city and was executed by around 20 militants who tried to storm the checkpoint using rocket-propelled grenades (RPG), and an explosives rigged auto, according to a statement issued by the Ministry of Interior Monday afternoon. Read More »

Lake Erie search resumes for missing plane; memorial set

A search and recovery team pulled the pieces up about 1:30 p.m. Monday. More debris is expected to be pulled from the water as the day continues. Crews had spotted several large pieces below the water's surface on Friday but were unable to get them out of the water. Read More »

Mc Guinness could resign over RHI controversy


McGuinness has repeatedly called on Arlene Foster, the Democratic Unionist Party (DUP) leader and first minister, to temporarily step aside while investigators probe her alleged mishandling of a renewable energy scheme. McGuinness said Sinn Fein would not nominate anyone to fill the vacancy, meaning the power-sharing government will collapse at the latest once the seven days allowed for this elapse. Read More »

North Korea claims it can test-launch ICBM anytime


Within his 30 minute New Years speech, Kim Jong-un said: "Tests for intercontinental ballistic rocket launch have been continuously succeeding. -South Korea alliance", Thae said while emphasizing the need for Washington and Seoul to strengthen cooperation on North Korea policy. Read More »

Obama admits underestimating impact of Russian hacking


Trump, who met the country's leading intelligence agency chiefs to hear the full report, has accepted the possibility of Moscow's involvement in hacking USA targets, including the Democratic National Committee, but rejected the conclusion that Russian Federation interfered in the election. Read More »

Iraqi forces advance against Islamic State in Mosul night raid: spokesman

Mosul is the last major urban center in Iraq still controlled by IS, which seized around a third of the country in 2014. The video comes after Iraqi forces took control of the eastern end of the southernmost bridge in Mosul, Iraq. It is thought this could refer to a hill near the ruins of the ancient Assyrian city of Nineveh. "This morning CTS troops advanced in two directions towards the Baladiyat and Sukkar districts", Saadi said on January 8. Read More »

Two "dangerous terrorists" killed in Saudi security operation - agency


The ministry said he made the suicide bomb used in the July 4 attack outside of the Medina mosque, where four Saudi security force members were killed. The Interior Minister claims Taie Bin Salem bin Yaslem Al-Saya'ari was one of two killed in a shootout with officers in Riyadh on Saturday, Associated Press reports. Read More »

Iran's ex-President Hashemi Rafsanjani dies at 82


Iranian media reported earlier Sunday that he was taken to a hospital north of Tehran because of a heart condition. Rafsanjani was blocked from the ballot by Iran's election overseers - presumably anxious about boosting his already wide-ranging influence. Read More »

Intelligence Report Reveals Putin Ordered 'Influence Campaign' With 'Clear Preference' for Trump


It claims that Putin himself was behind the "influence campaign" that would attempt to undermine faith in the US democratic process and compare Clinton unfavorably to Trump, disrupting the American electoral process. Paletta and Barnes also wrote that the Trump transition is planning to restructure the Central Intelligence Agency, cut back its staffing, and send more Central Intelligence Agency officers into field offices around the world. Read More »

Car Bomb Strikes Baghdad Market, About a Dozen Dead

Gen. Saad Maan, the Interior Ministry spokesman. A suicide auto bomb claimed by Islamic State at another market killed 13 people earlier in the day. The medics said it appeared to have been a second attacker who was killed by shrapnel from the first explosion. The Islamic State, a group of Sunni jihadi militants, considers Shiite Muslims to be apostates and frequently targets members of the religious sect. Read More »

Brisbane International: Dimitrov beats Nishikori in final

Nishikori sailed past Australia's Jordan Thompson , 6-1, 6-1 in the quarterfinals, and in the semifinals, Nishikori defeated second seed Stan Wawrinka in straight sets, 7-6 (3), 6-3 in their second consecutive meeting, and he leveled their head-to-head at 4-4 in the process. Read More »

U.S. arming YPG in Syria 'intolerable' for Turkey


Currently, Turkish troops and Free Syrian Army (FSA) rebel fighters are involved in a major ground offensive to seize the Syrian town of al-Bab, Islamic States (IS, formerly ISIS/ISIL) westernmost stronghold. The statement also said 2,817 improvised explosives had been defused since the start of the operation on August 24. "Since we have established a coalition to combat Daesh, we have provided physical opportunities in Turkey ". Read More »

Malaysia says search for missing MH370 to end in two weeks

The hunt for missing flight MH370 will end in two weeks, Malaysia's transport minister said on Friday, as relatives of passengers demanded authorities push on with the search. Numerous passengers were Chinese. Investigators with the Australian Transport Safety Bureau (ATSB), the agency leading the hunt for the missing plane, said this week that bad weather was hampering the final stage of the search. Read More »

Gunfire, Unrest at Ivory Coast Military Camps

President Alassane Ouattara was visiting neighboring Ghana for the swearing-in of its new president, after which he returned to Abidjan in the afternoon for a special cabinet meeting. "We are emerging from a crisis and our army is being rebuilt", the defence minister said. According to press reports, exchange of gunfire also erupted at a military base in Daloa city, the main trading hub in the western cocoa belt, where civilians said soldiers, some wearing masks, were patrolling the streets ... Read More »

Charles Manson healthy enough to undergo operation

Both TMZ and the Los Angeles Times reported on Tuesday that Manson had been hospitalized. The 82-year-old is now serving multiple life sentences for masterminding the murder of seven people in 1969, including actress Sharon Tate, who was heavily pregnant at the time of death. Read More »

Massive Iceberg Poised to Break Away From Antarctica, Scientists Say


The British Antarctic Survey (BAS), as part of the MIDAS Project, has been monitoring the ever-widening rift in Antarctica's Larsen C ice shelf in the northwestern part of the Weddell Sea for some time. "It's possible that melting ice when the Mayo-sized iceberg leaves might break that arch - and the entire ice shelf could collapse", O'Leary said. In 2002, Larsen B had a spectacular calving event that caused the shelf to disintegrate. Read More »

Wikileaks Somehow Reached a New Level of Desperate

The Wikileaks proposal was met with instant derision on social media, with many blasting the group for wanting to disclose the personal information of hundreds of thousands of people. While they applaud WikiLeaks for unmasking several illegal activities, others continue to show their disapproval by citing that this organization disrupts normal order of things and more inflicts harm than good. Read More »

China to invest $360bn in renewable energy by 2020


Of that, $144 billion will go to solar, about $100 billion to wind, $70 billion to hydropower, and the rest to sources like tidal and geothermal power. [.] Mr. Trump has in the past called the theory of human-cased global warming a hoax and picked a fierce opponent of President Obama's rules to reduce carbon emissions, Scott Pruitt, the Oklahoma attorney general, to lead the Environmental Protection Agency. Read More »

Democrats bash CIA over torture but not Russia hacks


Officials further emphasized that such "signals intelligence" is generally treated with caution because statements can be taken out of context, and Russian Federation and other adversaries are skilled at spreading disinformation. The officials declined to describe the intelligence obtained about the involvement of a third-party in passing on leaked material to WikiLeaks, saying they did not want to reveal how the USA government had obtained the information. Read More »

Beyonce, Jay Z, Oprah Rumored to Attend Obama's Last White House Party

US President-elect Donald Trump on Tuesday urged the Obama administration to halt prisoner transfers from the Guantanamo Bay military prison in Cuba, calling the detainees "extremely risky people". President Barack Obama confirmed Monday that he will deliver a farewell address at McCormick Place on the evening of January 10, but where can supporters watch the historic event? While Trump's team continues to try and find performers, the Obamas continue their tour of goodbyes, which will end ... Read More »

Senate Dems want ethics office to investigate Trump's HHS pick

Not surprisingly, the left is now lamenting the loss of the filibuster, with The New York Times running an Op-Ed saying it made the Senate "the cradle of compromise". "If he's interested in healing the country and bringing people together, that would be a serious indication of objective". Stonewalling Trump's eventual nominee would be a major gamble for Democrats, and one that could backfire. Read More »

5 victims shot dead at United States airport


In a subsequent tweet , Fleischer said the situation was calm, but police were not letting people back into the airport. "Anyone who observes any suspicious activity should report it to airport personnel or police", Guglielmi said in an email. Read More »

Who's Going to Pay for the Wall? Taxpayers!

But that only tells part of the story, according to Trump in a tweet early Friday. Trump took to Twitter Friday morning to insist that Mexico would reimburse the US for any money spent on the project, which has been projected to cost anywhere from $ 8 billion to more than $ 25 billion , depending on the design and location of the structure. Read More »

33 inmates killed in Brazil prison riot


Details were murky about the incident on Friday, which took place in Roraima state's largest prison. The majority of those killed in Sunday riot at the Manaus prison, were members of the PCC , who were butchered by prisoners from the local North Family drug faction. Read More »

Tube strike to go ahead after talks collapse

There have been attempts to quickly salvage this situation and prevent the London Underground members from conducting their strikes, but as of now no positive results came about such attempts, and the walkout is said to proceed as planned. There will also be no service between North Acton and West Ruislip on the Central line and the Piccadilly line will be running to Heathrow Terminals 1, 2 and 3, but not to Terminals 4 or 5. Read More »