Friday, 15 February 2019
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Brexit legal challenge over single market blocked by High Court


A new legal challenge to the UK's decision to leave the European Union has been dismissed at the High Court, in a hearing that took less than an hour. They said the Government has no mandate to take the United Kingdom out of the Single Market and EEA - because it wasn't on the ballot paper. The UK Parliament must vote to authorise triggering Article 50, the British Supreme Court ruled on Tuesday (24 January), in a landmark verdict and a blow to Theresa May's government. Read More »

UC Berkeley cancels Breitbart speaker as students protest


UC Berkeley initiated a campus-wide lockdown late Wednesday after demonstrations broke out against a scheduled speech there by Breitbart editor Milo Yiannopoulos . "This protest developed overnight out at Berkeley because Milo Yiannopoulos , sort-of noted troll, sort-of flame thrower if you will, was set to speak", Jackson said, as images showed of the chaos. Read More »

At least 14 killed by avalanche in Pakistan

The heavy snow and avalanche also destroyed or damaged more than 200 houses across the mountainous country over the same period. The government made a decision to declare Sunday a holiday due to the bad weather that closed roads and created other problems, Shah Hussain Murtazavi, deputy Spokesman for the Afghan president told EFE. Read More »

Spurned by White House, Palestinians threaten unilateral response

Trump is scheduled to welcome Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to the White House on February 15. President Trump has been perceived as sympathetic to the settlements. The White House noted that the president "has not taken an official position on settlement activity". Such expansion, the White House said in a statement, "may not be helpful in achieving" the goal of peace. Read More »

PGA player competing in Phoenix Open arrested for extreme DUI in Scottsdale


The Australian posted bail and was released from Scottsdale City Jail, and he continued playing in the Waste Management Phoenix Open on Friday afternoon but missed the halfway cut by several shots. Officers observed the vehicle not moving through two green lights and approached the motor to find the 33-year-old asleep. The police officer on the scene had to wake Bowditch up before he recorded a blood alcohol content of 0.20%. Read More »

French investigators widen Fillon probe to include two of his children

According to the poll carried out on February 1-2, Fillon can barely get 20 percent of the votes in the first round, as opposed to about 24 percent in the beginning of January, while Emmanuel Macron, former economy minister under the current socialist government, enjoys between 21 and 22 percent of the potential votes and far-right candidate Marine Le Pen retains about 25 percent of the votes. Read More »

Starving Beached Beaked Whale Had 30 Plastic Bags Crammed In Its Belly


Plastic bags from several countries were found in its stomach. The beaked whale was also emaciated and had very little blubber - suggesting that they were badly malnourished. Because this particular type of whale - the Cuvier's beaked whale - eats squid, the researchers believe the whale mistook the bags for its natural food source. Read More »

Suspected Louvre attacker identified as Egyptian national, museum reopens


A French soldier was stabbed by an assailant early Friday morning in what French officials are calling an attack that was "terrorist in nature ". An Egyptian interior ministry official confirmed the suspect's identity yesterday but said an initial investigation found no record of political activism, criminal activity or membership of any militant groups at home. Read More »

UN Security Council lifts sanctions against former Afghan PM Gulbadin Hekmatyar

With the United Nations sanctions now removed, government officials expect Mr Hekmatyar to eventually return to the Afghan capital, despite the continued controversy. A senior advisor to President Ashraf Ghani on Monday welcomed the United Nations' move to remove Hizb-e-Islami leader Gulbuddin Hekmatyar's name from the sanctions list and said it was a historical day for Afghanistan. Read More »

Kim Jong Un fires 'close colleague' and security chief in latest purge


South Korea's unification ministry said on February 3, 2017 that Kim was dismissed from the post in mid-January. The South Korean news agency said the state security ministry wielded considerable power, screening "anti-reactionary" elements in North Korean society, running political prison camps and preventing potential defectors from fleeing the country. Read More »

Kellyanne Conway refers to non-existent 'Bowling Green Massacre'

Along with press secretary Sean Spicer, Conway has previously been accused of manipulating facts and figures after she coined the term "alternative facts" in an interview concerning the size of crowds at Trump's inauguration. That's it. There was no "six month ban on the Iraqi refugee program". Conway said during the interview that Trump's decision involved only countries that former President Barack Obama had listed as being high risk. Read More »

New CIA deputy director used to run 'black site' torture prisons

Haspel's many years of service at the CIA, yet I want some reassurance from her that she intends to comply with both the spirit and the letter of the law, like Director Pompeo testified that he would during his confirmation process", said Senator Mark Warner of the Senate intelligence committee. Read More »

Over 100000 US Visas Revoked From Seven Countries

That figure was immediately disputed by the State Department, which said the number of visas revoked was roughly 60,000. The lawyer in that case said that about 100,000 visas had been revoked . The White House has said 109 people were held for questioning upon arrival under Trump's executive order. On Friday, Judge Leonie Brinkema of the Eastern District of Virginia ordered the Trump administration to provide a list of all Virginia residents "denied entry to or removed from the United ... Read More »

Gold shines in 2016 on keen investment demand


Still, demand for gold bars climbed by 2% last year to 4,308.7 tons - the highest amount in three years, with demand coming mostly from investors who buy gold for financial safety. Global gold demand rose merely 2 percent in 2016 and touched 4,309 tonnes. Central banks cut purchases by 33 percent to a six-year low of 383.6 tons, partly because of pressure on foreign-exchange reserves, the council said. Read More »

Machete attacker shot at Louvre in Paris


The attacker had apparently attempted to enter the museum, and was shot and wounded by a second soldier. As per the interior ministry of France, the soldier received minor injuries during the attack. There were no immediate details about the identity of the attacker, who has been hospitalized. In a press conference, police chief Michel Cadot said the man had shouted: "Allahu Akbar" ("God is great", in Arabic) and made other remarks that indicated his actions were intended as a terrorist ... Read More »

Student, 16, charged over stabbing at Bonnyrigg High School in Sydney's west


About 30 minutes after the stabbing, the officers arrested the 16-year-old male student in the auto park of an Aldi supermarket, about 100 metres away from the school. Another student said the school went into lock-down. A meat cleaver, two knives, a pair of scissors and two screwdrivers were found with a black Adidas bag not far from where the boy was arrested. Read More »

UK could continue to pay into EU budget, Brexit white paper suggests


The opposition Labour party has said it will not block the bill and, although dozens of its MPs could rebel, it should easily pass the second debate stage scheduled for next week. Most MPs had campaigned to stay in the European Union ahead of last June's referendum, but as debate on the Bill began on Tuesday, many said they would accept the result. Read More »

One million sign petition to cancel Donald Trump's UK State Visit


The petition isn't calling for Trump to be banned from the United Kingdom altogether, but rather for his visit to be downgraded from a state visit to a more casual one. The US President has created a worldwide furore by imposing a temporary ban on all refugees coming into America as well as people from seven predominantly Muslim countries. Read More »

Pak snubs India's demand of credible action against Hafiz Saeed


Who is Hafiz Muhammad Saeed? He reminded New Delhi that India had been involved in subversive and terrorist activities in Pakistan. Several Singapore Jemaah Islamiah members have trained in LeT camps. Saeed has been put under detention by the Pakistan authorities, a move to placate the Trump administration and China. 38 other JuD affiliates have also been placed on the list. Read More »

Bank of England stays on hold, forecasts sluggish growth in 2018/19


The Committee also voted unanimously to maintain the stock of United Kingdom government bond purchases, financed by the issuance of central bank reserves, at £435 billion. "This effect is already becoming evident in the data", the central bank said . But there was significant news on how the BOE is thinking about growth and inflation. Read More »

U.S. servicemember killed in raid on al Qaeda headquarters in Yemen


The raid, said the official, was directed from a USA base in Djibouti, across the Gulf of Aden from the southern tip of the Arabian peninsula and the western edge of Yemen. service members taking part in the raid captured "information that will likely provide insight into the planning of future terror plots". The aircraft was destroyed by USA forces on the spot. Read More »

More Ukrainian troops killed in fighting with rebels

According to UNICEF, the electricity and water infrastructure in Avdiivka was damaged on January 29-30 amid temperatures of below 17 degrees Celsius (1 degree Fahrenheit), leaving over 17,000 people, including at least 2,500 children, with no means of heating in the cold weather. Read More »

Sessions Faces Withering Attack for His Stance on Violence Against Women


Questions were raised as the Senate Judiciary Committee prepared to vote on Sessions' nomination, report the Washington Post , the New York Times and CNN . Prior to President Trump's inauguration, Rep. Adam Smith called Sessions a " documented racist". She was sacked by President Trump, who accused her of "betraying" the justice department and being "weak on borders". Read More »

NY sues Charter over slow internet speeds


From at least January 1, 2012 to the present, Spectrum-TWC conducted a systematic scheme to defraud and mislead subscribers to its Internet service by promising to deliver Internet service that it knew it could not and would not deliver. The lawsuit targets Charter Communications, which purchased Time Warner Cable and renamed it a year ago. Schneiderman says that customers paying $110 per month for 300Mbps service were averaging just 85Mbps, and those paying $70 for 100Mbps were getting ... Read More »

Japan denies Trump's currency manipulation charge

Furthermore, Trump has accused Japan's central bank of currency manipulation and the country's auto industry of exploiting an unfair trade structure that prevents the General Motors (GM) and the Fords (F) from enjoying accesss to its market. Read More »

Egypt make AFCON final, Burkina Faso out


Hadary, who plays for Wadi Degla in the Egyptian Premier League, also set a record for the longest run without conceding a goal in the Nations Cup, keeping a clean sheet for 675 minutes to surpass former Cameroon keeper Alioum Boukar (643 minutes). Read More »