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Netherlands opposes Turkish referendum rally in Rotterdam

Turkey reacted angrily to the cancellation, accusing Germany of double standards and charging that Berlin must "learn how to behave" if it wanted to maintain relations. "It was a decision that the German federal government did not influence in any way, and could not have influenced, because it is a matter of state and local law over which we have zero influence", spokesman Martin Schaefer told a regular government news conference. Read More »

Trump accuses Obama of being behind his administration leaks


General H.R McMaster. On domestic issues, the White House largely stuck to its script, focusing on manufacturing and the budget. "The president has a saying, 'All talk, no action.' His budget is all talk and no action when it comes to long-term indebtedness", Sen. Read More »

World watches as April the giraffe set to give birth


April's condition remains the same. Patch also shared an update on March 2, 2017, that included a photo of April with her handler Alyssa. The shots are a week a part! She initially resisted attempts from veterinarians to perform ultrasounds, but eventually allowed the zookeepers she interacts with every day to place the ultrasound probe on her abdomen, while veterinarians monitored and guided from another room. Read More »

Indian woman 'was burnt alive' after mistakenly being declared dead and cremated


A day later, her husband Devesh Chaudhary, 23, and some friends took her body and arranged a funeral pyre in Aligargh where they began to cremate her. Later, we got to know that she was living with Devesh. The husband also said he believes he is being framed by the wife's family, who disapproved of their marriage, the Hindustan Times reported . Read More »

Brexit looms large as Northern Ireland holds snap elections


The 2017 Assembly Election was called after the resignation of former deputy first minister Martin McGuinness. Northern Ireland uses an electoral system of single transferable vote, which means that votes are transferred between candidates until they reach a stipulated quota for election. Read More »

Trade Deadline: Panthers Snag Sniper Thomas Vanek From Detroit

The Florida Panthers reportedly picked up one of the top trade deadline targets, acquiring scoring winger Thomas Vanek from the Detroit Red Wings for a 2017 third-round draft pick and defenseman Dylan McIlrath. It's worth noting that Vanek has struggled during postseason play in the past. Vanek is a former All-Star selection who spent the first nine years of his career with the Buffalo Sabres after being selected with the No. Read More »

Mexican Lawmaker Scales Border Fence to Prove Trump's 'Great Wall' Won't Work


Perched more than 20 feet in the air atop the border fence between San Diego and Tijuana , Mexico, a Mexican lawmaker delivers a message to President Donald Trump . "Human rights, principles and dignity are not negotiable", Guerra wrote in his tweet . The U.S. government could present a formal request as early as Monday "for the design and build of several prototype wall structures". Read More »

Russian jets accidentally bombed US-backed forces in Syria: US general


The airstrikes resulted in some casualties among the Syrian Arab force, said Lt. Gen. Stephen Townsend, commander of coalition forces supporting Iraqi and Syrian forces battling the Islamic State. Townsend declined to openly discuss his recommendations for accelerating the fight against Islamic State, but his comments represent one of the strongest signals yet that the USA military will not advocate any fundamental shift in a key strategy that relies on local ground forces. Read More »

Sweden reintroduces military service

The first conscripts would start January 1, 2018. About 20,000 people work for the Swedish armed forces, but a recent study found they are struggling to recruit the 4,000 new young people needed annually. "Seventy percent of parliament is behind the decision to strengthen the military and co-operation with the countries around us", Ms. Radebo said. Read More »

Surprise! DoJ to switch sides on Texas voter-ID lawsuit

The Justice Department on Monday informed attorneys for a civil rights group challenging the voter ID law that the government plans to file court papers to withdraw the DOJ's discriminatory objective claim. "At a minimum, the State Defendants and the United States anticipate that the parties would file a new round of briefing and present a new round of oral argument on the discriminatory goal claim if Texas enacts new voter ID legislation", the Texas and DOJ attorneys wrote in a joint motion. Read More »

Time running out for winning Hamilton lotto ticket

The National Lottery advises all players to check their tickets. Manager of the SuperValu shop Ken O'Toole has the "champagne on ice" as he plans a party for staff to celebrate their involvement in the bumper draw. "The word went around the shop". "This morning at 9 o'clock we got a call from the lottery to say our store had sold the winning ticket", he said. "All my friends are texting me and calling me asking me, 'was it you?' I had to say no". Read More »

European Union member countries endorse visa-free entry for Ukrainians

European Union rules say that a decision to end visa-free access should be taken within two years from a first notice to countries that do not grant free access to European Union citizens. officials told Reuters that talks are ongoing, under the hostile right-wing Trump administration visa reciprocity seems extremely unlikely to happen. Read More »

Marine Le Pen loses immunity from prosecution over IS images

The picture showed the body of James Foley , who Islamic state beheaded in August of 2014. Under French law the prosecutor can appoint a magistrate to further investigate the tweets or take the case straight to trail. French presidential candidate Marine Le Pen is projected to win in the first round of the upcoming election with 27 percent of votes, a poll published Thursday revealed. Read More »

McIlroy says a 'possibility' to see Woods at the Masters

Mcilroy also sets aside beliefs or politics to one side for a minute and claimed that he saw 30 secret service and 30 cops, snipers on the trees, and it was just a surreal experience for him. The likes of 2015 Masters champion Jordan Spieth, world number one Dustin Johnson, Sergio Garcia and Hideki Matsuyama already have wins under their belt this season, although McIlroy did lose out in a play-off for the South African Open in January. Read More »

Marie Collins resigns from Vatican abuse commission


It was seen as an attempt to address the bitter and long-standing scourge of child abuse which has dogged the Catholic Church. Collins said she didn't know the answer, "but it is devastating in 2017 to see that these men still can put other concerns before the safety of children and vulnerable adults". Read More »

Egyptian Christians flee Sinai as militants intensify attacks

The assailants have shot and killed at least seven Christians in separate attacks in Sinai's El Arish city in February, Aljazeera reported. Islamic State, which is waging an insurgency there, claimed responsibility for the killings, five of which were shootings. Read More »

Government suffers its first Article 50 bill defeat

The defeat means the Bill, which was passed unamended by the Commons, will now have to return there for further consideration by MPs. Home Secretary Amber Rudd on Tuesday sent a letter asking peers not to vote against the government. Prime Minister May's government does not have a majority in the Parliament's upper house and the amendment to the Article 50 legislation is expected to secure enough support to pass, according to United Kingdom media reports. Read More »

McIlroy unlikely to play Australian Open

The outrage on social media was such that McIlroy released a statement last Friday saying the claims that he was a "fascist and a bigot" were "quite ridiculous" and that "playing a round of golf" was not "a political statement" or an "endorsement". Read More »

President Trump to Issue New Order Limiting Travel to the US


Sources told The Associated Press the decision followed pressure from the Pentagon and State Department, which urged the White House to reconsider Iraq's inclusion on the list, given Iraq's key role in fighting ISIS. The Trump administration is reviewing its participation in the U.N. Human Rights Council with an eye to reform and a balanced agenda that ends the forum's "obsession with Israel", a senior USA official says. Read More »

Who's The Malaysian Man Pictured Kissing Saudi King Salman's Head?

He is set to visit Indonesia tomorrow to join an enormous entourage of 620 people as well as 800 delegates , including ministers and 25 princes. Apart from a side-trip of several hours to Brunei, King Salman will be in Indonesia until March 12, spending much of the time on the resort island of Bali, ambassador Osama Mohammad Abdullah Alshuaibi told Reuters in an interview. Read More »

United States attorney general weighs rollback of cannabis legalization

Altieri said . The federal prison population is on the decline, but a new attorney general who talks tough on drugs and crime could usher in a reversal of that trend. As most Republicans seem to recognize, attempts to force marijuana prohibition on states that have opted out of it are inconsistent with the decentralized system of government established by the Constitution. Read More »

Lego building set honoring 'women of NASA'

The project also includes computer scientist Margaret Hamilton, astronaut Sally Ride, astronomer Nancy Grace Roman and astronaut Mae Jemison. Designed by Lego competition victor and deputy editor of MIT News , Maia Weinstock , Lego spokesperson Lise Dydensborg said: "As a science editor and writer, with a strong personal interest for space exploration". Read More »

U.S. general: Russian Federation inadvertently struck US-backed Syrians

Russian and Syrian aircraft bombed positions held by the US-backed Syrian Arab Coalition near the Syrian town of al Bab on Tuesday, inflicting casualties, the top USA commander in Iraq said on Wednesday. "That's what we should all keep our efforts focused on and not on fighting the [other] liberators accidentally - one another", he said. "There were USA forces in the area", he added. Read More »