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Snopes Defends Planned Parenthood; We Rate Them 'Mostly False'

I march for women's rights that are inclusive of reproductive justice, clean air, health care, racial equality, LGBTQ rights, gun control, environmental protection, indigenous people's rights, immigrants' rights, education reform, religious freedom, economic justice and more. Read More »

Qatar Masters: Wang Jeunghun of South Korea wins third European Tour title


Wang entered the final round, holding a three-stroke lead, and the advantage evaporated on the back nine on Sunday at the par-72 layout. I just lingered along until I made a nice one on 13. I've really got a lot of confidence right now, I just want to play another tournament. "I've always imagined that I will play there and maybe now I have a chance to play the Masters. Read More »

Miss Universe participants represent their nations at National Costume Show


The 86 contestants also competed in swimwear and evening gowns. After landing the Miss Universe Great Britain honour previous year, she is now in the Philippines for the big global final. To live tweet and follow along with others watching the Miss Universe pageant, use hashtag #MissUniverse on Twitter. He mistakenly announced Miss Colombia as the victor instead of the Philippines' Pia Wurtzbach. Read More »

AI rivals dermatologists at spotting early signs of skin cancer

The Cancer Research UK has classified skin cancer as the fifth most common cancer in the world with thousands of new cases every year. In the United Kingdom alone, 131,772 cases of non-melanoma skin cancer were recorded in 2014. After learning what cancers typically look like, the software was tested against the clinicians in three areas: keratinocyte carcinoma classification, melanoma classification and melanoma classification using dermoscopy. Read More »

Can Women Be Brilliant? Some Young Girls Aren't So Sure


In the first part of the study , girls and boys were told a story about a person who is "really, really smart", a child's idea of brilliance, and then asked to identify that person among the photos of two women and two men. So the movie Hidden Figures , about female African-American mathematicians at NASA during the late 1950s and early 1960s, could inspire girls and teens of color to pursue STEM fields. Read More »

Health Officials Urge Washington Residents to Take Precautions To Stop Mumps Outbreak


The Health District says its goal is to prevent the outbreak from spreading further and health district staff are grateful to numerous partners in the community who are helping to mitigate the spread of mumps. Protect other people - Stay away from other people to avoid exposing them to mumps. Recent outbreaks, including the current one, involve many who have been vaccinated, leading some experts to question whether a third dose is needed. Read More »

Melissa Benoit lived for six days without either of her lungs


When the infection started to move throughout her body, doctors said taking out her lungs and putting her on a breathing treatment was the only way to save her life. "I'll be the first in the world to see how long we live". Although it had never been carried out before, doctors made a decision to remove her lungs entirely. Read More »

How President Trump Renegotiating NAFTA Will Affect Your Wallet


Mexico provides a key pool of labour to make autoparts for manufacturers in the USA and Canada, he said . Protecting those gains as Trump reopens NAFTA is clearly the intent of the letter. He regularly criticised deals made with countries like China and Mexico , which both import more goods to the U.S. than the U.S. exports to them. However, the deal drew fire from left and right in the last US election and now appears dead. Read More »

Showdown brewing over sanctuary cities in Texas

In a letter to Travis County Sheriff Sally Hernandez, Abbott said her new policy puts at risk $1.8 million in grants from the Texas Criminal Justice Division, money that is contingent on a county cooperating with federal immigration officials. Read More »

Heinz's Super Bowl 'wiener dog' cooped up on YouTube


This year, Heinz is eschewing another commercial and focusing on promoting its Smunday petition . The move comes while Kraft Heinz is attempting to cut down costs, while Super Bowl advertising is a more expensive and uncertain bet than ever. Read More »

Cervical Cancer Death Rate is Higher Than Previously Thought - NOVA Next

Hyperthermia basically heats the area of the cancerous cells to a temperature high enough to kill cancer cells. Cervical cancer mortality higher that. "You can not change something unless you are able to measure it, so we wanted people in these communities, poor or rich, to have their numbers", says Mokdad. Read More »

Browned toast increases risk of cancer, scientists say


Storing raw potatoes in the fridge may lead to the formation of more free sugars in the potatoes (a process sometimes referred to as "cold sweetening") and can increase overall acrylamide levels especially if the potatoes are then fried, roasted or baked. Read More »

Hillary Clinton attends Trump Inauguration to 'honor our democracy'


Rep. Jason Chaffetz (R-Utah), who has continued to push for an investigation into Clinton's email server, said he's "so pleased" Clinton wasn't sworn in on Friday. Trump asked former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton to stand and be recognized at the gathering. She deserved credit for that-at the time. Inauguration ceremony gathered the whole Trump family, the first lady Melania was ideal in her Ralph Lauren outfit. Read More »

U.S. embassy move to Jerusalem still at beginning stages at White House

Netanyahu had repeatedly frustrated Obama with his refusal to negotiate with Palestinian President Mahmud Abbas and halt Jewish settlements in the West Bank and Jerusalem. Unlike other West Bank settlements, Israel annexed east Jerusalem and considers its neighborhoods inseparable parts of its capital. "A united Jerusalem is the capital of the State of Israel according to Israeli law". Read More »

Teenage mother tapes son to wall in Facebook Live video

Detectives in OH had viewed the Facebook video on earlier this week, and the 18-year-old was arrested at her home on January 19 morning, and the child taken into custody by Children's Services. "Go ahead and call Children's Services now, they can go ahead and take 'em." "This is not something we've seen", Wright told Crimesider. Police say Shayla Rudolph streamed the incident live on Facebook. Read More »

Can I Eat Fish While Pregnant?


It also includes shrimp, salmon, pollock, canned light tuna, tilapia, catfish and cod. Many pregnant women aren't doing that - an FDA analysis finds that 50 percent of pregnant women eat just two ounces or fewer. Twelve ounces is the recommended maximum weekly consumption, according to the new guidelines . Fish to avoid , including "bigeye" tuna, including marlin, shark, and swordfish, which have very high levels of mercury per serving. Read More »

One more flu-related death reported in Oklahoma


He urged people to stop by a pharmacy or make an appointment to get the vaccine, which takes about two weeks to start working. That includes eight elderly people and three older adults. "The reason we say flu-like is because you can't really tell until a person has been tested". "Getting a flu shot is the best way to prevent this serious illness, so I hope any Hoosier who hasn't received a vaccine yet will consider getting one". Read More »

Skin Medication Can Be Lethal for Pets, FDA Warns

These creams contain the active ingredient fluorouracil , also called 5-FU, and are sold under the names Carac, Efudex and Fluoroplex. If you apply fluorouracil cream and then touch your cat, the cat may accidentally ingest the medication when grooming itself, the FDA explained. Read More »

Hard Brexit to Be Bad for London, Europe - London Mayor

Mrs May flew to Davos , Switzerland, last night ahead of a keynote address she will deliver at the World Economic Forum this morning. Amid speculation about the number of jobs that Goldman could shift out of London, the bank's chief executive, Lloyd Blankfein, said NY was already proving the victor from the early Brexit fallout. Read More »

Kevin O'Leary joins race for Conservative leadership


The former Dragon's Den investor must file his candidacy papers and pay a deposit by February 24 in order to be a candidate in the May 27 vote.o become leader of the Conservative Party of Canada. "Trudeau doesn't stand a chance, and we deserve better", he said in the statement. They governed from 2006 to 2015, when former Prime Minister Stephen Harper stepped down as leader after being defeated by Trudeau's centrist Liberal Party. Read More »

Running over protesters on roadways could soon be legal in North Dakota

One would make it illegal for adults to hide their faces with masks, which would lead to easier identification of protesters and/or justify the arrests of those covering their faces. Is Keith Kempenich's bill basically legalizing murder? Another Republican lawmaker wants to make it easier for police to identify who's protesting. Read More »

Premier Foods sees shares fall


Premier Foods said it expects trading profit to miss expectations by 10 percent and revenue to be less than forecast. It is expected to deliver incremental cost savings of £ 10m from FY17/18, with equivalent further savings the year after. Read More »

Teacher impregnated by student gets 10 years in jail

She later admitted to having a sexual relationship with the boy. Prosecutors also said that she let two eighth graders have sex at her home, the Houston Chronicle reports. Another student said: 'He grabbed her butt and everybody saw it. She met his parents at a school open house and was introduced to them as his girlfriend when she met them again at his home. Read More »

Theresa May Will Appear In American Vogue

Theresa May is to appear in a spread in glossy fashion magazine US Vogue , Downing Street has confirmed. The longtime editor of the United States title, Anna Wintour, was recently made a dame in the New Years Honours. Previous year she was photographed wearing a pair of "bitter chocolate" Amanda Wakeley pants for a Sunday Times profile. Since taking over as Prime Minister from David Cameron in July (16), the Conservative Party leader has been lauded for her fashion choices. Read More »

FBI Arrests Wife of Orlando Nightclub Shooter

Orlando's police chief said she has been charged with aiding and abetting by providing material support to a terrorist organization and obstruction of justice. A law enforcement official told CNN a year ago that authorities were looking into whether Salman should face charges. Prosecutors had been weighing charges against her in the aftermath of the attack that killed 49 people and wounded dozens. Read More »