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United Blood Services issues urgent call for donors


The donor drop-off comes at a time when demand actually increases since summer sees and increase of accidents and traumas. She says we're also down to a two-day supply of "O-negative" blood, which is the universal donor. Walk-ins are welcome at any of our locations. Tuesday, July 11: 8:00 a.m.to 6:30 p.m. Los Alamos residents have the chance to do just that by joining in the 2nd Annual Battle of the Badges community blood drive noon to 6 p.m. Read More »

Drinking More Coffee Linked To Lower Risk Of Death


Researchers believe that rather than being an effect of caffeine consumption, these benefits are linked to the antioxidants found in coffee . The findings, taken from the Multiethnic Cohort Study , determined that individuals who drink a cup of coffee a day were 12% less likely to die compared to non-coffee drinkers from several different health conditions. Read More »

Vatican: Sorry, No Gluten-Free Communion Wafers


Until recently, it was certain religious communities that baked the unleavened bread and made the wine for the celebration of the Eucharist during Catholic masses. "Bishops must also provide information to the producers of the bread and wine for the Eucharist and to remind them of the absolute respect that is due to the norms", it said. Read More »

Foreign doctors say sick Chinese dissident Liu can be taken overseas


A stark update issued by Liu's hospital said he was suffering from poor kidney function and bleeding in the liver from metastasizing tumors. The deterioration in Liu's health comes as the Chinese Foreign Ministry on Monday repeated that it would not allow him to be transferred overseas for treatment, a desire expressed by Liu and his family, as well as several foreign governments and organizations. Read More »

Trump Kicked Off His Week With A Wild Twitter Rampage


However, Trump's tweet does not indicate if he is reacting exclusively to The Hill story, which does not verify that the memo Comey has confirmed to have leaked to the media through a friend is among the four deemed classified or confidential. Read More »

Man Proposes To His Girlfriend While Being Arrested


Thompson's family had been celebrating his birthday and Independence Day in their front yard when police showed up to the scene. According to NBC New York, Thompson's arrest is related to charges including possession of a firearm after a felony conviction, possession of a controlled unsafe substance and failure to appear in court. Read More »

Chelsea expect Diego Costa back for start of pre-season on Monday

Despite being Chelsea's top scorer last season, Costa was told last month by manager Antonio Conte that he was not in his plans for next season. In fact, Chelsea technical director Michael Emenalo went "missing" for four days on an emergency mission to try and resolve the Conte crisis following the fall-out over Diego Costa . Read More »

CDC says fewer doctor are issuing opioid prescriptions


Opioids continue to be prescribed at high rates, a new report from the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention finds, even as drug overdoses remain the leading cause of accidental death in the country, killing more people than guns or vehicle accidents. Read More »

Gonorrhoea will soon be 'impossible to treat'


Resistance to antibiotic may also come from men having sex with other men because of pharyngeal infection. Gonorrhoea can increase the risk of contracting HIV and can cause infertility . Why has there been an increase in cases? Analysis of World Health Organization data collected from 77 nations shows a global resistance to older and cheaper antibiotics, and in some countries gonorrhea has become " untreatable by all known antibiotics ", according to the World Health Organization ... Read More »

DHS and Federal Bureau of Investigation warn of hackers targeting U.S. nuclear plants


Three people familiar with efforts to combat the hack told Bloomberg that Russian hackers were the chief suspects, who had planned to disrupt the nation's power supply, officials said. The Wolf Creek Nuclear Plant in Coffey County was singled out in the report. The document details the hacking of one targeted facility, Wolf Creek Nuclear Operating Corporation in Kansas. Read More »

Jay-Z's New Album Now Certified Platinum

As Celebrity Insider readers know, Jay-Z and Beyoncé's favorite number is 4, mostly because they both share birthdays on the fourth of a month. RIAA CEO Cary Sherman on Wednesday congratulated the rapper on yet another platinum-selling album. Read More »

Emergency Need for Blood Donations — Red Cross


That's the equivalent of the Red Cross not collecting any blood at all for four days. "Not all superheroes wear a cape, so you can be someone's hero today", said Alana Mauger, external communications manager for the Penn-Jersey Blood Services Region of the American Red Cross . Read More »

BBC to invest additional £34 million in children's content


Twitter's notorious echo chamber will be reverberating louder than ever tonight, as the BBC is to stream video of the first of its election debates through the social network. The news was announced as part of the BBC's Annual Plan, which revealed plans of a major new BBC season, Civilisations and other strategic content moves. Read More »

Heartburn, reflux medication linked to early death


They also found an increased risk of death when considering PPI use versus no PPI and an increased risk from PPI use versus no PPI and no H2 blocker use. "No matter how we sliced and diced the data from this large data set, we saw the same thing: There's an increased risk of death among PPI users", says Al-Aly. Read More »

GOP senators to McConnell: Cancel August recess


More conservative Republicans, meanwhile, were frustrated that it didn't repeal the law in its entirety. The idea also would leave unresolved the quandary lawmakers are struggling with now, about how to replace Obama's system of online insurance markets, tax subsidies and an expanded Medicaid with something that could get enough Republican votes to pass Congress. Read More »

Qatar responds to allies' demands


On June 23, a list of demands prepared by Arab countries had been handed over to Qatar through Kuwait with a deadline of ten days. Qatar's Foreign Minister Sheikh Mohammed bin Abdulrahman Al-Thani said that the 13 demands from Saudi Arabia and several of its allies were created to be spurned. Read More »

Illinois House to vote on revenue package Sunday


Bruce Rauner . "We are close", Durkin said. An amendment to Senate Bill 6, the budget bill, passed the House by an overwhelming 90-25 vote, exceeding the 71 votes necessary to pass with veto-proof status. "Probably no one is going to be happy with the solutions, but it certainly points us in the right direction, and that's what I've been saying all along is you've got to give people stability". Read More »

GST rollout will face initial hiccups: Arun Jaitley

The state government could also take a hit as it will be ineligible for compensation for any potential losses as the GST (Compensation to States) Act, 2017 specifically provides for any compensation to kick in from the transition date, which implies the date on which the SGST Act comes into force in the state concerned. Read More »

CNN Producer Calls Network Impartial 'In Theory', Voters 'Stupid — Project Veritas


The Daily Beast adds, that less than a week ago Jones said in a video he believes Democrats are "fooling ourselves" if they truly think anything of worth will come out of the Russian Federation probe. "CNN stands by our medical producer John Bonifield", CNN said in a statement about the first video . While O'Keefe claims that this particular video is proof that the news outlet that employs Jones as a commentator is intentionally inflating the president and his campaign's alleged ties to ... Read More »

Trump says he's sending federal help to Chicago to combat violence


Attorney's Office as well as the state's attorney's office. The Crime Gun Strike Force, a permanent team of special agents, task force officers, intelligence research specialists, and ATF Industry Operations investigators who are focused on the most violent offenders, in the areas of the city with the highest concentration of firearm violence. Read More »

Alton Sterling's family files suit against city and BRPD


The wrongful death lawsuit, filed in a state court on Tuesday, alleges that Sterling's shooting fits a pattern of racist conduct and excessive force by Baton Rouge police. The Justice Department refused to bring charges against the two officers in May. Acting under the directive that their main priority was to secure the scene and Sterling's weapon, the officers instructed Sterling to place his hands on the hood of the patrol vehicle, but he refused and a struggle ensued. Read More »

Charlie Gard's parents given more time before life support is switched off


His likelihood of survival is slim. 11-month-old Charlie Gard will likely sadly die today, as doctors prepare to switch off his life support machine. Great Ormond Street hospital said the therapy, which has never been tested on humans, was experimental and would not help. Before the European court, judges in the United Kingdom had ruled that it was lawful for the hospital to withdraw life-sustaining treatment because the child would suffer harm if his present suffering was prolonged ... Read More »

Key stages of this year's Tour de France


In addition, FDJ will distribute 500,000 gifts to supporters at the roadside as the Caravan travels ahead of the peloton throughout the contest. Amaury Sport Organisation (ASO) and its partner Dimension Data have used an analytics platform for a number of years, but for the 2017 edition of Le Tour, machine learning and complex algorithms will match live data from the course with historical information to predict what might happen. Read More »

Ruling that N.Irish abortion laws breach human rights overturned


Rather than risk more Tory MPs joining a rebellion, raising the prospect of a Government defeat, Chancellor Philip Hammond announced ministers had found the cash needed. But there was speculation that the Labour government had struck a deal with the Democratic Unionist Party to leave the abortion laws intact in return for their support for its plans to detain terrorism suspects without charge for 42 days'. Read More »