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Tamil Nadu leader Jayalalitha suffers heart attack

On Monday, the hospital said she remained critical and on life support systems as authorities in the southern state increased security around Chennai to prevent her anxious supporters from creating public disorder. Jayalalithaa served as Tamil Nadu Chief Minister from 1991 to 1996, in 2001, from 2002 to 2006 and from 2011 to 2014. But, with no succession plan in place and the absence of a second rung, the ruling AIADMK could be battling for existence in the state it has ruled alternatively ... Read More »

Jayalalithaa Remains Critical, Violence Breaks Out Over Death Rumours

Apollo said the 68-year-old Jayalalithaa, who has been in hospital since September, was being treated and closely monitored by experts. Jayalalithaa, who had a cardiac arrest os Sunday evening "continues to be very critical and is on ECMO and other life support systems", Apollo Hospitals Chief Operating Officer Subbiah Viswanthan said in a statement. Read More »

Marvel vs Capcom 3: Ultimate coming to PS4 later today


Capcom in seen in the first image and it indicates a celebration in the newest chapter of the series. While the game will be receiving PlayStation exclusivity for the time being and will be available on PS4 tonight, it will be making its way to Xbox One and PC in March. Read More »

Apple reveals self-driving auto ambitions in letter to United States regulators

The Wall Street Journal reported in September that Apple had restructured some elements of the project, which has had several hundred employees working on it, after placing it under veteran Apple executive Bob Mansfield in July. The most recent rumors we've heard about Apple's auto project are that it's shifted focus from building actual cars to working on the smart technology that goes inside them, which would line up with the contents of the newly published letter. Read More »

NASA boss visits Buzz Aldrin in Christchurch Hospital


While Aldrin is long retired from NASA, doctors with the agency track the health of their astronauts for their entire lives. Aldrin, who took part of Apollo XI and Gemini 12 space missions, has a loyal following. His latest book, "No Dream Is Too High: Life Lessons from a Man who Walked on the Moon", came out in April. The National Science Foundation uses cargo planes called LC-130s in the South Pole. Read More »

Post-Election Hate Incidents Reported In The Northwest


Trump claims he's surprised his election has unleashed a barrage of hate across the country", SPLC President Richard Cohen said in a news release. Numerous reported anti-Trump incidents were characterized by a connection between the targets and the Trump campaign. Read More »

4G smartphone uptake a 'long slog' in markets like APAC

Worldwide PC shipments are set to fall by 6.4 percent in 2016 and by 2.1 percent in 2017 before returning to "modest commercial growth" starting in 2018 as competition from tablets and smartphones continues to ease, according to a report from IDC . Read More »

James 'Mad Dog' Mattis to be secretary of defence


As the BBC wrote of the retired four-star general , he "co-authored a counterinsurgency manual, which was credited for easing sectarian violence in Iraq before the U.S. Mattis, he said, "served our nation with distinction". I guess we'll find out how much Senate Democrats are "aligning" with Trump soon enough. "When I think of a leader, I think of genuine care and concern, and that's him", said Workman, who is now a Department of Veterans Affairs employee at Quantico. Read More »

Stein requests presidential recount in MI


The action in Wisconsin could soon be duplicated in MI and Pennsylvania, where Green Party presidential candidate Jill Stein was pushing for recounts. The complaint concludes saying the recount "amounts to nothing more than a massive campaign finance scheme created to shield the Clinton campaign from unpopular decisions which can only service to benefit Hillary Clinton's campaign". Read More »

EPA Candidate and Trump Discussed Climate Change, but Not Paris Deal

He has even promised to resuscitate the US's collapsing coal industry. cancel the deal because it has already taken effect. Procedurally, withdrawal from the Paris Agreement would be permissible within a four-year period. The observation was prescient: the Nov 8 election in the United States gives the country a Republican president, Donald Trump, and Republican Congress that are mainly hostile to the Paris Agreement and to measures aimed at curbing fossil fuel use. Read More »

7 potential jurors qualified in Roof trial


The jury selection process was continued Monday, calling on 516 potential jurors, which will then be narrowed down to 70, and will be again cut to 12 based on attorney strikes. Before court convened Tuesday, lead federal prosecutor Jay Richardson handed Roof three paper documents , files that would typically be emailed to defense attorneys. Read More »

Passengers get free ride after San Francisco Muni hit by ransomeware attack


On Saturday, sources told San Francisco's CBS affiliate that the system had been hacked for days but the officials did not find out who was behind the attack or what the hackers wanted. "But at this point there is no impact to transit service, to our security systems or to our customers' private information". " Out of Service " was displayed in red across the top of Muni ticket payment machines. Read More »

San Francisco Transport System Hacked For 100 Bitcoin


The San Francisco Municipal Transport Agency, known as Muni - which operates city trains, trams and buses - was reportedly hacked in the attempt to extort money by denying access to its ticket machines, e-mail and personnel systems. The San Francisco Examiner contacted the alleged hackers and was told the amount of Bitcoin requested by the ransomware came to 73,000 Dollars. Nevertheless, some SFMTA employees told the Examiner that their emails were not working. Read More »

SF Muni Says 'No' To Hackers Ransom Demands


After the Forbes reporter contacted the hacker via the email address in the hacker's error message display, the reporter received a response from someone who claims to have taken over access of the account to turn the ransomware hackers over to the Federal Bureau of Investigation. Read More »

The public transport system in San Francisco, stroke by cyber attack


Fare gates and ticket machines were working on Sunday morning. The system's computers, which had been compromised prior to Thanksgiving, displayed the message " You Hacked, ALL Data Encrypted ". In a statement issued Sunday, SFMTA spokesperson Kirsten Holland wrote, "Transit service was unaffected and there were no impacts to the safe operation of buses and Muni Metro". Read More »

Ransomware Attack Hits San Francisco Public Transit System


Contact For Key([email protected])ID:681, Enter". "We are waiting for contact [from] any responsible person in SFMTA but I think they don't want a deal", the hackers reportedly told reporters on Sunday. "We are now working to resolve the situation", a Muni spokesperson told the Examiner . According to reports from Mashable , it was because of the hack that the transit gate fares were locked in the open position. Read More »

Security breach at San Francisco Muni let commuters enjoy free rides


Motherboard says "It's also unclear whether charity was hacker's true goal in breaching the San Francisco Municipal Transit Authority systems, or if the system was shut down in response to a more malicious attack". San Francisco residents bustling around this weekend to visit friends and knock out some holiday shopping were treated to an unexpected surprise: all rides on MUNI rail were free. Read More »

San Francisco's public railway system hit by hackers


The hack message reads, " You Hacked, ALL Data Encrypted . Contact For Key ( ID:681, Enter", according to SFMTA spokesman Paul Rose. The feds are investigating a demand of 100 bitcoins to release the transit agency's encrypted files. PCMag contacted the email address provided via the hacked MUNI screens, but have not received a reply. Read More »

Google Doodle Celebrates Louisa May Alcott's 184th Birthday


Yes, even in 2016, the fact remains that she was - and still is - a total badass. When the Civil War broke out in America, Alcott served as a nurse before catching typhoid and nearly died. Her spunky, grouchy, lovable girls ushered in an era in which fictional women were true to real life, a gift that women and girls around the world continue to appreciate today. Read More »

Westbrook has 35, triple-double as Thunder top Wizards in OT


In overtime, Oklahoma City overwhelmed Washington with a 8-0 run. SO, here's my plea to everyone who broadcasts a Thunder game: Put up a Westbrook graphic in the corner of screens to track his stats during games. Better yet, Westbrook was averaging a triple-double (30.9 points, 11.9 assists, 10.3 rebounds). He has nine on the season, 46 in his career and he continues to average a triple-double this year. Read More »

Four-model Ford Fiesta 2017 range aims at broader market


The price is also still a mystery. While full engine specifications have not been confirmed, Ford did announce the 1.0-litre three-cylinder EcoBoost petrol engine gains cylinder deactivation (claimed to be a first for three-cylinder powerplants) which activates and deactivates cylinders in 14 milliseconds and delivers a six per-cent improvement in fuel consumption and emissions. Read More »

2nd day of homage to Fidel Castro to end with mammoth rally

While mourning Fidel Castro's death in the breezy salon of her elegant private restaurant in Havana, Niuris Higueras also hopes the reforms that allowed her business to flourish will deepen, and survive any friction with U.S. Castro was admired by many around the world, especially in Latin America and Africa, for standing up to the United States, instituting free education and health care, and sending doctors around the world on missions of mercy. Read More »

Great Barrier Reef sees record coral deaths this year

In June, during an election campaign, Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull promised 1 billion dollars in spending to protect the reef.Climate scientists argue that increased carbon dioxide in the atmosphere traps heat radiating from earth, creating global warming. Read More »

Controversy in Russia over Holocaust ice dance routine

Andrey Burkovsky and Tatiana Navka performing an ice skating routine on Russian television in costumes reminiscent of the uniforms worn by concentration camp inmates, November 26, 2016 . But that did not stop criticism from pouring in, including those from celebrities. "This isn't about a movie- it's about real life and the murder of millions!" "I didn't see any improper affectation in Navka's dance", Yuri Kanner , president of the Russian Jewish Congress, was quoted as saying by the ... Read More »

Ofcom begins BT Openreach separation

Rivals including TalkTalk, Sky and Vodafone have launched the Fix Britain's Internet campaign, formed for the 10-week consultation period. But BT has argued it will not be able to invest billions of pounds in superfast broadband if it is forced to split. Read More »

Tesla Autopilot 8.1 arriving in three weeks - Elon Musk


That will take advantage of more sensors on newer Model S and Model X vehicles to give more autonomous capibilities. Elon Musk, Tesla CEO, had made this announcement via Twitter when a user had asked about the arrival of the Autopilot 8.1 update. Read More »

First "Star Trek: Discovery" cast members revealed


Jones is best known for performing under heavy prosthetic makeup in several Guillermo del Toro films, including "Pan's Labyrinth " and " Hellboy ", as well as stints on the television series "Buffy the Vampire Slayer " and "The Strain ". "I know Michelle Yeoh is in it", Meyer said, but he didn't let slip any character details. Star Trek: Discovery made its first official casting announcements on Tuesday. Read More »

Here's how Shilpa Shetty reacted after getting trolled on Twitter


It is not the core message usually understood from Orwell's allegory about Stalin, but perhaps it is due some revisionism. Fair enough! But what brought her the wrath was her next suggestions for kids - Animal Farm . Twitter immediately went nuts with "reviews" such as: " Fifty Shades Of Grey is an wonderful colouring book. Children will love it" by @a_bit_too_much was only one of the many brickbats that came her way. Read More »