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On Neil Gorsuch's Trump Critique, President Blames Messenger


The senator, Richard Blumenthal who represents CT, is on the Judiciary Committee due to hold a hearing to confirm Gorsuch's appointment. The president used several Tweets to launch an attack on the "so-called" judge who put on ice his temporary travel ban on refugees and people from some Muslim-majority countries, calling the decision "ridiculous". Read More »

Massive Underwater Landslide Found Along The Great Barrier Reef


A team of scientists made the startling discovery while 3D mapping the seafloor of Australia's famous coral reef - and realised it was nowhere near as flat as first thought. While scientists have "a bit of an idea" what life is like in the shallow ocean shelf, hundreds of feet underwater, Beaman called these dark depths "the next frontier". Read More »

Hillary Clinton weighs in on court's decision on Trump's executive order

Trump's ban has received a strong opposition from people. The original ruling by U.S. District Court Judge James Robart to suspend the ban was attacked by the Justice Department, which insisted that the decision would "harm the public" and accused the judicial system of "second-guessing the President's national security judgment", according to CNN. Read More »

There are three awesome things happening in the sky tonight


The moon will appear darker than usual . Look to the sky around 3 a.m. EST on Saturday morning (or midnight for West Coast observers) to see a rare green comet , affectionately named Comet 45P , fly by our humble planet. The peak time for the eclipse will be Friday evening at about 6:45 pm. It ends at 7:53 p.m, according to astronomy website EarthSky . Throughout the world, there will be different times for the events to be visible. Read More »

Rocket League is crossing over with Hot Wheels for DLC


Now if you're anything like us here at Team VVV, you would've spent your childhood playing with toy cars. Additionally, each auto comes with six exclusive decals, most with the Hot Wheels logo and/or flames. Two new toppers, a new flag and a new antenna will be included in the update that will bring the new DLC, and these items will randomly be awarded to players for free after matches. Read More »

Eclipse, comet provide for celestial treat


So this won't be a total lunar eclipse . During the middle of the eclipse at 7:44 p.m, about a third of the moon will likely be visibly shaded . The best hours to watch this one unfold will be at 7:43 p.m. Flying at about a hundred times faster than the typical jet plane, it is expected to pass by about 32 times higher than the moon. Others will look and notice nothing at all. Read More »

Pokémon GO begins a new Valentine's Day event

The new event will also double the number of sweets earned whenever a player catches, hatches, or transfers Pokemon. Buddy Pokémon will also find candy at twice the rate that they normally do. Candy is always dandy, but the real draw for Pokemon collectors is going to be more frequently spotted pink-colored creatures. The event will begin on Wednesday, February 8th at 2:00 PM ET and will end on Wednesday, February 15th at the same time. Read More »

Video game expo E3 to open doors to public

Attendees had access to game demos, music, meet-and-greets and more at the off-site experience. However, gaming enthusiasts from all over express intense interest for the show's trademark big reveals and surprising announcements, so much so that Sony even streamed its E3 2016 presentation in select theaters across North America. Read More »

Kiss Of Death! Leicester Board Back Ranieri


Whether this will help or hinder the reigning champions we will find out come the end of the season. The Foxes named a strong team that night, with nine of their regular XI from last season's title-winning team starting, and Ranieri has revealed that he'll look to implement the tested 4-4-2 formation against their Midlands rivals on Wednesday. Read More »

Black Hole Binges on Record-Setting Stellar Meal


Ravenous black holes often rip apart and feed off collapsing stars, but for how long? The star is torn apart in the process, blasting some of its matter outwards while the rest is sucked into the black hole. The star's destruction, which scientists believe took over 11 years from start to finish, provided researchers with valuable data about how black holes mature, which might come in handy some day, but hopefully not. Read More »

Louisiana Tornadoes Confirmed in Tuesday Storm


During severe weather in southern Louisiana, a radar-confirmed tornado touched down in New Orleans East, causing severe damage. He says "As far as I can see, treetops are off, power lines down". "At this time, only minor injuries have been reported and NASA employees and other tenants are being accounted for", NASA spokesperson Tracy McMahan said in an email. Read More »

Could there have been water on Mars without Carbon dioxide?

Researchers said according to the rover's recent data, Mars would have had too little carbon dioxide about 3.5 billion years ago to create the greenhouse-effect needed to thaw water ice, according to NASA . Yet theoretical models of the ancient Martian climate struggle to produce conditions that would allow liquid water on the Martian surface for many millions of years. Read More »

YouTube Live Streaming Debuts on iPhone and iPad


In a blog post, YouTube Product Managers Barbara Macdonald and Kurt Wilms said the expansion will "put the power of live streaming in the hands of hundreds of thousands of talented creators, giving them a more intimate and spontaneous way to share their thoughts, lives, and creativity". Read More »

Granddad, the world's oldest aquarium fish, dies


In 1933, an exposition expected to draw millions of people was set to take place close to Shedd's facilities, and Granddad arrived from Australia's Taronga Zoo in Sydney as part of a bid to give aquarium visitors some new aquatic animals to see. Read More »

Trump Replaces Acting Director of Immigration Enforcement

White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer issued a statement saying that Yates, an Obama administration appointee, had " betrayed the Department of Justice" by refusing to enforce Trump's order. Sessions himself, at confirmation hearings for Democratic-appointed Justice Department officials - including Yates - has repeatedly demanded that they declare their willingness to stand up to the White House. Read More »

Tyson Foods lifts FY earnings forecast after "record" Q1


The average estimate of four analysts surveyed by Zacks Investment Research was for earnings of $1.27 per share. TSN also raised full year outlook to a range of $4.90 - $5.05 per share for 2017 which topped estimates of $4.89. However, the filing also said Tyson has moved to dismiss the lawsuits, which accuse the company and other major chicken producers of using market manipulation to keep prices artificially high. Read More »

Fox shares turn down 2.5% after mixed second quarter results

Nonetheless, and in the immediate aftermath of reporting, investor reaction in Twenty-First Century Fox, Inc. November 02, 2016: Twenty-First Century Fox, Inc. 05/05/2016 - Twenty-First Century Fox, Inc. had its " rating reiterated by analysts at Topeka Capital Markets. EPS growth in past five years was 10.30% while EPS growth in next five years is projected to arrive at 12.61%. Read More »

McCain Urges Trump to Give Ukraine Lethal Defensive Aid

Russian Federation and Ukraine along with the rebels on Wednesday signed up to calls for a ceasefire and the withdrawal of heavy weapons from the flashpoint town Avdiivka by Sunday. Tymoshenko's comments about President Trump's assurances are contradictory to the claims he made during his campaign where he asserted that he may ease sanctions against Russian Federation. Read More »

Forecast focuses on freezing rain


The NWS forecast calls for "little or no snow accumulation" overnight and just plain rain after 10 a.m. Friday. Rain will increase Sunday morning, possibly changing to snow as early as midday Sunday . Snow level could lower to 1,000 feet or below as precipitation increases Sunday . "Monday morning commute could be". Winds coming from the east will be 20 to 30 miles per hour, with gusts of up to 55 miles per hour. Read More »

Thousands in London march against Trump's travel ban

Demonstrators will gather outside the USA embassy in Grosvenor Square, Mayfair, from 11am, to hear speeches, before marching to 10 Downing Street, where more stages will be set up. "Theresa May's collusion with Trump must end". Another protester, Eman, an 18-year-old attending with a group of friends, told The Independent: "I myself am a Sudanese migrant so I know what it's like when you're in the country and people aren't accepting of you". Read More »

House GOP Overturns Rule Restricting Mentally Ill People from Buying Guns

What the congressman failed to explain was why in the world would anyone intentionally give gun to a mentally ill person knowing they could use it to harm either themselves or others? The House ended the regulation that requires the Social Security Administration to reveal mental illness information to the national gun background check system. Read More »

Audi's Super Bowl Ad Calls for Equal Pay


We're a brand that's ahead of the curve and looking toward the future, just like our next generation of buyers". The 60-second ad, entitled " Daughter ", tells the story of a girl competing in a downhill cart race. Audi has released the video of its new commercial for Super Bowl. The company has publicly pledged to support ongoing commitment to women's pay equality in the workplace and to foster a work environment that drives equality for all employees. Read More »

Trump updatpdate: Trump starts rollback of Dodd-Frank rules


The Trump administration has argued Dodd-Frank has not achieved its goal and is an example of government over-reach. Gary Cohn , the director of the White House National Economic Council, said dismantling the regulation, which is aimed at avoiding another Lehman-style crisis, means U.S. Read More »

Mysterious 'lost continent' discovered under Indian Ocean

Lewis Ashwal , a scientist at the University of Witwatersrand, initially discovered in 2013 that the island of Mauritius had a stronger gravitational pull than other parts of the Indian Ocean. Since these fragments can survive extreme conditions and pressures for millions of years, they can provide the record of geological processes with extreme accuracy. Read More »

Researchers find harmful chemicals in fast food packaging

But it turns out that these wrappers could be as bad for you-or worse-than the food they contain. The types of packaging were split into six categories: food contact paper (sandwich wrappers and pastry bags), food contact paperboard (boxes for fries or pizza), non-contact paper (outer bags), paper cups, other beverage containers (milk and juice containers) and miscellaneous (lids). Read More »

WA Attorney General suing Pres. Trump over immigration order


The Attorney General also filed a Motion for Temporary Restraining Order seeking an immediate halt to the Executive Order's implementation. But the technology companies will soon face President Trump on a separate matter - their massive use of "temporary visas" to import skilled workers from overseas, particularly India, at low wages and restrictive work permits. Read More »