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New Drake project breaks Apple Music record w


Undoubtedly, Drake can assemble producers and features that serve the project at hand and build a solid, cohesive product. Ed Sheeran also held the record for the most one-day streams for an artist, with just under 69 million. And if Drake goes back on that idea and stays in our faces through the fall? This post Know Your Sounds: 14 Samples Heard On Drake's "More Life" first appeared on Vibe. Read More »

Yahoo email hack allegedly masterminded by two Russian intelligence officers


The indictments, announced at a news conference in Washington on Wednesday, represent the first time the United States government has criminally charged Russian officials for cyber offences. The alleged criminals involved in the scheme include Alexsey Belan, who is among the FBI's most-wanted cyber criminals and was arrested in Europe in June 2013 but escaped to Russian Federation before he could be extradited to the United States, according to the Justice Department. Read More »

2016 was the warmest year on record, United Nations agency says

The WMO is owned and operated by the United Nations, and is preparing a report that will be presented at Climate Change and the Sustainable Development Agenda conference on March 23, World Meteorological Day. "In the United States of America alone, 11,743 warm temperature records were broken or tied in February, according to the US National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration", the report says. Read More »

Intel Optane SSD With 3D XPoint Memory Unveiled


Intel also promises higher endurance than your typical SSD. Intel today launched the Intel Optane SSD series memory technology for servers. Investors shouldn't expect giant sales in the near-term, but over the long run, 3D XPoint could make a big splash in several memory end-markets - including some that are very different from the ones that it's initially targeting. Read More »

Should You Plant The Seeds General Mills And Cheerios Sent You?


An emerging issue appears to be the presence of the varroa mite, which is a ferocious parasite that can tear through honey bee colonies. General Mills has pulled its bee mascot Buzz from Honey Nut Cheerios cereal boxes in the United States to mark the start of the brand's #BringBackTheBees campaign to help support pollinator conservation. Read More »

Mass Effect Andromeda: Failure Even Before Launch


If you are buying the game next week, sadly be prepared to see some awkward animations and more. According to other exaggerated reports, these facial animations are as good as the original Mass Effect . After all these happenings, she has changed her twitter account and it's evident by her LinkedIn Account that she has never been a Facial Animator at EA ever. Read More »

Galaxy S8 may feature facial recognition for mobile payments


The company is said to be working with banks to help them adopt the facial recognition technology in the coming months. Samsung declined to comment. With this move, Samsung may steadily compete with the likes of Google Assistant and Siri. However, the updates are expected to make the devices more secure, so they're still fairly important and should be installed as soon as they're available. Read More »

Shakespeare honeymoon goes on as Leicester win at West Ham

They are battling for points and with us sitting in mid-table, perhaps the hunger was not there in the same way it was for them. The West Ham United vs Leicester City Live Streaming online TV list is given below on country wise. Not that the change unsettled Leicester in any way as the champions motored into a two-goal lead within seven minutes. Andy Carroll (49 goals) is one goal away from 50 Premier League goals, with 29 of his goals so far coming in a West Ham United shirt. Read More »

NCAA Tournament: Duke Rolls Through Troy In Opener, 87-65

Without Boucher, the Ducks will have to lean even more on Pac-12 Player of the Year Dillon Brooks to shoulder the load for a team who some pundits consider the favorites to win the whole shebang. The Bulldogs will be most likely play the victor of Huggy Bear's West Virginia Mountaineers or the Notre Dame Fighting Irish, both of which I think could give the Bulldogs a challenge. Read More »

SpaceX wins contract to launch USAF's GPS III-3 satellite


The satellite will expand military and civilian anti- jamming capabilities and improve navigation and timing accuracy. The USA's Federal Aviation Commission granted permission to SpaceX for it to resume rocket launch flights from the Florida facility - but at a price. Read More »

Sierra Leone discovers huge diamond


Momoh, who is one of thousands of workers who pan for gems, handed the diamond over to a local chief, who in turn gave it to President Bai Koroma on Momoh's behalf. Sierra Leone's government has attempted to crack down on cross-border diamond trafficking to persuade foreign investors that " blood diamonds " that fuelled its civil war are a thing of the past. Read More »

South Korea's Park Geun-hye: 'I will bear all consequences'


Hwang's office could not immediately confirm the report. Will Park Geun-hye's exit reshape South Korea's relationship with China and North Korea? However, some say that the trail doesn't lead back to the former president. The Seoul Central District Prosecutors' Office was not available for comment but media said prosecutors were considering summoning Park as early as this week. Read More »

Uber speeds up self-driving tests, but safety may be slowing down


The fluctuation in progress is indicative of the fleet software's encountering of new stimuli as it spreads out to more areas, covers more distance, and drives more cumulative miles in autonomous mode. The worst week Uber had for critical interventions was the week of February 8, where cars only made it an average of 50 miles before the driver had perform one. Read More »

Samsung Confirms the Galaxy Tab S3 Will Cost $599

However, the company has not revealed a date for the global rollout of the flagship devices. According to speculations, the new model will feature a dual-lens camera , the home button will be gone, while the screen will be an edge-to-edge one. Read More »

Catholics Can Eat Corn Beef On St. Patrick's Day!


That year, about half of the country's Roman Catholic dioceses granted some form of dispensation. After all, it's St. Patrick's Day. "The foundation of the occasion is to celebrate St. But he wants you to give up something else to make up for it. But they have received a special dispensation from the Diocese of Harrisburg allowing them to eat meat that day. Read More »

Cruise ship crashes into coral reefs in Indonesia


Noble Caledonia, the British-based tour company that operates the Caledonian Sky, said they were "very upset" by the damage, were working to reach a settlement with the government and had set up a fund to help fix the reef. Videos of the reef showed the damage caused by the ship, which was refloated by a tugboat with the hull "undamaged and intact". British-owned cruise ship smashed into coral reefs , damaging a remote corner of Indonesia that is known as one of the world's most ... Read More »

Spiders Eat More Each Year Than All Humans Put Together


Most of their victims are insects and springtails , small insect-like arthropods, but they occasionally make a meal of vertebrates such as frogs, lizards, fish and small mammals. 'Spiders thus make an essential contribution to maintaining the ecological balance of nature'. Jumping spider Phidippus mystaceus feeding on a nematoceran prey. Read More »

Capcom's Disney Afternoon Collection Brings Back 6 Disney Games; Woo-oo!


Darkwing Duck - Jump in the shoes of superhero Darkwing Duck and fight crime with lots of charm and wits. In addition to remastered graphics, the games possess some swanky new features. There is also a new time attack mode with leaderboards where players can compete for the fastest times on a given course. The Disney Afternoon Collection will be available as a digital download across North America and Europe for $19.99 starting on April 18 for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Windows PC. Read More »

$1000 OLED iPhone 8 Version Limited Edition, Speculation on Price Credible

The 7S and 7S Plus will likely look the same as the current iPhone 7, but with bolstered insides and maybe some new fun improvements to Siri. Prior to the analyst's claim, rumors were rife that Apple will be launching a next-generation iPhone with a curved display, one similar to its rival company's flagship series, the Samsung Galaxy phones. Read More »

Doctor Who Series 10: 10 Things We Learned From The New Trailer


Matt Lucas returns as Nandole, and you can see a glimpse of him in the trailer. Both Peter Capaldi , who is now playing the 12th incarnation of the titular Time Lord, and Steven Moffat , who has served as showrunner on the series since Season 5, will depart the series after the 2017 Christmas episode. Read More »

Up to 500 prisoners found in Islamic State mass grave


The commandos of the Counter-Terrorism Service (CTS) continued their advance inside the neighbourhoods of Aghawat and Risala in the west of the old city centre. U.S. officials believe that around half the 5,000 ISIS fighters in Mosul at the start of the offensive last October were killed or severely wounded. Read More »

Boaty McBoatface sets sail on Antarctica mission


After braving a hotly contested voting process, the internet's favorite submarine Boaty McBoatface is about to take on "some of the deepest and coldest abyssal ocean waters on earth", NPR reports . BBC Jersey radio presenter James Hand was the one behind the simple, silly name - but he insisted afterwards it wasn't all down to him. Antarctic Bottom Water is cold and dense, and its movement contributes to ocean circulation worldwide, the BAS writes. Read More »

Be precise about global warming


Donald Trump and Scott Pruitt feel the same about climate change. One of the environmental associations that gave its opinion through Twitter was Sierra Club executive director, Michael Brune. In an interview with "Fox News Sunday", moderator Chris Wallace pointed out to Mr. Trump that in the space of a week he both met with former Vice President Al Gore and appointed Pruitt to head the EPA. Read More »

Tottenham 6-0 Millwall: Harris condemnation


The Premier League is an unforgiving arena and unless you hit the ground running, players, especially centre forwards , rarely recover from slow starts. There is not going to be much between the four semi-finalists once the field is completed with Chelsea or Manchester United joining Tottenham, Arsenal and Manchester City in the draw which will be made after Monday's clash at Stamford Bridge. Read More »

New PS4 Pro boost arrives in time for No Man's Sky Pathfinder


Historically, Sony have locked down PlayStation hard drives tighter than Fort Knox, with encryption that prevents users from swapping them between devices without losing all of their data. Sony said that boost mode "can provide a noticeable frame rate boost" in games that feature variable frame rates, and stability for games that operate at fixed frame rates. Read More »