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Shot To Death At Carnival Before NY West Indian Day Parade

Two people were killed and two others injured in three separate shootings along the J'Ouvert festival route in Brooklyn early Monday morning, police said. The police presence was increased this year because of safety concerns. Do not shoot anyone. Earlier the same morning, a Bronx man, Denentro Josiah, was stabbed to death during festivities. Read More »

Obama seeks to convince Asian partners that Washington will approve TPP

Xi made the remarks in a meeting with his USA counterpart Barack Obama in the eastern city of Hangzhou on the eve of the G20 summit. World leaders gathering in China were set Monday to wrap up a Group of 20 summit that had aimed to address sluggish global growth but seemed overshadowed at times by the U.S. Read More »

Consumer Reports criticizes Samsung Galaxy Note recall


Galaxy Note 7 reviews were all positive until the explosive battery reports were disclosed. Some users have taken to social media to air their grievances with the phone, including Youtube user Ariel Gonzalez who uploaded a video showing a Note 7 that had apparently caught fire, melting the rubber casing and damaging the screen in the process. Read More »

Why Facebook was launching a satellite into space


Shares in Elon Musk's electric auto maker Tesla dropped 5.3 per cent and his SolarCity venture was also down 9.1 per cent. Development of the Falcon 9 was funded by NASA for the purposes of supply missions to the ISS and the eventual ferrying of astronauts to the space station. Read More »

Financial Times: Apple to repatriate overseas cash pile next year, says Cook

IT WAS "CRUEL" of Europe's competition commissioner Margrethe Vestager to say that Ireland could spend the €13 billion Apple tax rebate in whatever way it sees fit. According to the EC, these tax benefits enabled Apple to pay substantially less tax than other businesses over many years. Ireland opposed the decision since it uses lower tax to attract investment from multinational companies. Read More »

Galaxy Note 7 delayed for control testing


For instance, Business Korea posted an image of a charred Galaxy Note 7 , as the phone was already released to major Korean cell phone providers. Concerns couldn't come at a worse time for Samsung , which launched the pen-based Note 7 phablet - a cross between a phone and tablet and larger than the flagship Galaxy S7 smartphone - August 19 in the USA and South Korea and today in China. Read More »

Michael Phelps brings back angry face for Jimmy Fallon


During the show, the new dad of almost 4-month-old Boomer, with fiancée Nicole Johnson, also talked about running his son's Instagram. "Aww man, I'm nervous", said Phelps, laughing. "I love seeing Michael Phelps nervous", Fallon said. We can't to see more of Phelps and his adorable family. "He's definitely going to be the cool kid", Phelps added, understating things a bit. Read More »

Troopers say no survivors in Alaska midair crash

All of those on board both aircraft were killed, Alaska National Guard spokeswoman Candis Olmstead said. Those killed included three individuals on a Piper managed by Renfro's Alaskan Adventures from an area airline, Hageland Aviation, and two on a Cessna, Alaska's national guard, a tourism business said. Read More »

Pakistan enjoys good ties with China, Russia, ME countries: Sartaj

The letter has also pointed that Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi's remarks on Balochistan are "an attempt to divert global community's attention from the Kashmirdispute". Scores of Baloch activists staged protests in the German cities of Dusseldorf, Berlin and Munich against the "human right crisis and forced disappearances" of Baloch people in Pakistan, said a representative of the activists. Read More »

Oldest fossils ever found reveal glimpse of Earth's earliest organisms


The cones have a layered structure that resembles the bands of sediment gathered and cemented together by the microbial communities that form today's stromatolites . 4 At one point, a Mars-sized object slammed into the Earth and blasted into space the material that eventually cohered into the moon. This is when, for possibly 100 million years or more, Earth and the moon were relentlessly pummeled by asteroids and comets - garbage left over from the formation of the solar system some 4.6 ... Read More »

Lester enters the Central Pacific as a category 4 hurricane


At 7:20 a.m. EDT (1120 UTC) Infrared data from the Moderate Resolution Imaging Spectroradiometer aboard NASA's Aqua satellite showed cloud tops northeast of the center as cold as minus 70 degrees Fahrenheit (minus 56.6 degrees Celsius). EDT (10:29 UTC). Lester is hitting 130 miles per hour (210 kph), according to the National Hurricane Center, and Madeline is reaching 90 miles per hour (150 kph). Read More »

Hackers stole 68M user accounts in Dropbox breach


Troy Hunt, a Microsoft Regional Director and MVP, tested and confirmed that the Dropbox hack had been leaked and the breach information was legitimate. Dropbox , at least, has seen "no evidence of malicious access of these accounts", according to a spokesperson. We then emailed all users we believed were affected and completed a password reset for anyone who hadn't updated their password since mid-2012. Read More »

Will Reliance Jio model, a game changer, sink Bharti Airtel and Idea?


However, suggesting that the service was still in a Beta phase, he said the Reliance Jio services will be fully free till the end of this year. Jio could make Reliance a big provider of telecoms and internet services across India - a nation of one billion mobile phone subscribers - and is a key plank of Ambani's future strategy even though the business is unlikely to add significantly to consolidated profit any time soon. Read More »

IFA 2016: Sony Xperia Ear release date for November


Xperia XZ is driven by its Qualcomm Snapdragon 820 processor with X12 LTE, andit's water resistant. Sony has also implemented 5-axis stabilisation to record smooth videos . So the latest Compact phone has the same processor as one of Sony's larger phones. These devices look very similar to one another - and to previous Xperia smartphones - but they're cut from a slightly different cloth. Read More »

Sony unveils Xperia XZ flagship smartphone - South African pricing


Unfortunately, Canadian consumers may have to look elsewhere for a small phone. With such powerful comrades in the X-series line and to be termed even better than them, the Xperia XZ has to be really something. "They learn your charging patterns and adapt to them, resulting in up to twice the battery lifespan", claims the company. There is a 5-megapixel front camera . Read More »

Apple to unveil its iPhone 7 next week


Apple's expected launch next week of a new iPhone and Apple Watch will help to deflect attention from its current problems around product failures, tax payments and falling smartphone sales. If Apple does decide to release an iPhone without a headphone jack, it's likely the company will unveil some sort of adapter to support existing audio devices and likely Apple branded Bluetooth wireless headphones. Read More »

Forza Horizon, Earthlock Now Free on Xbox Games With Gold


The full schedule of the new games can be viewed below. Festival of Magic is an RPG that will be available on PC and Xbox One on September 1, 2016. The turn-based role-playing game features heroes on a simple mission, which then develops into a more complicated journey. Read More »

Alzheimer's breakthrough drug gives hope


The effect size of this drug is unprecedented. "The study showed that the drug was first able to remove clumps of amyloid - a toxic protein associated with Alzheimer's - from the brain of mice and also, excitingly, in people". An Alzheimer's Australia survey of more than 1500 people with the brain disease found they were also more than three times more likely to lack confidence and not have a friend to call on for help. Read More »

Daesh spokesman killed by Turkish fire in Syria

In Washington, the spokesman for the Pentagon , Peter Cook, said it had no information to support Moscow's claim that Russian Federation had also targeted Adnani with an airstrike . In the wake of Adnani's assassination, ISIS supporters online have been calling for lone wolf attacks against European and other western targets. A USA counter terrorism official said that if al-Adnani is indeed dead, it would hurt the Islamic State "in the area that increasingly concerns us as the group loses ... Read More »

Tony Romo out with another back injury, no word on return

Cowboys coach Jason Garrett wasn't ruling quarterback Tony Romo out of the regular season opener on Saturday and Sunday didn't find him delivering a different message. Kaepernick sat on the team's bench Friday night during the anthem before the Niners played host to the Green Bay Packers in an exhibition game. That darkness surrounded the Cowboys' fans after the announcement that was made Saturday. Read More »

Chicago police move to fire officers in Laquan McDonald shooting


The filing was expected after Johnson announced two weeks ago that seven officers involved in the shooting should be fired. Also, Lt. Anthony Wojcik, who was involved in the department's investigation into the shooting, retired in May. The criminal charges stemmed from an investigation by the Cook County state's attorney and FBI. One said the teen waved the knife and raised his right arm toward Van Dyke. Read More »

Tropical depression headed to Florida Straits


Winds are expected to be sustained around 65 miles per hour, making it the strong tropical storm. A slow west-northwestward motion is expected on Tuesday. Tropical Depression Nine will likely become a tropical storm as it churns in the eastern Gulf of Mexico Wednesday and Thursday . In the Lowcountry the storm is expected to bring only slight wind gusts. Read More »

North Carolina beaches thin out ahead of tropical weather


The second storm, known as Tropical Depression 9, was about 340 miles west of Key West, Fla., with winds of 35 mph as of 11 a.m. ET Tuesday. A tropical depression becomes a tropical storm when wind speeds reach 39 miles per hour. Forecast models continue to intensify Tropical Depression Nine . Both tropical depressions could become tropical storms before reaching land within the next couple of days. Read More »

Agrium, Potash Report Merger Talks


Shares in Canada's Potash Corporation of Saskatchewan Inc (NYSE:POT) and Agrium Inc (TSE: AGU ) were flying on Tuesday amid market rumours of a tie-up. "That brings a level of diversity to potash that might be beneficial", said La Ball. Agricultural chemical producers are looking to consolidate (see Dow/DuPont, Bayer/Monsanto, and China National Chemical/Syngenta), and POT has been on the prowl since last year's acquisition of German rival K+S AG fell through due to regulatory issues. Read More »

Australian court puts temporary stay on further publication of leaked scorpene data


While some of India's veteran submariners have described the leak as a storm in a teacup, others fear that the credibility of the platform may have been compromised. "As a member of North Atlantic Treaty Organisation, the French government and French military demonstrate that they enforce effective security controls and have a solid reputation with their allies", he said. Read More »

Lightning strike kills more than 300 reindeer in Norway


However, so many perishing at once is unheard of. "I don't know if there were several lightning strikes", he said. In Germany earlier this year, more than 70 people were hospitalized after a lightning strike at a rock festival. The agency found five reindeer which survived but it euthanised ( killed ) them due to their bad life-threatening injuries. Many animals, including sheep, bison, gazelles, buffaloes, and other herbivores often come closer together during storms and other intimidating ... Read More »

Turkey warns of more strikes if Syrian Kurds don't retreat


The battle now pits Turkey against the Kurdish-led force known as the Syria Democratic Forces- a US -backed proxy that is the most effective ground force battling IS militants in Syria's 5-year-old civil war. It did not say which group was targeted. Turkey on Monday (Aug 29) said one of the key aims of its unprecedented operation in northern Syria was to prevent the creation of a corridor stretching from Iraq to the verge of the Mediterranean controlled by Kurdish militia. Read More »