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Firefighters work to stop spread of wildfire near Nederland


Their female companion, Elizabeth Burdeshaw, 20, also from Vinemont, Alabama, is not facing charges, as she did not have any involvement in creating, maintaining or extinguishing the campfire. Hurst said that as of July 15, South Metro Fire Rescue will have one engine and three to four staff listed in a database with the National Forest Service to be called upon as needed. Read More »

Baton Rouge police: Three arrested in plot to harm officers

One suspect told police he was looking for bullets to attack officers in the Baton Rouge area, according to the Baton Rouge Police Department. The video shows Alton Sterling pinned to the ground by police outside a convenience store, before being fatally shot. Read More »

Bailiffs Shot To Death At A Southwestern Michigan Courthouse


Atterberry was shot in the arm and has been recovering at Lakeland Regional Medical Center in St. Joseph. He shot and killed two bailiffs, and wounded the deputy and a civilian woman. "After further investigation from the crime scene techs, the suspect in this incident was handcuffed in the front", Bailey said. "We had no information he was going to be violent and not everybody who goes into the courtroom is handcuffed", he said. Read More »

Six Flags amusement park closed after receiving threat


He said: "We searched the park and located a package that seemed to be out of place and suspicious". Investigators were first on the scene at approximately 10am local time. The park has not opened to the public today. A second suspicious package is now being investigated, fire officials said. Six Flags tweeted that the park had reopened at 3 p.m. Read More »

Dallas memorial service for 5 slain officers

Obama praised the police in Dallas and around the country. "We refuse to fund drug treatment and mental health programs". He said guns are easier for youths to obtain than computers. Ted Cruz , R-Texas, with him to Dallas on Air Force One . On Wednesday, President Obama will host a meeting at the White House with representatives of civil rights leaders and law enforcement officials to address the violence in the country. Read More »

Trump raises $51 million for campaign and GOP allies

This comes after the campaign had been widely criticized for being behind presumptive Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton in fundraising numbers last month. Trump called out three senators during the session that have been critical of his candidacy. Of these Dollars 51 million , USD 26 million were raised through digital and small donations. Read More »

Companies bail out on GOP convention after facing pressure


They are planning to lobby delegates in person and through an ad campaign. He's staying out of the party debate altogether, which raises another fascinating question: will he give any recognition or regard to whatever his party says it stands for, either in the campaign or if he becomes President? As for the Democratic National Convention and Hillary Clinton , the buzz word seems to be "unity" there as well. Read More »

Sharing Your Netflix Password Is Now A Federal Crime


Still, while this "federal crime " lingo sounds quite scary, it doesn't look as though the bigwigs of Netflix will be knocking down your door anytime soon. Nosal was charged in 2008 with hacking under the Computer Fraud and Abuse Act, though several of those charges were thrown out in 2011 and he was eventually convicted of the remaining federal charges two years later. Read More »

Trump raises $51 million in June for campaign and GOP


On a day when Clinton's controversies dominated the airwaves, Trump resurrected his own. "She did this with premeditation and with no concern at all about how it would affect your lives or the safety of your country", Miller said. "I don't love Saddam Hussein". "I hate Saddam Hussein". "I'm looking for somebody that can be a great vice president, can do a great job, has presidential quality and can also help legislatively and other ways so that wonderful legislation can be passed for the ... Read More »

Texas governor to have skin grafts, spend night in hospital


Bush. The RNC is scheduled to take place in Cleveland, Ohio next week. More than 1,300 miles away in Jackson Hole, Abbott vacationed with his family. The regimen is expected to continue for the next several of weeks. The governor will be traveling to Brooke Army Medical Center in San Antonio on Monday to see specialists . Read More »

Activists monitoring probe of police shooting of Houston man


Police say the man then slowly lowered the weapon and pointed it at the officers. Houston police fired multiple shots and killed a man 12:04 AM on Saturday for allegedly pointing a gun at them. " Now the gun is pointed directly at officers ". One of the officers is a 10-year veteran of the force, the other is with the force for 13 years. Surveillance video from a gas station located across the street from the shooting was making the rounds on social media. Read More »

Black Lives Matter persists in efforts to raise awareness

A fourth officer died, police said later on Twitter and at least one more was in surgery. "It shouldn't be 'you are going to obey the law because if you don't we are going to kill you.' It should be 'you are going to obey the law, you are going to grow up learning what the laws are and you are going to want to follow them.' Because I feel like if you lost respect for the police, then you lose respect for authority and you lose respect for the law". Read More »

Sanders to Join Clinton in Portsmouth Tuesday

That proposal is created to eliminate college tuition for working families and reduce debt. "I congratulate Secretary Clinton for this extremely important initiative", Mr. And it's why we will say "no' to trade agreements like the Trans-Pacific Partnership that would hurt American workers, and fully enforce our trade laws to protect American jobs". Read More »

Trump, Clinton Cancel Campaign Events; Respond To Shootings

Clinton said she mourned the officers killed "while doing their sacred duty to protect peaceful protesters". "Those who were marching against the kind of shocking images we saw in St Paul and Baton Rouge? and have seen too often elsewhere?of too many black lives lost", he said. Read More »

South China Sea ruling: why the China-Philippines court case matters

While presidential rival Donald Trump has irritated Beijing with comments such as comparing the US trade deficit with China to rape, he is largely an unknown quantity, a person who even privately officials shrug their shoulders over. One of the fundamental principles of Asean has been to resolve disputes peacefully and reach agreement by consensus. In a strongly worded response, China stressed the South China Sea as one of its "core interests", putting the issue up there with Taiwan, Tibet ... Read More »

FBI Interviews Hillary Clinton About Private Email Server


UPDATE: If Hillary lied to the FBI investigators during her three-and-a-half-hour interview and the investigators know she lied, that might change the dynamic significantly. Clinton also revealed that she first learned of her husband's tarmac meeting with Attorney General Loretta Lynch from "the news". Lynch has said the meeting has no bearing on how the matter is being reviewed. Read More »

Newt Gingrich defends Trump's Star of David tweet


Make no mistake about it, Trump's defense of his tweet was a big warm hug to the white supremacist and neo-Nazi movements. Kushner said in a column published in the newspaper he owns that "blaming Donald Trump for the most outrageous things done by people who claim to support him" is a standard to which no other candidate is held. Read More »

Police in Missouri say teens used Pokemon Go to rob victims

A group of suspected robbers allegedly used the smartphone game Pokemon Go to lure victims in the St. Louis area recently, prompting police to issue a warning about the wildly popular new app. The Darwin Police Station, a Pokestop in Australia, had to advise people that items could be purchased in the game without entering the police station. Read More »

Trump Mentions Police-Involved Shootings in Statement About Dallas


Ms Clinton yesterday appeared on three American networks and answered questions related to her use of a private email account as secretary of state during President Barack Obama's first term. Trump said the "senseless, tragic deaths of two motorists in Louisiana and Minnesota" are a reminder "how much more needs to be done". His girlfriend streamed the aftermath of the incident live on Facebook . Read More »

NATO leaders resume key summit; Afghanistan, Iraq on agenda


Earlier this week, Obama announced that overall he would keep 8,400 US troops in Afghanistan, rather than cut their numbers to 5,500 as he once planned. "We are at a NATO meeting but most of the discussions have not been about NATO issues, they have been about the outcome of the referendum and the consequences", Britain's Foreign Secretary Philip Hammond said after a dinner with his 27 NATO counterparts. Read More »

Handle fireworks with care on the Fourth

State law requires you to sign a form agreeing to take them out of state within 48 hours. "We have an added risk with us of catching fire on grassy surfaces or any brush", Lt. "If you are having your children play with them, they are something to be aware of because a touch can cause a blister or small burn", Whiteford said. Read More »

Former NFL Coach Buddy Ryan Dies at 82

He spent two years there before moving to the rival Bears, where he concocted the 46 defense that overwhelmed the league with its aggressiveness and unpredictability. "It took a long time for people to figure out what to do against his defense, not that they ever figured it out". Buddy was brash, intelligent and tough. Read More »

Clinton postpones event with Biden after Dallas shooting

Despite his doubling down on the tweet , which showed Clinton against a background of stacked cash with a six-pointed star reading "most corrupt candidate ever", that swift disavowal could be the first sign that Trump's campaign is concerned about going too far. Read More »

Cruz to speak at GOP convention


Flake said he wanted to talk to Trump about those statements. Sasse was among the first to emerge from the meeting, but refused to answer questions about what was discussed or whether he was reassured in any way by Trump's comments. Whether he takes any such advice is less clear. Scott said the reality of Trump's candidacy was simple. The gathering comes as many Republicans on Capitol Hill are unifying around a strategy to combat presumptive Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton by keeping ... Read More »

Pokemon Go Player Discovers Dead Body


Instead of continuing to hunt for cuddly creatures, Shayla did the right thing and called 911. "I might go get a water Pokemon", Wiggins said. In Shyla Wiggins case meant she saw a hint in the nearby river. A young girl from Wyoming was out trying to collect Pokemon, playing Nintendo and Niantic's new Pokemon Go app for mobile phones and smart devices. Read More »

Clinton Likely Won't Face Charges Over Private Email Server


A State Department inquiry accused her and her predecessors of poorly managing email security. Donald Trump, the presumptive Republican presidential nominee, has taken to calling her "crooked Hillary ". The meeting comes less than one week after her husband, former President Bill Clinton, met Attorney General Loretta Lynch privately for 30 minutes on a runway in Arizona, an encounter that was much criticised for its timing and initial secrecy. Read More »

Destination Jupiter: What to Expect During the Juno Mission


Juno has launched almost five years ago on a mission to study Jupiter's composition and evolution. It's another stunning achievement by NASA and all those who contributed to the success of the Juno mission and another reason the United States remains the titan of space exploration. Read More »