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Trump knocks Dems for not mentioning ISIS at convention


Even after becoming the presumptive Democratic nominee, Clinton has seen little improvement in her standing among Democrats and Democratic leaners. But Engel predicted that Clinton will get her own bump from the Philadelphia convention and expressed relief that Sen. Read More »

Last of slain Baton Rouge officers to be buried Monday

Furthermore, individual GoFundMe accounts have been set up to directly support the families of Officer Montrell Jackson , Officer Matthew Gerald and Sheriff's Deputy Brad Garafola . And that was the last time I spoke to Montrell. "A few days ago Squad 9, we all visited for Trenisha and she told us Montrell was her everything, her Superman", said Cpl. Read More »

'Wrong must be corrected' for black man killed by police


Bridgewater did not enter a plea to a firearms theft charge and was held in custody at a Baton Rouge jail because his bail for a 2015 criminal charge was revoked after his July 10 arrest. He complained that at last weekend's protests a police officer pointed a gun at him and other protesters. The owner of the store, Abdullah Muflahi's, witnessed the shooting and said he believes the cops "murdered" Sterling. Read More »

After turmoil, Sanders, Mrs Obama, Warren thrill convention

Solomon said he believes a "vast majority" of Sanders delegates support these kinds of protests to express their dismay. The Crooked Hillary V.P. choice is VERY disrespectful to Bernie Sanders and all of his supporters. said on Twitter that he had been "trying to count the ways I hate Tim Kaine ". Dan O'Neal, 68, is a retired school teacher and delegate from Arizona, said Wasserman Schultz has to be censured. Read More »

Bernie Sanders' delegates boo his call to back Clinton

Senator Elizabeth Warren of MA to select the more moderate Kaine as her running mate. U.S. Senator Bernie Sanders on Monday urged his supporters to back former rival Hillary Clinton's White House bid, but drew jeers from his supporters as dissent enveloped the opening day of the Democratic Party's convention. Read More »

Oppressive heat baking much of the US

Heat is the leading cause of weather-related deaths, ahead of flooding, Krein said. This isn't the type of heat where you need to cancel your plans, just keep in mind to drink plenty of water, wear loose clothing and take breaks from the sunshine. Read More »

Woman found dead in upstate NY, daughter charged


Sarra Elizabeth Gilbert is charged with murdering her mother, Mari Gilbert. Ellenville police said in a release on Facebook that the daughter was arraigned on murder and weapons possession charges. Detectives long have maintained Shannan Gilbert's death was unrelated to the killings of the 10 others, but an attorney for the Gilbert family said this past February that an independent autopsy suggested the woman, who was 24 and lived in New Jersey at the time of her death, might have been ... Read More »

Hillary Clinton Gear Is On Sale Outside the Republican National Convention, Too


In a fiery speech at the Republican National Convention, Donald Trump Jr. cast his father as a "regular guy" who has no time for elitism, despite his wealth, and made a point of teaching his children the value of hard work. The Massachusetts Democrat says "I think if it were me, I would know it by now". He doesn't speak for anyone who thinks our country should be standing together, not splintering apart. Read More »

Daughter Ivanka Trump raises issues father rarely mentions


Wiegert joined others in booing Cruz off the stage. Ted Cruz for his failure to issue a ringing endorsement of the reality TV star during his speech Wednesday night. "I think she's done very, very well". "I know that would not pass muster but she she's most impressive". "He understood what the responsibilities are of somebody in his position, and he didn't meet them". Read More »

Clinton and Kaine round on Trump at Miami rally


President Obama almost picked him in 2008, but this time he got the job. "I would bet Donald Trump had no idea who Mike Pence was two years ago, and now he's on the ticket with him". "I heard about Donald Trump's dark and divisive vision", Clinton told a rally in Florida Friday. "My faith is central to everything I do", Kaine said. Read More »

Ivanka explains what it was like growing up Trump


Following her poised speech before introducing her father Thursday night at the Republican National Convention, Ivanka Trump , 34, hit on major points and made a case for her father's softer side. What, enquired Stern, with the tireless tenacity of Woodward and Bernstein, would Trump do if Melania were in a bad auto accident, lost the use of her left arm, developed an oozing red splotch near her eye, and mangled her left foot? "And now I am seeing him fight for our country..." "I think he ... Read More »

Sanders endorses Clinton for president


But he acknowledged that she, and not he, had won the delegates to snag the nomination. Sanders at first framed the endorsement as a necessary choice, saying she was "far and away the best candidate" of the two remaining available options. Read More »

Turkey set for emergency measures to quell post-coup turmoil

The Council of Europe said it had been informed of Turkey's decision, and that the convention will still apply, but that individual exceptions will be assessed on a case-by-case basis. Kalin added that France had also declared a state of emergency after attacks last November that killed 130 people across Paris. Officials on Wednesday raised the death toll from the violence surrounding the coup attempt to 240 government supporters. Read More »

Ivanka Trump: My father will help mothers


He's an optimist and he's a relentless believer in America and all of her potential. The big question is, can Ivanka persuade some female voters to support her father? In a party convention beset by distractions - Melania Trump's plagiarism, Ted Cruz's defiance - there's been one part of the program that delegates say has been almost flawless: Donald Trump's grown children. Read More »

Benghazi victim's mother: 'Hillary for prison'


Sean Smith left behind his wife, Heather, and two children, Samantha and Nathan, now 10 and 11, respectively. They gave Smith an evening speaking slot and signed off on what amounted to a murder charge against the presumptive Democratic presidential nominee slightly more veiled than the statement she made just before the 2012 election, to the San Diego Union-Tribune, "I believe that (President Barack) Obama murdered my son". Read More »

GOP Convention, Night 2: Trump's Kids Deliver for Their Dad


He also renewed his softened-but-still-strident line on Muslim immigration, promising to immediately suspend entries from any nation that has been compromised by terrorism until vetting could be put in place. The response came after Christie assailed Clinton over her domestic and foreign policies, arguing it's about time she's judged by "a jury of her peers" - the American electorate. Read More »

Ted Cruz booed lustily as he refuses to endorse Donald Trump

Kennedy. "What does it say when you stand up and say "vote your conscience" and rabid supporters of our nominee begin screaming what a frightful thing to say?" Cruz acknowledged that his decision was at least partly personal, saying, "I am not in the habit of supporting people who attack my wife and attack my father". Read More »

Ted Cruz Spoils the Trump-Pence Party

She added that her stepmother is "a very private person, and for her to come out on stage and speak from the heart" is significant. Ted Cruz, who set off an unprecedented uproar at the Republican National Convention last night with his refusal to endorse Donald Trump. Read More »

Bush worried he will be last GOP president


The remark came at a time when there were two top contenders in the Republican race for president: Donald Trump and Texas Sen. Perhaps most noticeably, past Republican presidents and nominees are taking a hard pass. Gingrich is one of the most vocal supporters of Trump, and has often defended him within the Republican Party. "He brought these people into the party who weren't involved". Read More »

Cruz booed after refusing to endorse Trump

In an interview today on MSNBC's "Morning Joe", Donald Trump Jr. said his father's campaign had been notified that Cruz would not be extending an endorsement Wednesday night. In a prayer at the Washington state delegation breakfast, Chuck Gerringer of Redmond asked for unity - even if, he said, God chose a "tough vessel" in Donald Trump . Read More »

In bumpy coronation, Trump takes the crown

Trump's campaign did succeed in tamping down late efforts by dissident delegates to derail the convention, including during Tuesday's roll call vote. And Donald Trump Jr . ignited the crowd with heartfelt remarks about the finer points of his father. On the convention floor, Rep. Mark Meadows of North Carolina was feeling the fighting spirit, telling reporters, "It's all starting to gel". Read More »

Thousands gather in Baton Rouge for Alton Sterling's funeral


Muflahi said Sterling wasn't just a man who sold CDs in front of his store. East Baton Rouge Sheriff Sid J. Gautreaux said the discovered plot, coupled with the killing of police officers in Dallas, led the department to highly equip its personnel for the protests. Read More »

Simi Valley woman, 75, faces murder charge


And they've arrested his girlfriend, 75-year-old Mary Karacas, who they say admitted shooting him. However, when the new homeowner walked through the residence on the afternoon of July 17, a dead body was discovered lying in a bed, covered. Read More »

'That's what I get,' Pokemon player hits police cruiser


This is the terrifying moment three police officers cheated death after a driver playing Pokémon GO smashed into a squad auto just metres away from where they were standing. "This could have easily ended in a tragedy", Baltimore Police spokesperson T.J. Smith said in a news conference. No one involved in the crash was injured. Read More »

No sign of Trump endorsement, but plenty of Cruz ambition

Addressing the Brexit referendum, Mr Farage said he planned to travel around Europe encouraging "independence movements" to break out in other countries . While Cruz is considered by many to be the Republican standard-bearer in Texas, Delisi said he may not be the most important Texas speaker in Cleveland this week. Read More »

Southwest reports 'issues with our systems'

We are now managing flight delays across our system, with a temporary ground stop in place for those flights that have not left the gate. A Southwest spokesman told the Dallas Morning News that there was an outage that caused issues with multiple technology systems. Read More »